Xavier Collet

  • Toulouse France

Xavier creates music for movies, video games, live shows and interactive installations, as part of record label G4F. Trained both as a classical violinist and guitarist from the age of 7, Xavier graduated in Musicology at La Sorbonne university and then went on to earn a master in Sound Design for Interactive Media at ENJMIN/IRCAM.

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English, French
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Xavier’s interest in all genres of music led him to ethnic traditions, mostly from India and Turkey. He plays many traditional instruments, such as the Turkish Oud, Saz, Kaval and some frame drums. Xavier found his way to electro-acoustic music under the tuition of composers Jean-Marc Weber and Christine Goult. These diverse influences feed his work and make Xavier a recognized versatile composer and multi-instrumentalist.

Xavier has a passion both for learning and teaching, and offers conventional training, as well as custom classes, from two days to a month long, in Toulouse and Paris. He mainly teaches in training centres; ISPRA in Toulouse, Apaxx design and Ziggourat Formation in Paris. Topics range from sound design to electronic music production. Xavier is also an author of online tutorials for french company Elephorm and has covered subjects including synthesis, compression, reverb, Max for Live and sound design.

Xavier has used Live since 2006 and teaches all Ableton related topics. He is enthusiastic about passing along his knowledge in a concise and straightforward way, and keeps informed about pedagogy innovations to make complex topics easily understood. More than 200 musicians from around the world have benefited from Xavier’s teaching along the years, making him a sought after consultant.

Xavier is a versatile composer and multi instrumentalist, whose expert skills in both music composition and technologies make him a sought after teacher and consultant, whether in French or English.

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