Audio Engine Music

  • Cento Italien

Audio Engine Music is one of the most prestigious certified training centers in Italy. Through the years it has become an influential and popular center for students seeking Apple, Adobe, PearsonVUE, Avid and Ableton certified training.

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In addition to its well-known music production courses, other courses and certifications are now available. AEM also offers consulting services at all levels on the topics discussed in the classes.

We offer Regular classes (one weekly three-hour lesson) and Full Immersion classes (all-day sessions). Weekend classes are available. All courses take place in our recording studio, where students can have fun learning in a hands-on environment. To keep the in-class quality and productivity  high, we limit class sizes to a maximum of four students. One-on-one and personalized courses are also available.

Alessandro Magri, Audio Engine Music manager, is a well-known musician in Italy. He received a piano degree at conservatory, and studied classical and modern composition.

Audio Engine Music
Via IV Novembre, 11 
44042 Cento (FE)
Phone: 0516836008

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