Certified Training

Mehr als 380 ausgebildete Pädagog:innen und Privatdozent:innen helfen Musikschaffenden in 52 Ländern und auf 40 Sprachen mit Ableton Live-Training auf höchstem Niveau.

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1500 Sound Academy

  • Inglewood CA Vereinigte Staaten

We solely focus on the development of the modern-day creative through innovative curriculum, elite industry mentorships, and musical partnerships to prepare future artists with nontraditional skill sets for success. 1500 Sound Academy offers a certificate for the Music & Industry Fundamentals Program available On-Campus or Live Online and a digital badge for On-Demand Online Courses designed to develop skills to a professional level in a short amount of time.

343 Labs

  • New York City NY Vereinigte Staaten

343 Labs is NYC’s fastest growing music production and performance community with free weekly masterclasses, networking events, performance opportunities, and a broad offering of music production courses. With some of NYC’s most accomplished producers on its teaching roster, of which four are Ableton Certified Trainers, students can expect an exceptional educational experience, both in NYC, Berlin, and online.

343 Labs

  • Berlin Deutschland

343 Labs started as a music production school and community in New York City in 2018, and soon grew into a leader for electronic music education. In July 2020, 343 Labs opened its second location at the iconic Riverside Studios in Berlin, making it the only school with locations in both electronic music capitals, New York and Berlin. With some of the world’s most accomplished producers on its teaching roster, of which three are Ableton Certified Trainers, students can expect an exceptional educational experience, in Berlin, NYC and online.

40ème Rugissant

  • Paris Frankreich

40ème Rugissant is a professional audiovisual facility offering production and training in Paris. We work hand in hand with the biggest french TV channels and studios to provide training. We specialize in music production, and are proud to work in partnership with Ableton.


  • Mailand Italien

4CMP Academy (‘For Creative Music Producers’) is a computer music school and production and recording studio located in the center of Milan. The academy offers in-depth courses in Ableton Live, mixing and post-production, and a Higher National Diploma and Bachelor of Arts in Production.

Aaron Holstein

  • Boulder CO Vereinigte Staaten
  • Denver CO Vereinigte Staaten

Aaron Holstein is a multi-instrumentalist, music and video producer, and Ableton Live instructor based in Colorado, USA. He currently releases and performs music as VibeSquaD, BackPact, Aaron Holstein and occasionally with the band Zilla.

Aaron Zilch

  • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten

Aaron Zilch has been making electronic music for over 18 years. As a teen, his bedroom was a jungle of wires connecting a modular menagerie of hardware drum machines, samplers, and early digital audio workstations. As keyboardist/programmer/sound designer for American Head Charge he was signed to American Recordings.

Abid Hussain

  • New Orleans LA Vereinigte Staaten
  • Dallas TX Vereinigte Staaten

Abid Hussain is an electronic and alternative rock producer with more than 25 years of experience. Working as Nebulae, Pellicle, Chlorophyll and Kundalini Shock Attack, he has produced more than 14 self-produced albums, in addition to more than 25 remixes for artists all over the world.


  • Rom Italien

Absonant is a training center for those wishing to learn audiovisual and multimedia production. Its main objective is to provide students with the skills and capacities they need to become professionals and meet the market demand.

Adam Fangsrud

  • Missoula MT Vereinigte Staaten

Adam Fangsrud is a producer, engineer and sound artist who has been an Ableton Certified Trainer since 2011. He is the owner and head engineer at Red Sun Mastering and plays in the electropop duo Flatliner, as well as producing solo techno as Kro.

Adam Maggs

  • Sydney New South Wales Australien

Adam Maggs is a producer, DJ, member of the live club act StickFigures and an experienced Ableton Live trainer.

Adam Partridge

  • Woodstock NY Vereinigte Staaten

Adam Partridge aka ‘Atropolis’, has been producing, performing and mixing with Ableton Live for over 10 years. With releases on various international labels, licensed commercials and scored art installations featured in the Queens Museum and The Shed, Atropolis has also taught Ableton Live for eight years, with extensive experience teaching novice to professional artists.

Aditya Balani

  • Neu-Delhi Indien

Aditya Balani is a multi-faceted guitarist, singer-songwriter, music producer and educator from New Delhi, India. A professional musician since 2001 his work has transcended stylistic and international borders.

Adriano Clemente

  • New York City NY Vereinigte Staaten

Adriano Clemente has been playing piano since 1990. His first approach to electronic music production was in 1996, when he bought his first analog synthesizer. After several years making computer music and using hardware such as samplers, synths and drum machines, he discovered Ableton Live in 2005, and this completely changed his approach to music production and live performance.

Adrian Pickard

  • Brighton Vereinigtes Königreich

Adrian Pickard is one of the first Ableton Certified Trainers worldwide, specializing in music production and live performance techniques with Live.

Akademia Dzwieku

  • Warschau Polen

Akademia Dźwięku is one of the biggest music production schools in Poland. Founded in 2008, it’s a pioneer of pro-audio education in the country and offers a wide array of courses, from dedicated Live workshops to live performance, sound design and mixing & mastering.


  • Bengaluru Indien

Akrti is a singer, and a multi-disciplinary artist from Bangalore, India. Using voice as her primary instrument, she explores the realm of sound across various medium of expression. Her sound reverberates her deep interest in the being and the earthly.

Alberto Chapa

  • Austin TX Vereinigte Staaten
  • Nuevo Laredo Mexiko

From solving playback emergencies on festival stages and network TV shows to teaching Ableton Live in a dentist’s office, and in hundreds of people’s bedroom studios; Alberto Chapa is a Certified trainer that is ready for anything!

Alec Ness

  • Minneapolis MN Vereinigte Staaten

Alec Ness is a mastering engineer, producer and educator from Minneapolis, MN.

Alessandro Lestino

  • Turin Italien

Alessandro Lestino began working as a DJ at the end of the 80's, playing in several Italian clubs. During those years his style, inspired originally by rock and R&B, began shifting toward electronic music. In 2003, he set up MusicLab, a recording studio used by many Italian and international artists with very different musical roots.

