Mortimer Barten

  • Trier Germany

Mortimer Barten is a multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer with a penchant for mixing and mastering, based in Trier. Originally from the very north of Germany, Mortimer has lived in the ancient city of Trier since 2005.

English, German
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Mortimer learned drums, percussion and various melodic instruments as a child, and played in several bands as a teenager. He discovered his love for electronic music in the nineties and worked with early DAWs and hardware. Mortimer started DJing and producing once he moved to Trier. The combination of digital and acoustic instruments is central to his production process and these days he plays both guitar and didgeridoo.

Mortimer developed a passion for learning and teaching through his work in marketing and digital media, as well as his economics studies. He has taught since 2017 and regularly gives workshops in Live and Push. In 2018, Mortimer started the Trier Ableton User Group. You can find regular updates of Mortimer’s work, upcoming events and his thoughts on his blog.

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