Pascal Oorts

  • Antwerp Belgium

Pascal Oorts is a musician, producer and sound engineer with a passion for distortion, tape delays and eighties drum computers. He uses Live and Push both in the studio and on stage.

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Pascal Oorts is a musician, producer and composer with a passion for distortion, tape delays and eighties drum computers. Pascal runs a project studio – Tapelab – and hosts practice-oriented workshops and lessons for musicians, producers and DJs. He has used Live since version six and composes and produces music using both Live and Push in a variety of genres, including pop, dance, future bass and indie-dance. Pascal has produced music for bands and individual artists, as well as for games, films and advertising. His live performances have taken him all across Europe, with various projects such as Mintzkov, Part Time Punks and Chackie Jam.

Pascal’s lessons and workshops cover the following topics:

  • Ableton Live Basics
  • Ableton Live Advanced: Instruments
  • Ableton Live Advanced: Audio and MIDI Effects
  • Ableton Push
  • Live Performance with Ableton Live

Every workshop is a combination of theory and practical exercises, designed to write music and come up with ideas. Pascal also offers one-to-one tuition and custom workshops for all levels.

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