Alessandro Rorato

  • Motta di Livenza Italien

Alessandro has been playing music since 1992. In 1996 he moved from drums to laptop, kicking off his production career. From early on he played electronic music, first exploring drum'n'bass, then shifting toward more downtempo styles. In 2001, he was awarded the first prize at the national Coop for Music competition.

Alexandre Cramoisy aka aLb

  • Lille Frankreich

D’abord comédien, c’est aux Beaux-Arts qu’il s’initie à l’audio-numérique avant de devenir auteur-compositeur et interprète (finger-drum, chant, scratch). Son parcours atypique et sa pluridisciplinarité lui permettent de composer aussi bien pour l’art contemporain que pour le spectacle vivant ou les musiques actuelles (hip-hop, électro).

Ambrus Deak aka AMB

  • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten

Seasoned music producer. 120+ commercial releases. Winner of iMapp — one of the world’s largest video mapping competitions. 2nd place at The International Breakbeat Awards. Multiple UK Glitch Hop Award nominee. Toured the world. Shared the stage with The Chemical Brothers, Glitch Mob, Tipper.

Amit Segall

  • Tel Aviv Israel
  • London Vereinigtes Königreich

As a multidisciplinary artist and musician, Amit loves sharing his knowledge and experiences, both online and face to face, covering a vast variety of expertise of all sorts.

Anatoly Ice

  • Moskau Russland

Анатолий Айс – известный столичный фанкофил и настоящий человек-оркестр: композитор, музыкант, DJ, продюсер, преподаватель, промоутер, радиоведущий с опытом работы в музыкальной индустрии более 25 лет. Организатор и идейный вдохновитель культовых вечеринок «Функции фанка», а также одноименного радио шоу, основным компонентом которых является его знаменитая фонотека.

Andrei Abramov

  • Moskau Russland

Andrei Abramov (aka Android) is a professional DJ, producer and teacher with over 25 years of experience.

Andrei Constantinescu

  • Bukarest Rumänien

Andrei “MoShu” Constantinescu started working in the music industry in 1996 and has been involved in many of its fields - from live sound recording and producing, to field recording and post-production for TV and film, as well as sound design for the performing arts.

Andre Salata

  • São Paulo Brasilien

Um apaixonado pelo mundo Ableton, Andre demonstra de forma simples e objetiva como o Live e a Push são extensões de sua mente no processo de produção musical, transformando sentimentos em música de maneira descomplicada.

Andres Power a.k.a OUTCODE

  • Bogotá Kolumbien

Andrés Power is a DJ and producer born in Bogotá, Colombia, whose love for music began at the age of 13. With more than 25 years of experience in the electronic music scene, and after exploring different DJ setups and music production tools, he settled on Live as his main creative tool, both in the studio and on stage.

Andrew Luck

  • Seattle WA Vereinigte Staaten

Fascinated with technology and learning, Andrew explores new ways to grok tough topics and integrate the best approaches to discovering the science of sound and art in music. His educational experience ranges from 10-week courses to one-on-one sessions.

Anna Lakatos

  • London Vereinigtes Königreich

Anna Lakatos (aka ANNA DISCLAIM) is a London-based electronic musician, singer, trained audio engineer and educator.


  • Seoul Südkorea

Techno Live Set 아티스트 & 프로듀서. ANSR은 공연에서 Ableton Live와 함께 Modular Synth 같은 여러 장비를 사용한다. 그는 Ableton Live가 단순한 DAW가 아니며 무한한 가능성을 함께 제공한다고 생각한다. 2014년 부터 Ableton Live와 Push를 사용하기 시작했으며, 이후 다양한 베뉴와 이벤트에서 Live Set 공연을 해오고 있다.

Anthony Garvin

  • Sydney New South Wales Australien

Anthony Garvin is a professional electronic music mix engineer from Sydney, Australia that delivers his expertise to some of the biggest names in Australian + global dance music.

Anton Anru

  • Moskau Russland

Anton Anru – московский продюсер, саунд-дизайнер, микс-инженер и преподаватель по музыкальному продакшну. В творчестве и обучении охватывает жанры: pop/song, modern jazz, indie, instrumental, electronica, ambient, house, breakbeat. В своей работе Антон делает особый упор на уникальности звучания благодаря детальной проработке аранжировки и саунд-дизайна. Его цель найти и раскрыть индивидуальность в каждом ученике.

Antonio Križnič

  • Wöllan Slowenien
  • Laibach Slowenien

Antonio Križnič is an electronic music composer, performer and educator. He has been involved in computer music since the late nineties and has experimented with sound in various forms. After discovering Live in 2003, he began using it to expand his techno live performances and studio productions. Artistically, Antonio is known as Tonske, and he is a co-founder of electronic music organization and newly established techno label, Cogo.

Antonio Sage

  • Las Vegas NV Vereinigte Staaten

Antonio Sage is a Multi-Instrumentalist /Vocalist and Composer. He has written, performed and produced a vast catalog for clients such as Warner Chappell Production Music, Revolution, Groove Addicts, and Emergency Production Music. His compositions are featured in television programs and networks such as Judge Judy, Dr. Oz Show, The Morning Show, House Hunters International, Primer Impacto, Networks include; HBO, Fox, TNT, Univision, and MTV2.


  • Paris Frankreich

Apaxxdesigns is a high-profile facility in Paris, France. Run by Jean-Louis Hennequin, a well-known musician, producer, composer, and Apple Certified Logic Master Trainer, Apaxxdesigns is aimed at providing experienced audio users that extra bit that only real-world experience can provide.


  • Buenos Aires Argentinien

At Arjaus you’ll find a sense of family and community, while constantly developing your skills. You’ll be in a comfortable place where the institution is always by your side, helping you to grow on the musical spectrum that you like​, as a human and as a team member.

Aryaman Agarwal

  • Neu-Delhi Indien

Aryaman Agarwal is a music producer and educator from New Delhi, India. He is primarily an electronic musician and began producing his own music using Live in 2012. After discovering the intricacies of the software, he started experimenting with different techniques of synthesis and sound design to create different genres of music.

