Jamie Blake

  • Seattle WA United States
  • Olympia WA United States
  • Bellingham WA United States

Jamie Blake incorporates jazz, soul, hip hop, and electronic elements into a style he calls Life Music. He has been creating and performing music for over 16 years, and has been an avid Ableton Live user since 2008.

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Jamie has been performing and creating music since 2000, when he began playing drums and percussion. He studied jazz, drum corps and orchestral drumming throughout middle and high school, before attaining his BA in Audio Engineering and Music Technology at The Evergreen State College. Currently, Jamie specializes in creating and teaching electronic infused hip hop, jazz, and soul.

Jamie has been using Ableton Live since 2008 to compose, arrange and mix his music. He has used Ableton’s Push as his primary compositional tool since its initial release in 2013, and currently uses Push 2.

Since graduating from The Evergreen State College, Jamie regularly teaches classes there on audio engineering, sound design for film, and drum recording. In addition, Jamie offers private and small group Ableton Live lessons focused on personalized creative composition techniques and technical know-how. Classes include Creative Composition Techniques with Ableton Live, Beginner and Advanced Mixing with Live, Songwriting from Start to Finish With Ableton Push and Reverse Engineering with Ableton Live.

Jamie offers one-on-one lessons, as well as small group lessons. His teaching style caters to the individual needs of his students.

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