Hozaifa Sayed

  • Pune India

Hozaifa Sayed has been a teacher in music technology and audio engineering since 2014. His early interest in electronic music led him to pursuing a mastery of the process of making music. He has been relentless in his pursuit of learning, and thrives on sharing his knowledge.

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Hozaifa Sayed has been intrigued by the electronic music scene in India since its inception there in the early 2000’s, which led to a short stint DJing. His need to understand the craft grew as he attended numerous festivals, started travelling in order to see shows and closely followed his favourite artists in order to understand their sound. He took his interest to the next level by pursuing a full-time course in audio engineering and hasn’t looked back since.

Hozaifa has been an educator since 2014 and currently teaches in the Music Technology & Production department at the Global Music Institute, who are also Berklee global partners.. He’s used Ableton Live since version 8 and has been steadily updating his knowledge of the software, its added features and uses ever since. His approach to teaching uses Ableton at its core and includes topics such as studio equipment, microphones and miking techniques, signal processing, ear training and mixing. Since 2015 he also runs an independent mastering service.

When Hozaifa makes music, he relies heavily on Ableton Push to lay down musical ideas, as well as arranging and performing music.

Hozaifa believes in teaching Ableton and its related concepts in a functional way that allows students to develop their own way of working with Live, as well as helping to create their signature sound through sound design, sampling and signal processing. He has experience teaching both small and large groups and students.

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