Ashrith Baburao

  • Bengaluru Indien

Ashrith Baburao is the co-founder of Beatworx, one of India’s most acclaimed electronic music schools. Since 2011, he’s been producing and performing music with his brother as Audio Units, a nationally recognized duo. Ashrith’s tryst with computers began in 1994, when he was three years old, and he has been wonderstruck by technology ever since. A high school graduate on paper, he went on to prove that formal education isn't everything. /

    NonLinear Educating’s course library has over 50 hours of Ableton Live and Push courses led by world class DJs, performers and Certified Trainers. Get a Library Pass subscription which gives you unlimited access to and their site as well! Two great sites. Same great courses.

    Audio Engine Music

    • Cento Italien

    Audio Engine Music is one of the most prestigious certified training centers in Italy. Through the years it has become an influential and popular center for students seeking Apple, Adobe, PearsonVUE, Avid and Ableton certified training.


    • Moskau Russland

    Audioschool offers world-class Ableton Live training from anywhere in the world. Courses in Ableton Live include production, DJing, composition and arrangements, sound design, mixing, mastering, live performance and more. Studio-based and online courses teach students how to create release-ready tracks from scratch, in any genre.

    Beat Drop

    • Calgary Alberta Kanada

    Beat Drop is an online electronic music production and DJ school based in Calgary, Alberta. We are a community of musicians, DJs and producers of all genres who enjoy producing, creating and performing music. We offer online courses and mentorship in Ableton Live.

    Beat Kitchen

    • New York City NY Vereinigte Staaten

    Beat Kitchen is the soup-to-nuts music production school for creatives. We are artist-instructors teaching music production, live, in small classes. We began with a vision: to provide a place for creatives to play with their food.

    Belle Murphy

    • Melbourne Victoria Australien

    Belle Murphy is a Melbourne, Australia based electronic music-maker, educator and community facilitator. Specialising in the blend of creative approach and technical know-how, Belle is right at home in the world of electronic production, sharing the science behind the systems and developing unique solutions for the stage.

    Ben Ang

    • Singapur Singapur

    Ben Ang, Electronic Music instructor in Singapore, Principal Tutor of NUS Electronic Music Lab, Instructor at Pop Studio Academy, Producer of synthpop / remix duo Cosmic Armchair, teaches electronic music production and performance with Ableton Live, Ableton Push, and Max for Live.

    Ben Casey

    • New York City NY Vereinigte Staaten

    Ben Casey is a Brooklyn-based electronic musician, Ableton Certified Trainer, and overall music tech nerd. When he’s not surrounded by wires and drum machines or tinkering with Max for Live, Ben teaches Ableton Live to musicians across all genres, from avant-garde to zydeco.

    Ben Hovey

    • Asheville NC Vereinigte Staaten

    Trumpet/keyboard player, synthesist, and sonic scientist Ben Hovey, aka HoveyKraft, blends his artistry as an accomplished traditional musician with a deep knowledge of music technology, into a truly rare talent. His musical roots began at age 5 in 1982 with piano.

    Ben Vedren

    • Paris Frankreich

    Ben is a french electronic artist, DJ, and Ableton Certified Trainer. For many years now, he has been sharing his knowledge and musical approach throughout groups trainings, one to one sessions and masterclasses.

    Berklee Online

      Advance your Ableton Live skills with Berklee Online, the award-winning online school of Berklee College of Music. Study Berklee's renowned music production techniques directly from our faculty members, inside highly interactive online classrooms alongside like-minded musicians and industry professionals.

      BIMM London

      • London Vereinigtes Königreich

      Part of BIMM University, BIMM Music Institute London is an Ableton Certified Training Centre. They open the doors to the music industry, encouraging creative freedom, providing real-world industry experiences and building a community across our colleges in the UK, Ireland and Germany.

      BIMM University Berlin

      • Berlin Deutschland

      At BIMM University, we provide an extensive range of courses in modern music, performing arts, filmmaking, and creative technology to over 8,000 students across 14 schools in the UK, Ireland, and Germany. We have a long-standing commitment to providing the highest quality in creative industries education, allowing students to maximise their career potential.

      Box Hill Institute

      • Melbourne Victoria Australien

      Box Hill Institute have been the leaders in contemporary music education for the last 35 years. With the best facilities in the southern hemisphere for music education and two certified Ableton Live trainers on staff, Box Hill offers quality training in Ableton Live from short course through to Certificates, Diplomas and degrees.

      BPM College

      • Tel Aviv Israel

      BPM College is a leading music and sound school in Israel and was established in 2003 by Idan Huna & Yariv Etzion. Their goal is to give the best training for producers, musicians & sound engineers and take in over 700 students a year.

      Brandon Murphy

      • Detroit MI Vereinigte Staaten

      Brandon is a multi-disciplinary audio artist, musician, engineer and educator, primarily based in Detroit, MI.

      bray institute of further education

      • Bray Irland

      At the Bray Institute of Further Education (BIFE), we give students the practical skills needed to secure work in the industry.

      Brian Funk

      • Long Island NY Vereinigte Staaten

      Brian Funk is a songwriter, producer, and educator from New York. Brian hosts The Music Production Podcast and teaches music production for Berklee Online. Sounds from Brian’s Ableton Live Packs are used by producers all over the world.

      Brian Jackson

      • New York City NY Vereinigte Staaten

      Brian M. Jackson is a music producer, electronic musician, audio engineer, educator, consultant, and author of The Music Producer's Survival Guide: Chaos, Creativity, and Career in Independent and Electronic Music (Sound on Sound Presents…). Brian is an expert instructor with more than 20 years of teaching experience, and is as comfortable lecturing to large groups as he is providing intimate one-on-one training.

      Brian Markman

      • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Brian Markman is an engineer, producer and club DJ. Starting over 12 years ago playing records at acid jazz clubs and then at raves playing drum and bass, technology pushed his musical interests forward. 2 years ago, Markman came to SAE as an instructor in the Electronic Music Production program teaching Ableton Live.

