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Jeff is a musician, producer, and songwriter based in Hong Kong. In late 2007, Christianity Today recognised Jeff Caylor's debut recording, Okay, as the 5th best album of the year. He went on to produce two more solo projects, before collaborating with his wife Leora Caylor to form the dream...

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...pop duo, The Weathering. Their first album, The Sea Cares for Its Own, was released in 2013 to critical acclaim. Besides catchy, original songs with tight vocal harmonies, live performances from The Weathering feature impressive electronic orchestrations, improvisational live looping, and automated light shows – all controlled from an on-stage laptop running Ableton Live.

A music technology fanatic and Ableton Certified Trainer, Jeff began using Ableton Live in 2010 and maintains a blog about music performance and automation of production at He also currently serves as music director for the largest English-speaking church in Hong Kong, where he regularly employs Ableton Live for supporting instrument tracks, programming stage lighting, and controlling lyrical presentations.

Jeff Caylor is available for Ableton Live training individually, as well as in classroom settings with Sol Passion Music and This Music Studio in Hong Kong.

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