James Patrick

  • Minneapolis MN Vereinigte Staaten

James Patrick is a professional music producer, DJ, and educator. He has been creating original electronic music works and events since the 1990s. He is the co-founder and owner of Slam Academy, an Ableton Certified Training Center based in Minneapolis. James has written and published multiple books in the art of sound design for Electronic music, curated underground events for over 25 years, and is a world leading Ableton user and educator.

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Through these platforms, he has helped propel the career of thousands of aspiring electronic music artists. During his 10 years teaching sound design and audio production for the Institute of Production and Recording, he was in the first wave of Ableton Certified Trainers in the United States in 2008. He then travelled the world sharing his music and teaching for Ableton and Dubspot in New York City.

Through his professional involvement in both academic and popular electronic realms, He has hosted events and played music alongside legends including Richie Hawtin, Speedy J, Pole, Morton Subotnik, and more. James curated and developed the internationally recognized University of Minnesota’s Spark Festival. James is also the recipient of American Composer’s Forum MECA award, among other awards. He is the chief content officer and course designer for Slam Academy, and also offers private training opportunities at www.slamacademy.com/private-lessons

JP teaches and develops curricula in the fields of sound design, composition, music production and more. Under his expert guidance, students learn in a hands-on, fun environment, how to create music with Ableton Live, Max for Live, Modular aoftware and hardware sybthesis, and more. He was a pilot member of the Ableton Certification program, and he currently teaches private lessons, clinics, and workshops on behalf of himself, Slam Academy, and Ableton, Inc.

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