Mikhail Arce-Ignacio

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Mikhail Arce-Ignacio is a musician, producer and DJ. His passion for music first took on shape in his fascination with playing percussive and stringed instruments in bands.

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This later expanded to an obsession with synthesizers, grooveboxes and DJ equipment, and culminated in discovering he could connect all these interests within Ableton Live.

Mikhail incorporated Live 7 into his workflow in 2007 and it has been central to his productions ever since. As a trainer, he has taught at Bounce Electronic Music School, Looper Beat Academy and Spin City. He occasionally holds special classes at universities and conventions. Mikhail currently offers Ableton Live courses on Sound Design, Production, Mixing and Mastering, and Live Performance. Classes range from two to four students. His group sessions are optimized for learning at various skill levels, while one-on-one classes for advanced students or specific topics are also available.

Today, Mikhail’s professional work involves scoring and sound design for mass media, musical direction for event productions, teaching DJing and production courses, and creating original music and live performances under the name Mecha. He has competed as a DJ and producer both locally and internationally, claiming prestigious titles such as the Pioneer DJ Battle Championship amongst many others. These skills are the very same he continually strives to impart to students.

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