Dario Tatoli

  • Bari Italy
  • Rome Italy

Dario Tatoli is a sound designer, musician and producer. An explorer of sound creation and manipulation. He has taught hundreds of students since 2011, using Ableton Live. Dario focuses on an exploration of different musical languages, encouraging students to develop their own musical identity.

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Dario studied Sound Design at the European Institute of Design in Rome and, after graduating, moved to Berlin to explore electronic music. Under the name Makai, he released his first EP in 2016 and his debut album “The Comfort Zone” in 2017. His music was positively reviewed by several magazines and websites, including Rolling Stone, Billboard, Red Bull Music and MTV.

Dario has performed at many festivals in Italy and abroad, including Home Festival, Ypsigrock, Locus Festival and Sziget in Budapest. As a sound designer he has worked for different international brands and non-profit organisations such as Fao and Amnesty International. Dario currently works as a producer and sound engineer for several Italian music productions, and has been involved in interactive music projects since 2013, as well as contributing to italian museums and theaters.

Dario teaches at the University of West Scotland for the Italian department and has previously taught at Pearson, Middlesex University and various other organisations. His lessons are available via Skype.

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