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Futch is a music producer, audio engineer, educator and artist who produces ambient dub techno music under the alias Dystopian Soundscapes. On his website LEVELS, Futch offers beginner to intermediate online courses and coaching to help music creators of all genres write, record, edit, and mix their music professionally at home using timeless fundamental techniques, and provides access to a community of users for feedback and collaboration.

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Futch first walked into a recording studio at 17 and fell in love with the music production process and the way everything connected. In the mid-90s he co-founded a live electronic/organic band and developed an obsession with synths and drum machines. Ableton Live is a hybrid of the signal flow found in a recording studio merged with the synths and sequencers that drive Futch’s sonic passion. He can simplify audio concepts and Live workflows for beginners so that they can start to program beats and sketch out song ideas. 

Futch has taught music production and audio engineering at recording schools since 1994, and Ableton Live since 2016. He has produced, engineered and mixed albums for a variety of artists, including The Be Good Tanyas (Blue Horse) and Fences (Fences). As Dystopian Soundscapes, Futch has released tracks and EPs with various dub techno labels around the world. Futch provides music production and Ableton Live training for beginners at LEVELS. 

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