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Music, sound, art and technology are at the core of Luca’s research. Currently based in Milan, Luca has always been involved in various aspects of the electronic music world, from production, sound design and DJing, to manufacturing synthesizers and DSP research.

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Classically trained as a pianist, Luca's passion for electronic music began in the early 2000s and led him to approach the world of music production in 2005. In 2007 Luca further expanded on his knowledge, by attending the IDTM institute in Milan, whilst taking his first steps into DJing and live performance with Ableton Live. His passion for Ableton Live grew so strong that he eventually became an Ableton Certified Trainer in 2009 and began teaching.

During this time, Luca was studying a course specifically targeted at Digital Signal Processing at Politecnico di Milano; he graduated with a Masters in 2013. In the last few years Luca has lived between Italy and the UK, working mostly as an Ableton Trainer and Product Specialist for a UK synthesizer manufacturer. He also took part in several projects as a Sound Designer and Multimedia Artist with interactive sound installations.

He regularly releases music as Piezo, with numerous records to his credit, as well as appearances on radio shows, and performances at festivals and parties across Europe. Luca regularly teaches Ableton Live in Milan, both at the 4CMP school and as a private tutor in his own studio. He also lectures at the CESMA institute in Bormio (Ticino, CH). His classes range from Ableton Live Basics to Advanced Production and Performance Techniques, but he is also available for completely customised one-on-one lessons and Max/MSP tuition. Luca is available for lessons both in Italian and English.

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