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SAE Institute Milan is one of Italy's most important educational institutions for training in Creative Media, particularly in Audio Production, Electronic and Urban Music Production, Music Business, Video Production, Game Art and Game Design.

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Ableton Live is mainly used in the Electronic Music Production certificate course and the Audio Production degree, where students are offered an excellent overview of the software's functionality and versatility.

Electronic Music Production courses are divided into two learning levels and are highly specialized in electronic music production training. From sound design to mixing techniques and mastering to finalizing the product, Ableton Live is the main DAW used on a stand-alone basis or as a basis for integration with external hardware.

All students enrolled in these courses receive an educational license that they can install on their personal computers.

Audio Production courses offer the most comprehensive training on the knowledge and skills needed to become an overall audio production professional in music production, audiovisual postproduction, audio content creation for new media, or many other areas in the field. The software is used for multiple purposes related to music production.

In these courses, Ableton Live is mainly used to explore tools and methods for generating and treating sound in advanced digital contexts, particularly with the "MAX for Live" tool and to design and implement technical solutions for sound and multimedia installations, including the care of sensors, interaction and generative sound design.

Students of the two courses can also use our workstations and studios, specifically dedicated to these courses, using the most advanced equipment in professional production studios.

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