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Quantize Courses specialise in teaching underground music production using Ableton Live. Our online and studio-based courses teach students how to create release-ready tracks in the genre of their choice. Whether you are a beginner aiming to fast track your development, or an experienced producer looking to add a professional finish to your music, we have the course for you.

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Learn how to produce music in the genre of your choice with high quality tutorials and support from one of the world’s leading Ableton Certified Trainers. Quantizecourses.com offers students a fresh perspective by focusing on workflow, motivation, inspiration, and creative concepts to ensure students learn advanced technical skills and increase their productivity.

Online one-to-one Music Production
Tutor: Keith Mills

Our online courses, taught by Keith Mills, feature professional tutorial videos that deliver even complex material in an easy to understand manner, so students learn quickly and hear immediate improvements in their music. The videos cover all aspects of music production, from the initial idea to the final mix & master, and are available to students as a resource for an entire year.

During the course, you will create your own unique track in a genre of your choice. You will not only get detailed video feedback from the tutor at every step of the way, but also one-to-one chat sessions, tips & tricks, and unlimited email support.

We teach students how to get results and finish tracks ready to perform, send to labels, upload online, and share with the world.

If this is your goal, click here to find out more and watch a free course tutorial.

Video Tutorials
Loop Expert
Tutor: Keith Mills

Using loops offers lots of benefits; you can build a track quickly and easily, use them to inspire you, achieve a professional sound, and gain access to playing styles and instruments normally out of your reach.
We teach you how to make great music using your loop library.

You will learn to:

  • Create dynamic and interesting music with loops
  • Quickly develop melodies and chords
  • Stamp your unique identity on samples
  • Prepare loops for arrangement and mixdown
  • Create 1000’s of free loops and instruments to suit your genre

Pads & Atmospheres Sound Design
Tutor: Keith Mills

Using pads and atmospheres in electronic music is vital for adding emotion, depth, and interest. If your tracks sound stale and flat, chances are you need to add these sounds. Check out your favourite tracks and you’ll hear how important they are.

If you make music such as Techno, Tech House, and Deep House, this video pack is designed for you.

You will learn to:

  • Create pads, drones, textures & ambiences
  • Use your synths and samplers to their full potential
  • Utilise professional effects processing techniques
  • Keep sounds interesting in an arrangement
  • EQ and compress sounds for mixing

Kick Drum Sound Design
Tutor: Keith Mills

A solid and powerful kick is vital in electronic dance music. It drives the track, enhances the bass, and punches through the entire mix. Low end is king but it’s also one of the most difficult things to master.

We teach you the tips and tricks required to get the perfect kick.

You will learn to:

  • Make punchy and powerful kicks (and percussion) that compete with the best
  • Quickly create, craft, and layer kicks, saving hours of tweaking and library searching
  • Make the most of the samples and tools you already own instead of overcrowding your library

If you are an underground music producer using Ableton Live, we have the course for you: QuantizeCourses.com

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