Brandon Murphy

  • Chicago IL United States
  • Detroit MI United States

Brandon Murphy is a multi-disciplinary audio artist, educator and Ableton Certified Trainer, currently dividing his time between Chicago, IL, and Detroit, MI.

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An academically trained multi-instrumentalist, Brandon began studying drums at age 8 and bass guitar at age 12. His early musical involvement began in the Detroit jazz, improv, avant garde, and rock scenes.
After relocating to Chicago to pursue a degree in Jazz Performance, Brandon became an active participant in the jazz and electronic circles - performing regularly in both.

In 2009, Brandon became an Ableton Certified Trainer and began working closely with some of Chicago’s best and brightest musicians, rappers, touring artists, producers, and DJ’s. His sound design work has been used by The Blue Man Group and his innovative finger drumming tutorials have been featured on Create Digital Music.
In addition, he co-founded Push Beats - an artist collective and weekly A/V night, featuring local and international beat makers and visual artists, co-founded the Chicago Max/ MSP User Group, and furthermore co-led the Chicago Ableton Live User Group. As a performer, Brandon has shared the stage with such acts as Carl Craig, Lorn, Bernie Worrell, James “Blood” Ulmer, and Hugh Masekela.
His areas of instructional expertise include production, audio engineering, computer music theory, live/ studio setup configuration, and performance/improvisation.
Brandon is available for private lessons, lectures, workshops, academic training, and consultations.

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