      Brian Smith

      • Berlin Deutschland

      Brians musikalische Reise begann mit dem Studium des Klaviers (ab 5 Jahren) und der Trompete (ab 9 Jahren). Einen Bachelor-Abschluss in Musik machte er an der University of California, Santa Cruz, und fing im dortigen Studio für elektronische Musik mit dem Komponieren an. Mitte der 1980-er-Jahre war er Mitbegründer der experimentellen Industrial-Band Language Lab in San Francisco. Kurz darauf zog er nach Paris und tauchte in die lokale zeitgenössische Musikszene ein. Er arbeitete einige Monate am IRCAM und kreierte später eigene Klanginstallationen und Kompositionen.

      Byungryul Lee

      • Seoul Südkorea

      Byungryul Lee, aka Mute, is an electronic music & RnB producer and sound designer. He began his musical career composing electronic music for film, TV and commercials. Byungryul Lee currently writes RnB music and contributes sound design to AUIs (Auditory User Interface) for technology companies such as Samsung.

      Camiel Daamen

      • Amsterdam Niederlande

      Camiel Daamen is bekend van zijn veelzijdige dj en livesets. Vaak met een goede groove met veel percussieve elementen tussendoor. Zijn sound is moeilijk in een hokje te plaatsen omdat hij techno bangers net zo makkelijk maakt als ambient soundscapes. Droevig of blij, pompend of relaxend het past allemaal in zijn veelzijdige sound. Het past ook goed bij zijn Energieke, emotionele en altijd lachende persoonlijkheid.

      Carles Reixach

      • Girona Spanien

      Carles is an electronic music and soundtrack artist, producer, and Dj, as well as being the CEO, and an experienced teacher of Live and Push, at the Eumes Advanced Music & Sound School.

      Carlos Polania

      • Bogotá Kolumbien

      Carlos Polania is a Music producer based in Bogota. While in high school, the impact that music and sound had on his life, drove him to begin experimenting with recording sounds and loops on a tape machine.


      • Berlin Deutschland

      Catalyst is a creative arts and technology learning institute based at the historic Funkhaus in Berlin. It has been providing world-class creative production training in the UK for 20 years, and in Berlin since 2013 under the former brand name of dBs Music Berlin.

      Cenk Unis

      • Istanbul Türkei

      Cenk Unis is a producer, Dj, member of the visual entertainment collective ShiTv, and an experienced Ableton Live trainer. His journey with music began at a very young age. As a resident DJ he became a professional in 1991.

      Cesar Berti

      • Madrid Spanien

      Cesar's musical career started in the 1990s, when he worked as a DJ. In 2003, he discovered computer music and began his career as a composer and producer.


      • Lugano Schweiz

      CESMA is a multi-disciplinary research and teaching facility providing higher education in audio engineering, music and acoustics, certified by eduQua in Switzerland. We offer a wide range of programs, from higher education and federal exams to vocational and short-term courses in music technology and production.

      Champion Sound

      • Portland OR Vereinigte Staaten

      Champion Sound is a music production and DJ school, offering affordable Ableton Live and DJ courses in Portland, Oregon.

      Charles Noel

      • New York City NY Vereinigte Staaten

      Charles is resident specialist of electronic music production, DJing and performance at the School of Audio Engineering. With almost twenty years of experience in the electronic music industry, Charles has produced albums for labels in Europe and has toured worldwide...

      Charly Fariseo

      • Provinz San José Costa Rica

      Charly Fariseo is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer and live performer from San José, Costa Rica. He has been an Ableton Certified Trainer since 2014 and specializes in working on audio branding, sound design and post-production for TV, radio and web media. Charly teaches music production and currently performs with his band Rombos.

      Ché van Workum

      • Rotterdam Niederlande

      Ché van Workum has been a DJ and producer since 2000. After discovering Ableton Live in 2006 (version 5), he decided to become a professional in the music industry. Since 2007, Ché has run the SoundKings music platform and is also responsible for the house and techno sub-label, SKUG, organizing events throughout Rotterdam and the Netherlands.

      Chiara Fella

      • Mailand Italien

      Chiara Fella is a teacher, producer and performer based in Milan, Italy. Singing, music and technology are at the center of her life.

      Chris Cox (Frank Booker)

      • Auckland Neuseeland

      Chris Cox aka Frank Booker, is a DJ, producer, music consultant, educator and Ableton Live Certified trainer based in Auckland, New Zealand.

      Chris Dilday

      • Nashville TN Vereinigte Staaten

      Chris Dilday is a musician, producer, DJ and engineer based in Nashville, Tennessee. A drummer since age 10 and a DJ since 16, he has immersed himself in music from an early age.

      Chris Petti

      • New York City NY Vereinigte Staaten

      Chris is a musician, producer, sound designer, educator, and certified music technology junkie for life…

      Chris Pratt

      • Plymouth Vereinigtes Königreich

      Chris Pratt has been performing and producing with Ableton Live for almost 20 years. He has a wealth of experience helping learners of ranging ability to develop effective workflows for composition, production and performance using systems centred around Ableton Live.

      Chris Schlyer

      • Seattle WA Vereinigte Staaten

      Chris Schlyer is a musician, performer and sound designer based out of Seattle, WA. He is heavily involved in the video game industry and has worked for companies such as Sony Computer Entertainment of America and Activision Blizzard, using Live as a tool for interactive audio development.

      Christian Sánchez (RED)

      • Mérida Yucatán Mexiko

      Hailing from southern Mexico, where he’s been involved in underground electronic music for over 10 years, Christian “Red” Sánchez has been instrumental in invigorating the music scene of his home region.

      Christian Schwanz aka. CEE

      • Berlin Deutschland

      Christian Schwanz, der unter dem Namen Cee Musik produziert, gehört mit Projekten wie Al-Haca und Bass Sekolah seit 20 Jahren in die Welt der eklektischen und elektronischen Bassmusik.

