Simone Tanda

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Simone Tanda is a musician, producer, multimedia artist, tech consultant and educator. He has been involved in music since the age of eight. Holding a degree in Communication Science focusing on audio-visuals interaction, he obtained a BA and MA in Music Performance and a PGCert centred on e-learning strategies.

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His work with Live has spanned production and performance of trip hop, alternative rock, breakbeat along with drone, ambient and sonic artwork. Based in London and Berlin, he continues to create music for his own project and multidisciplinary artists, as well as working as a freelance composer within many areas of the broadcast industry, such as film and commercials.  

With more than 15 years of experience in the education sector, Simone teaches a wide range of music production topics involving composition, sound design, synthesis, mixing, and techniques for A/V performance. He has worked at higher education institutions including London South Bank University, De Montfort University and Carlo Bo University of Urbino. Currently, he is a senior lecturer at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) in London.  

He has been using Live inside and outside the studio since 2006 and became an Ableton Certified Trainer in 2010. Deeply interested in new technologies for real-time manipulation, Simone combines multiple controllers in both studio and live setups, integrating Push as a key component. 

He uses a variety of contemporary teaching and learning methods related to music and provides lessons for users at any level of ability. One-on-one or group classes are offered either in person or online using a virtual learning environment. Custom blended learning is possible, too.

Topics include beginner and advanced production with Ableton Live, digital music theory, composition with non-linear strategies, live looping for musicians, mixing with Live, and more. Simone is also available for consultation on music technology and curriculum development. 

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