Cristiano Nicolini

  • Berlin Germany
  • Amsterdam Netherlands

Cristiano Nicolini is a graduated sound engineer and producer. Since childhood, when he began playing with cassettes and an old Bontempi keyboard, he has been in love with music. Cristiano eventually discovered the potential and ease of making music with computers, and since then the computer has become his instrument on stage and in the studio, especially after discovering in Ableton Live (version 1) the perfect tool to play with.

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He has been part of various bands and projects, working in several genres, from hip-hop to indie rock, from blues to glitch music. Currently, Cristiano is one of the two members of Plastik Joy, a project released worldwide by the US indie label n5MD, completely composed, recorded and mixed with Ableton Live. For the past six years, music has been Cristiano's profession. He is a freelance sound engineer, recording and mixing in professional studios. He also works as a tech consultant; his clients include studios, DJs, producers, schools (SAE Institute Barcelona), broadcast and radio (Red Bull Music Academy Radio). He lectured at the "Electronic Music Producer" course at SAE Barcelona until 2008. Now he is focusing on one-on-one classes for musicians and bands. Cristiano offers all levels of one-on-one training, group classes, specialized workshops, and consulting for most aspects of sound production, studio setup and live performance.

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