      Christian Thomas

      • Nashville TN Vereinigte Staaten

      Christian Thomas is a Nashville-based musician, producer, instructor and consultant. He is the owner of Live Stems, a music performance consulting company specializing in track playback solutions with a client roster that includes many of today's top artists. Christian has been an Ableton Live user since 2002 and has been actively providing instruction for nearly two decades.

      Christina Horn

      • Knoxville TN Vereinigte Staaten

      Christina Horn, AKA Hudson K, is a pianist, singer, songwriter, composer and educator who has been integrating Live into her performances since 2009. She has been actively touring and teaching for a decade and is interested in the intersection between art and technology.


      • Paris Frankreich

      CIFAP is a leading provider of high-quality professional training for workers in the creative industries. Every year over 150 professionals participate in training courses tailored to their specific needs.

      Claire Marie Lim (dolltr!ck)

      • New York City NY Vereinigte Staaten
      • Singapur Singapur

      Claire Marie Lim is a Singapore-born music technologist and educator, also active under her artist project dolltr!ck. She specializes in instruction for live electronic performance, production and programming, and is an advocate of women and Asian representation in music technology.


      • Melbourne Victoria Australien

      Collarts (Australian College of the Arts Pty Ltd) is a dynamic independent tertiary education college full of passion, individuality and opportunity. Focused on creating real career pathways into the creative sector for students, Collarts delivers industry-based learning coupled with strong personal and professional development.

      Cora Novoa

      • Barcelona Spanien

      Cora Novoa is a professional producer, DJ, sound technician and freelance music tech tutor from Spain. Trained as a classical musician and a flutist since 1997, Cora is also a sound and IT technician, and holds several Apple certifications.

      Corey Baker

      • Austin TX Vereinigte Staaten

      Corey Baker, professionally known as both Kill Paris and Hobbie Sound, is a multi-instrumental producer living in Denver, Colorado.

      Costas Papa

      • Dubai Vereinigte Arabische Emirate

      Costas is a Dubai based sonic artist, music producer and consultant. He’s an expert educator with more than 10 years of experience and the founder of Granular Academy.

      • Irland

      Since 2011, CreateSound has been running courses and workshops, supplying all the latest hardware and Ableton software on site, with regular courses in over 100 locations in Ireland and the UK to date. Now we’ve moved everything online so students can participate in our courses wherever they are, whatever their level.

      Cristian “C-Funk” Moraga

      • Provinz Santiago Chile

      Cristián Moraga is a singer, composer, guitar & keyboard player, producer and one of the most renowned funk artists from Chile. His impressive international career with Los Tetas, beginning in 1995, made him a well-known figure of both funk and hip-hop in Latin America.

      Cristiano Nicolini

      • London Vereinigtes Königreich

      Cristiano Nicolini is a London-based music producer, sound engineer, tech-consultant and Ableton Certified Trainer. 
He makes music as Mattokind, BleakHouse and PlastikJoy. 
He has worked as a studio engineer and producer for Dubfire, Nicole Moudaber and Deep Dish, as well as various artists from Get Physical, Second State and SCI+TEC labels.

      Damien Goundrie

      • Hobart Tasmanien Australien

      Damien started his career as a DJ in the early nineties and released his first track in ’94. He has worked in a variety of roles within the music industry ever since. A long-standing association with production, radio, and retail makes Damien the perfect mentor for young producers.

      Dan Freeman (CØm1x)

      • New York City NY Vereinigte Staaten

      Dan FreeMan (CØm1x) is a producer, bassist, and music technologist based in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating from Harvard University, he came to New York to be a session bassist. As a bass player he has performed with such artists as Angelique Kidjo and the B-52’s.

      Dan Giffin

      • Denver CO Vereinigte Staaten

      As a well-experienced producer and performer, Dan Giffin has taught Grammy-winning artists the ins and outs of making music with Live and Push. He currently produces under the artist name Philia, teaches Ableton Live through his website and hosts the Ableton Music Producer Podcast.

      Daniel Cantero

      • Madrid Spanien
      • Brighton Vereinigtes Königreich

      Working as a sonologist, sound designer and music producer and combining these skills with his role as a hardware and software developer, Daniel Cantero is a talented all round audiovisual engineer managing research projects for the Digital Luthier company, which he founded.

      Daniele Mattiuzzi

      • Turin Italien

      Daniele Mattiuzzi discovered Ableton Live in 2002, and has since become a specialist in music production using this software. His broad musical background and interests led him to attend the SAE Institute in Milan, where he obtained a diploma in Audio Engineering.

      Daniel Kohlmeigner

      • Wien Österreich

      After using Ableton Live for 20 years on stage and in the studio, Daniel now also teaches musicians and develops new study programs. His practical and fun approach has excited hundreds of students from university to public schools and private lessons.

      Danielle Thwaites

      • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten
      • Dallas TX Vereinigte Staaten

      Danielle Thwaites (Daiza) has extensive versatility and expertise as a producer, songwriter, instrumentalist, educator and live show designer. She works to enable people to creatively express themselves with music technology.

      Danilo Bencke

      • Curitiba Brasilien

      Danilo Bencke é DJ e Produtor no seu projeto de Bass House / G-House "Dancko" e atua como professor na mais renomada escola de DJs e Produção Musical do Brasil, a AIMEC. Além disso, trabalha com mixagem & masterização e como jornalista, tendo uma coluna quinzenal na House Mag, considerado a maior revista de música eletrônica da América Latina.

      Danilo Rispoli

      • Palermo Italien

      Danilo Rispoli is a DJ, producer, sound designer, teacher, festival promoter and label manager. He began producing house and techno in 1989, and eventually Danilo productions reached the top positions of most relevant European and American charts, such as DMC and Billboard. In 2005, Danilo fell in love with Ableton.

      Dankmar Klein

      • Köln Deutschland

      Dankmar Klein has been a product specialist with Ableton for a long time. He leads workshops and teaches all over Europe on a wide range of topics related to the practical use of Ableton Live.

      Danny Bonnici

      • Melbourne Victoria Australien

      Over the past 14 years Danny Bonnici has been at the forefront of the global dance music scene. Danny’s tracks have featured on labels ranging from Renaissance to Global Underground,YK4, MOB, Vicious Vinyl, and more.

