Become a Certified Trainer

What is the Ableton Certification Program?

As the worldwide Ableton user community has grown, the demand for high quality Ableton Live training led to requests for an official, Ableton-approved qualification. To meet these needs, the Certification Program was launched by Ableton in 2008.

Since the Program's inception we have certified only the best and most capable trainers in order to ensure that the Ableton user community has access to a high standard of training. Today, more than 200 professional educators, private tutors, professional DJs, producers, engineers, musicians and consultants specialize in helping the world make music with Live. Currently there are trainers in 45 countries offering instruction in 31 languages.

The Certification Program emphasizes quality over quantity and only a select group of trainers and institutions in each geographical region receive certification. Prospective students can therefore expect Certified Trainers to have both exceptional teaching skills and platform proficiency in Live, Max for Live and Push.

Ableton Certification testing events take place at various locations around the world, and are hosted by Ableton Certification staff.

Ableton Certified Trainers can take advantage of a number of benefits, including:

  • Trainer Listing on
  • Special marketing support for training events
  • Access to Ableton Certified Trainer online community
  • Exclusive industry accommodations, proudly supported by Akai Pro and Novation, Soundcloud, Gobbler, iZotope, AIAIAI, Melodics and ADAM Audio
  • Authorization to use the Ableton Certified Trainer Logo

Moreover, institutions that employ Ableton Certified Trainers to offer courses in Ableton Live may apply to become Ableton Certified Training Centers, and be listed online in Ableton's list of recommended institutions.

What are the requirements to become an Ableton Certified Trainer?

Each Certified Trainer has been thoroughly tested in all of the following:

Ableton platform knowledge and skills

A Certified Trainer knows the Ableton products inside out and is able to explain functions and features in a detailed but clear way.

Teaching skills

A Certified Trainer has exemplary teaching skills and knows how to explain simple facts as well as complex concepts in any situation.

Experience in the field and technical and theoretical knowledge

Certified Trainers know their way around audio/music technology and music theory, and are also comfortable adapting to a quickly-changing product landscape.

How to become a Certified Trainer?

If you’re interested in becoming an Ableton Certified Trainer you will first need to apply to participate in an Ableton Certification event. Currently scheduled events are listed below.
Certification Events are in-person events involving staff from Ableton; we do not provide certification online, via ‚Äútest centers,‚ÄĚ or via third-parties. Each Certification Event happens in a location sourced especially for this purpose.

How do I apply?

We only accept applications for events once they are actually scheduled (see the list of events below).

To apply, you will need to send us a complete application via email or online transfer service. A complete application consists of the following items:

  • Submitted interest form here
  • Professional CV (max 1 page)
  • Letter of motivation (max 1 page)
  • Example Live and Push curricula (just an outline, not too detailed, max 2 pages)
  • A video of yourself teaching Live or Push. This can be either a video of yourself teaching in front of an audience or just directly into the camera. The important thing about this is that we can see and hear you in a teaching situation (max length 20 minutes)

How does Ableton select the participants for the scheduled Certification Events?

We examine each complete application that we receive. From there we conduct phone interviews with the applicants and eventually invite the five most promising candidates to the next event.

What happens at a Certification Event?

‚ÄčA Certification Event lasts for two days. Each participant is expected to demonstrate their teaching and Live skills in several different presentations during these two days. Two weeks before the actual event, each invited participant will receive preparation material that will thoroughly explain exactly what is expected.

Upcoming Events

There are currently no other events scheduled. We are planning the next events at the moment.

Earlier Events

Mexico, September 2017. Applications for this event are closed.

India, December 2016. Applications for this event are closed.

Hong Kong, December 2016. Applications for this event are closed.

LA I, September 2016. Applications for this event are closed.

LA II, September 2016. Applications for this event are closed.

Paris, June 2016. Applications for this event are closed.

Berlin, July 2016. Applications for this event are closed.

Barcelona, December 2014. Applications for this event are closed.

Berlin, August 2014. Applications for this event are closed.

Los Angeles, August 2014. Applications for this event are closed.

Tokyo, May/June 2014. Applications for this event are closed.

Asia, December 2013. Applications for this event are closed.

Australia, December 2013. Applications for this event are closed.

Miami, November 2013. Applications for this event are closed.

Cape Town, November 2013. Applications for this event are closed.

Los Angeles, November 2013. Applications for this event are closed.

Berlin, October 2013. Applications for this event are closed.

Berlin, September 2013. Applications for this event are closed.

More events will be announced soon.

How to contact the Ableton Certification Team

If you have any questions regarding the Ableton Certification Program or would simply like to know more, please let us know via

The Certification Program is proudly supported by: