Jamie Griffiths

  • Swansea United Kingdom

J-Me* is a professional club DJ / producer and scratcher with over twenty five years of experience (including three years as scratch DJ and percussionist for Hybrid). J-Me* has been a dedicated Ableton Live user for over 8 years, and is one of 12 certified Ableton Live trainers in the UK and the only certified trainer in Wales.

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J-Me* Griffiths was an early starter in the music industry - playing out in clubs & parties from the age of 16 and with a great passion for break beat and dance music. Since then J-Me* has made a name for himself with club residencies at Martha’s Vineyard, Pulse, The Escape Club in Swansea and has also played at venues such as Universe, Fantazia, Dance Planet, Kinetic, Obsession, Mount Fuji Rock Festival, Fabric, Ministry Of Sound, Creamfields, Essence, Miami Ultra Beach Festival 2000, Golden, The Cross, 16mm, KHZ and currently plays guest sets at well established venues across the planet.

J-Me* joined forces with The Ministry Of Sound DJ Academy as one of their main advanced tutors in 2008. He was also elected by the M.O.S as the main Ableton Live course leader. J-Me* is the main course leader of The DJ Academy Wales and is also a managing director for the Academy of Creative Arts.

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