      Dario Tatoli

      • Rom Italien
      • Bari Italien

      Dario Tatoli is a sound designer, musician and producer. Since 2011, he has taught hundreds of students using Ableton Live. An explorer of sound creation and manipulation, Dario focuses on different musical languages, encouraging students to develop their own musical identity.

      Darren Kramer

      • Denver CO Vereinigte Staaten

      Darren Kramer is an innovative Electric Trombone DJ, XO Professional Brass Artist, and Ableton Certified Trainer, creating live remixes of originals and covers via live looping, effects, Push beat slicing, virtual synths, vocoder and the iPad Lemur app. He’s been a professional musician for over 30 years, working as a full-time freelance trombonist, pianist, composer, producer and educator.

      Dave "Dizz1" Norris

      • Melbourne Victoria Australien

      Dave Norris, widely known as Dizz1, is a Melbourne-based creative luminary who has left an indelible mark on the world of bass music. His journey began as a turntablist, producer, and drummer, where he developed a unique “feel” that transcended scratching, drumming, and programming those signature sideways beats.

      David Engström

      • Arvika Schweden

      David Engström is a versatile musician, producer and music teacher, with a passion for synthesizers, electronic music, experimentation and improvisation.

      David Lopez

      • Atlanta GA Vereinigte Staaten

      David Lopez aka Didactic is an audio production & technology professional with over 15 years of diverse experience as an Audio Engineer, Consultant, Educator, Producer, DJ and Ableton Certified Trainer.

      David Najera

      • Bogotá Kolumbien

      David Najera has been involved in the music world as a Dj and Music Producer for over 10 years. He began using Ableton Live in 2006, and started teaching music production in different environments around the same time.

      David Sharma

      • Houston TX Vereinigte Staaten

      Percussionist, producer and educator Dave Sharma has been programming and performing with Ableton Live since 2002. With a career as wide as it is deep, Dave’s work explores the intersections of percussion and electronics on stage, in the studio, in the theater and recently, in the classroom.

      David Surex

      • Sevilla Spanien

      David Surex es fundador y director de ProAudio Escuela donde imparte clases de Ableton, Mezcla y un curso de Live Sets. Es también entrenador oficial de Ableton desde 2014.

      Dawn John Philip

      • Bengaluru Indien

      Dawn is a musician, music producer and creative consultant based out of Bangalore. He has over 15 years of experience as a studio producer, advertising consultant and live sound engineer. Dawn owns and runs his own production house “DJP Media”.

      dBs Institute Bristol

      • Bristol Vereinigtes Königreich

      Since 1998, dBs has been preparing students to thrive in and contribute to the world of music and audio technology. In this time, we have steadily evolved our course provision from a single sound engineering qualification to a range of professionally targeted undergraduate and postgraduate degrees for the audio and creative industries.

      dBs Institute Plymouth

      • Plymouth Vereinigtes Königreich

      Established in 1998, dBs is the only dedicated audio technology and music production institute in the UK. Bringing together a variety of sound specialisms across the arts and sciences, dBs pioneers education and research that make society a better place.

      Deejay Academy Audio Recording School

      • Bogotá Kolumbien

      Deejay Academy es una academia de formación de Deejays y productores musicales, especializada en música electrónica, somos pioneros en la formación de Dj´s y productores en Colombia, nuestro programa académico de Live es uno de los más completos y funcionales.

      Delta Sound Labs

      • Washington, D.C. WA Vereinigte Staaten

      Delta Sound Labs’ music production courses started in 2018 with the goal of offering intensive online music production education for beginner and intermediate music producers. Online synchronous course offerings are available in the winter and summer sessions (January and June, respectively) in collaboration with Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

      Demian Licht

      • Mexiko-Stadt Mexiko

      Demian Licht is a music producer and sound designer from Mexico. Her passion for electronic music led her to study sound engineering and music production as a teenager in Mexico City.

      Derek VanScoten

      • Austin TX Vereinigte Staaten

      Derek VanScoten is a guitarist, educator and Emmy-winning music composer. He produces music and performs under the name Cloudchord. In addition to being an Ableton Certified Trainer, Derek holds a Bachelor of Music in Guitar Performance from the University of Colorado and a Bachelor of Science in Audio Production from Middle Tennessee State University.

      Devin Lamp

      • Nashville TN Vereinigte Staaten

      Devin Lamp has been working as a freelance producer and engineer for more then a decade, helping bands, solo artists, and songwriters transform their musical dreams and ambitions into great recordings.

      DJ Kiva

      • Saint Croix VI Vereinigte Staaten

      DJ Kiva is an artist, producer, DJ and founder of record label Adios Babylon. A multi-instrumentalist, he plays guitar, keyboards, trumpet and drums, and has toured internationally.


      • Provinz San José Costa Rica

      Located at the heart of Costa Rica, and easily accessible from all of Central America, DJLab has created the perfect environment for learning music through its Certificate Courses, Intensive Workshops and One on One Sessions, designed by Ableton Certified Trainers for all ages, levels and musical backgrounds.

      DJP Music School

      • Madrid Spanien

      DJP Music School is a leading training school for music production and DJ based in Madrid, Spain. It offers the best professional tutors, facilities and services to create a unique learning experience.

      Dmitry Odinoky

      • Riga Lettland

      Dmitry Odinoky got involved in music in 2003, starting with Russian hip hop and gradually expanding his knowledge and skills to include sound, coding and engineering. He worked in local radio stations and recording studios as a mixing engineer, beatmaker, producer and manager. At the present moment, Dmitry combines teaching with a researcher position in a Latvian audio startup, dealing with artificial intelligence and human sound perception study.

      DNA Music

      • Bogotá Kolumbien

      DNA Music es una academia de formación para DJ's, Productores musicales y técnicos en audio donde ofrecemos diferentes programas académicos según el nivel de profundización que quieras tener.

