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Sound MANA is a musical oasis located in a historically creative area of the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York. Serving both as an Ableton Live training center and a performance space, Sound MANA offers novice producers and professional artists much needed refuge from the distractions of busy modern life, as well as the opportunity to develop a deeper purpose in their musical pursuits. The Sound MANA campus sits on over 2 acres of woodland surrounded by flowing streams and a ground fed pond.

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Sound MANA was created in 2020 by Ableton certified trainer, music producer Adam Partridge and his life partner En Wong. With a background in ethnomusicology and music composition, Adam has spent the past decade teaching music production at the leading music production schools in New York City. In the classroom, Adam honors each individual student’s unique vision and creative process by creating an intimate yet collaborative learning environment.

En’s background in alternative and holistic education allows her to bring a unique perspective to the program. She co-founded a Waldorf school in lower Manhattan during which she recognized the integral role that nature plays in developing higher consciousness. Together, En and Adam offer experiences that encourage the student to connect to and understand their relationship to music while simultaneously exploring the technical elements of song/beat making. 

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Music. Art. Nature. Action.
The word ‘Mana’ deriving from polyneasian roots encapsulates the idea that humans are able to cultivate powerful life forces when they are one with nature’s elements. To sound one’s mana is to master the art of listening, harness the rhythm and melodies of the natural world and ultimately create sonic pieces reflective of the individual’s creative vision. Sound MANA as a space is more than a training center aimed at imparting music production skills; it is a space for cultivating one’s authentic, creative voice in music. Sound MANA offers intimate artist retreats, private one-on-one courses, both online and in-person. In Summer of 2021, Sound MANA will debut its waterside, barn converted music studio, classroom and performance space.

Programs Outline
Back to our Roots:
(4 week Course)
A deep dive into the world of sourcing sounds from nature via field recording and compiling them into an original, custom sample pack.  This course will uncover the value of intimately working with each individual sonic element from start to finish. Starting with recording wild sounds to selecting, organizing, processing, editing, and finally, incorporating them creatively in song making. Students can expect to gain a much deeper understanding of recording, mixing, audio effects, warping, audio editing, sound design, and walk away with an entirely original and unique sound pack.

MANA Live Starter Kit: (6 week course) (Online or In-person)
This course is designed for beginners, and serves as an introduction to beat production, music theory, audio processing,  MIDI vs. Audio, recording, arrangement, sound design, and Live’s many tools used to translate musical ideas into a full track. In addition to the technical, students are encouraged to explore the sounds, artists, memories along with other sources of inspirations as they begin to hone their musical voice.

Sound MANA Woodstock Artist Residency: (3 days to 1 month) (private or small grounp)
Artists in residency are fully immersed in the grounding and healing effects of the natural landscape while concentrating on specific projects. Artists are provided with daily private instruction in Ableton Live along with individual feedback and guidance in their work. The residency is an intimate experience tailored to the individual’s needs. Instructors and artists work collaboratively in a mutually supportive way to foster a deeply rooted sense of community.

Sound MANA Private:
We offer online and in-person private lessons.

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