Marcello Ruggiu

  • London United Kingdom

Marcello Ruggiu began his career as a musician in 1994, playing drums and making electronic music. By 2005 he had earned a degree in audio engineering. His speciality is recording – both live and in the studio – with a particular focus on electronic music production. In 2009 Marcello became...

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...became a Ableton Certified Trainer, and started teaching workshops alongside certified courses.

Marcello works as a freelance sound technician and sound designer in a variety of fields including television, live music, and studio recording.
He also has a musical project “Amousement”, from which he performs and releases his tracks for various labels, and collaborates with other underground electronic musicians and artists.

In the studio Marcello loves the sound of drums and bass; he comes with an inherent nose for finding the sounds that perfectly fit a track, using synths and samplers. With a love for, and experience of working in all genres of music, Marcello helps people from all musical backgrounds make the music they love. He is well versed in tech, and with live experience in controllers and MIDI devices, Marcello can help find the best setup for any DJ looking to step up into live performances.

Marcello is available for flexible, affordable, 1 to 1 lessons at Become A DJ School in London. With his broad knowledge of sound engineering and music production, he helps students to immerse themselves in the production process, from the basic through to the advanced levels.

Marcello can help students of different levels (basic, intermediate or advanced) helping with sound design, mixing and prodution techniques both for the studio or the live performance. Main music interest is in Experimental Drum & Bass and Jungle. The student will have a mix of tutoring and practice and can follow the lessons from any kind of device (computers, phones, tablets). 

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