Dub Academy (Austin, TX)


Dub Academy is a DJ and music production school located in downtown Austin, Texas. We are a collective of Ableton experts, Certified Trainers, DJ's, production artists and cinematographers offering a variety of courses and educational packages for both beginners and advanced students.
Dub Academy's Ableton program is a multi-level discipline which explores topics such as remixing, synthesis, music theory, production and more. Each course is designed to take students deeper into the software. Classes at Dub Academy are engaging and hands-on. Students take away an Ableton education, along with their very own productions. Our facility is equipped with multiple workstations, each featuring iMac computers, DJ hardware and various MIDI controllers.
Additionally, Dub Academy recently opened a Pro Studio that boasts an analog front-end. The studio is both a domain for audio education and an affordable sanctuary for area artists and producers to mix, master or collaborate.
Dub Academy also hosts frequent user group events and holds workshops every Sunday, which range from Push and product demonstrations to turntablism and Ableton Live instruction.

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Please note: Ableton Certified Training Centers are separate private enterprises and are solely responsible for their course content. These centers are not administrated by Ableton AG nor Ableton Inc.