Yoshitaka Koyasu/ Koyas/ 子安喜隆

  • Tokyo Japan

Koyasは東京を拠点に活動しているアーティスト/プロデューサー/DJであり、エレクトロニックなライブ・パフォーマンスやコラボレーションにフォーカスしたレーベルpsymaticsを運営している。// Koyas is a Tokyo-based artist/producer/DJ/event organiser running his own label called Psymatics focusing on electronic live performances and collaborations.

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Koyas started his career as a music producer in collaboration with DJ Yogurt releasing several ambient/techno albums. 

Also Koyas is known as a remixer for various artists such as Ken Ishii, Keiichi Sokabe and Kimyo-Reitaro.

Since 2013 he runs his own label called Psymatics releasing improvisation-oriented electronic music together with CD HATA in 2014.

Lately Psymatics releases their series of EPs featuring Koyas in collaboration with various other artists from the field of electronic music.

Based on his years of experience as an Ableton Live user since its version 3, Koyas writes or translates various articles for Japan’s magazines and web based media sharing his knowledge about music production and label management.

He also provides his technical support for Ableton Live in professional uses while he works as a one on one trainer.

In 2015 he founded a Tokyo’s Ableton user community called Ableton Meetup Tokyo holding a bimonthly meet up event in central Tokyo. He and his team have their experience of participating major conferences related to music production.


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