Kevin Mah

  • Vancouver British Columbia Kanada

Kevin Mah is an Ableton Certified Trainer, born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Kevin has been involved with Live as a teacher, producer and performer for many years. He is also one half of the duo Love & Electrik, a Vancouver-based live electronic 80's Synth pop act. With L&E, Kevin has performed over hundreds shows using Live, locally and across Canada, having opened for acts such as Chromeo, Little Dragon, La Roux, as well as performances during the Vancouver Olympics and Pop Montreal. He is now available for teaching classes at SAE Vancouver and Beatdrop Online, and as a product specialist for Keith McMillen Instruments, as well as a frequent guest and co-founder of Vancouver Ableton User Group.

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Kevin's music background started with classical piano when he was young and took many hard turns from playing brass in high school jazz band to discovering electronic music as a young teen, and programming and producing various forms of electronic. Later, he become involved as a performer, songwriter and live synth player embracing 80s styled talkbox, vocoder and synthesizers. He has developed more songwriting and working with vocals and vocal production. He has spent time and gathered experience on stage, in the studio, as an artist, as a producer, mix or recording engineer, and as an instructor. He is comfortable in studios on either side of the glass and is well versed in many forms of dance and urban music but specializes in funk, disco, synth pop and boogie.

He is part of the music act Love & Electrik; a band that enjoyed plenty of success and attention early 2016. L&E worked with Grammy award-winning producer Chin Injeti and signed their first debut single to Tremendous Records (DKD) ran by DJ Grandtheft of Team Canada. Kevin and Roxy have collaborated and worked with many artists in studio and on stage.

He now works at SAE Vancouver, and, based from Calgary (online) teaching  regularly, as well as working as a product specialist for Keith McMillen and will be providing content and videos regularly on the KMI YouTube channel.

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