      Dominic Au

      • Hongkong Hongkong SVZ, China

      Dominic Au (a.k.a. Bluedee) is the founder of Polypumpkins duo, a music producer, DJ and designer of electronic instruments. Being a synthesizer maniac and musical product designer, he knows how to inspire aspiring talents to achieve their musical goals with his own unique experience and knowledge in music technology and production.

      Dominique Poutet, aka Otisto 23

      • Paris Frankreich

      Trained as a classical pianist, Dominique found his way into sound engineering and producing, specializing in acoustic sound recording. In 1994, he created his first studio and recorded many jazz artists (Didier Lockwood, Emmanuel Bex, Dave Burrell, and others). In 1998, Dominique began to compose for the video game industry and became more deeply involved in electronic music production.

      Donghwa Lee aka Polarfront

      • Seoul Südkorea

      이동화는 Ableton 공식 트레이너이며, 전자음악 프로젝트인 ‘Polarfront’의 프로듀서이자 라이브 퍼포먼스, DJ, 비주얼 아티스트로 활동하고 있다.

      Drew Mayhills

      • Perth Western Australia Australien

      Drew Mayhills is an experienced educator, professional learning facilitator, organisational coach and musician with a proven track record of success in evidence-based teaching and learning, innovation, and leadership roles across public, independent, and tertiary education.

      Drew Vespers

      • Victoria British Columbia Kanada

      Drew’s passion is helping make the complex topic of electronic music production accessible and engaging to all those who want to express their creativity through sound.  His journey started with a Youtube channel where he shared free tips and tricks as video tutorials.  The channel blew up and has continued to build momentum, now topping over 74,000 subscribers.

      drumnote Productions ::

      • München Deutschland

      Drumnote Productions – Music Production & Sound Design School steht in Augsburg und München. Gegründet vom Ableton Certified Trainer Roy Perez bietet das Institut sowohl eine große Auswahl an Kursen und Workshops zu moderner elektronischer Musikproduktion, Sounddesign und professioneller Tontechnik...

      Dustin Ragland

      • Atlanta GA Vereinigte Staaten

      Dustin Ragland is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and engineer who’s used Ableton Live on the road and in the studio since Live 2. He’s been working as a touring musician since 2003, and is an active remote session drummer, producer, and mix engineer in Atlanta, GA.

      Edoardo Pietrogrande

      • Rom Italien

      Holding a degree in Architecture and a BA in Recording Arts from the SAE Institute, Edoardo Pietrogrande has spent the last decade working as sound engineer for the maestro Francesco Tristano and the legendary Detroit duo Octave One.

      Ed Rollo

      • Sydney New South Wales Australien

      Hey, my name’s Ed and I’m a musician. I also go under the name mredrollo as a multi-instrumental live performer. I’m originally from Sydney but since 2012 I’ve been living in Hong Kong.

      Eduardo Dominguez

      • Mexiko-Stadt Mexiko

      Mexico City based musician, producer and DJ, Eduardo has always been passionate about music and discovering new ways to create it, developing various techniques for DJing and sound design.

      Eduardo Sterman

      • São Paulo Brasilien

      Passionate about music and technology, Eduardo Sterman gives inspiring courses in music production and performance with Live and Push at his music production school, 2600Hz Criações Musicais.

      Electronic Creatives

      • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Electronic Creatives is a team of show designers, software developers and music programmers who design and implement cutting edge solutions for audio/visual performance. Current clients include Kanye West, The Weeknd, Broods, Harry Styles, Iggy Azalea...

      Elise Reitze-Swensen

      • Perth Western Australia Australien

      Elise Reitze-Swensen is a composer, music producer and percussionist, who uses Ableton Live to create intricate dance music as part of electronic duo ‘Feels’. Elise is a passionate educator of Ableton Live and also the founder of Ableton User Group and music community ‘WOMPP’ (Women of Music Production Perth).

      Emanuel Frey

      • Zürich Schweiz

      Emanuel Frey began playing classical piano in the early eighties and soon after began improvising. Entertaining from the stage with spontaneous ideas became one of his musical passions. Emanuel has also played in rock bands and toured as a keyboardist.


      • Lyon Frankreich

      First Ableton Certified Training Center in the Rhône-Alpes region, E.M.I.L offers tailor-made trainings and music production techniques.

      Emile Hoogenhout

      • Johannesburg Südafrika

      Emile Hoogenhout, under the moniker of Behr, has played drums and bass for the past 15 years, sessioning for numerous bands within a plethora of genres. He studied in various institutions across South Africa and soon, his tastes delved into electronic music.

      Emiliano Pilloni

      • Turin Italien

      Emiliano Pilloni has been passionate about music since he was a child. As he grew up, he became fond of electronic music and interested in its applied technologies. At the age of sixteen, he bought his first groovebox and soon found himself surrounded by samplers, synths, and drum machines.

      Emilie Gadave

      • Perpignan Frankreich

      Emilie Gadave est flûtiste, productrice et musicienne électronique, au sein de différents groupes. Elle est aussi co-organisatrice du Ableton User Group Perpignan, fondatrice et formatrice à Milivolt, entreprise spécialisée dans les formations ableton Live et les ateliers de musique électronique.

      Emily Johnson

      • Sheffield Vereinigtes Königreich

      Emily Johnson is a performer, musician, producer and educator with a particular interest in making the audio industry a more equal, diverse and inclusive place. She is co-founder of Equalize Music Production CIC, and loves helping students fulfil their personal and creative potential through music.

      Emmanuel Guillard

      • Rennes Frankreich

      Emmanuel Guillard is a French pianist/keyboardist and composer. Completely self-taught at computing, music theory and instrumental technique, he has been a professional musician for more than twenty years. He plays jazz, soul, gospel, and electronic music and he composes for movies.

      Eric Chapus

      • Sydney New South Wales Australien

      Eric Chapus AKA Endorphin has had a prodigious and highly creative career to date. Excelling in cinematic music designed for a wide range of applications, Eric has worked as a recording artist, an international live performer and an accomplished screen composer for film and television.

      Ernesto Malaca

      • Mexiko-Stadt Mexiko

      Ernesto Malaca, born in Chile with a Mexican heart, is a composer, producer and teacher. His knowledge in live performance using Ableton Live makes him work with world-class leading artists in Mexico, such as Café Tacvba, Ely Guerra, Paloma Mami, among others. His work is informed by the technical and the creative, and rooted in a passion for Latin American aesthetics.

      Escuela de Audio y Sonido de Colombia

      • Medellín Kolumbien

      EAS Colombia es una institución educativa con más de catorce años de experiencia con programas técnicos certificados en audio, música, Dj y producción musical. Nuestro componente educativo musical es complementado por una serie de talleres personalizados en hardware y software de producción, instrumentos musicales, gramática musical, ritmo y composición.

      Escuela de Música Electrónica

      • Mexiko-Stadt Mexiko

      Learn music production, sound design, performance, mixing and mastering online, from your own computer or mobile device, anywhere and at your own pace.


      • Girona Spanien

      EUMES is Spain’s leading training facility for music and sound technology, and has created the first career-based degree focused on three main goals: master music production, sound, and music business.

      Eve Klein

      • Brisbane Queensland Australien

      Eve Klein (a.k.a Textile Audio) is an opera singer and electronica artist who has been using Ableton Live to create experimental classical music, interactive performance art, and glitch electronica since 2004.


      • Montpellier Frankreich

      Fastlane is not just a school, it’s a state of mind, contagious and creative! We provide training for beginners and professionals alike. Our program is modular so that students can pick and mix from six different modules, ranging from introduction to performance.

      Federico Pepe

      • Verona Italien

      Federico Pepe has worked at the intersection of music, sound and programming since 2012. When he is not in front of his laptop surrounded by controllers, microphones and cables he teaches music technology courses.

      Flore Morfin

      • Lyon Frankreich

      DJ, label and event manager and music composer, Flore started using computers for making music in the late 90s and has been a professional musician for fifteen years. She's also an experienced teacher of Live and Push, at Formation Jarring Effects in Lyon, France.

      Florian Tippe

      • Berlin Deutschland

      Florian Tippe ist ein Bassklarinettist, Komponist, Sounddesigner und Musiklehrer mit einem Faible für rohe, nicht auf Hochglanz polierte Sounds.


      • Rom Italien

      Fonderie Sonore is a school for electronic music producers based in Rome. The school offers courses in the fields of computer music production and sound engineering. The main software used for electronic music classes is​ L​ive, along with its dedicated MIDI controller, Push.

      Francisco Jaen Velazquez

      • São Paulo Brasilien

      Francisco has played internationally as a DJ and has vast experience in music theory, technology and sound design. He is currently an expert educator in making music with Live, Push and Max for Live. He has experience in teaching music production in three different languages.

      Franklin "el medico" Rodriguez

      • Miami FL Vereinigte Staaten

      Franklin Rodríguez, aka El Medico, graduated from the Miami Campus of SAE Institute in 2002. After graduation, he became a supervisor at the school; a year later he was promoted to instructor and currently works at SAE full-time.

      Frédéric Cuin Taffin

      • Montpellier Frankreich

      Based in France and London, Label owner of Frogs Records and live performer Frederic Cuin, also known as Freddyfrogs, is an Ableton Ninja. Producer, sound engineer and designer, he also specialises in all types of live performance setups and situations.

      Fred Traverso

      • Straßburg Frankreich

      Electronic music producer (Kompakt, Kings Love Jacks) and sound designer, Fred Traverso has been teaching production and sound design in Ableton Live at the University of Strasbourg since 2015, as well as at Longevity Music School, an electronic music school he co-founded in 2018. He is also co-founder of the Strasbourg Ableton User Group, which has been running since 2016.

      From Studio to Stage

      • Austin TX Vereinigte Staaten

      Learn to use Ableton Live on Stage. Gain access to courses on using Ableton Live for live performance, a private community of like minded performers that won’t let you quit, and templates and tools to help you succeed.


      • Vancouver British Columbia Kanada

      Futch is a music producer, audio engineer, educator and artist who produces ambient dub techno music under the alias Dystopian Soundscapes. On his website LEVELS, Futch offers beginner to intermediate online courses and coaching to help music creators of all genres write, record, edit, and mix their music professionally at home using timeless fundamental techniques, and provides access to a community of users for feedback and collaboration.

      Gabriel "Fortuna" Soto

      • Calgary Alberta Kanada

      Gabriel Fortuna is a producer, teacher and content creator specializing in rock, electronic and anime music production using a combination of live and electronic instruments. Since 2016, he has been sharing his expertise through videos, courses, workshops as well as private and group lessons.

      Gamma Music Institute

      • Turin Italien

      Gamma Music Institute is a music school based in Turin that offers seminars, courses and workshops in music production, DJing and music business.

      Garnish Music Production School

      • London Vereinigtes Königreich
      • New York City NY Vereinigte Staaten

      Garnish Music Production School offers something for everyone who wants to learn how to produce and perform music in Ableton Live. Their world-class courses are designed with the beginner in mind, but more experienced, and often well-known producers also book in to fill gaps in their workflow.

      Gate music 門音乐

      • Shanghai China

      Gate Music 門音乐是一家以电子音乐教学为主的教育科技有限公司,位于上海市长宁区定西路。 門音乐还提供各种派对音乐节和活动策划承办。公司的大多数成员都是活跃在全中国的制作人和DJ。在这里教授的讲师来自世界各地,富有多元音乐文化背景。

      Gaty Lopez

      • Ibiza Spanien

      Gaty Lopez began his DJ career in 1989, working on many radios and clubs around the world. He currently lives in Ibiza and is resident DJ at El Hotel Pacha Ibiza (Pacha Family), he also travels with his music to Miami, New York, Chicago, Berlin, London, Amsterdam and more.

      Gavin Timlin

      • Dublin Irland

      Gavin Timlin is a music producer, DJ and experienced sound engineer, and has been teaching at Ableton Certified Center, CreateSound, since 2011. Besides making his own electronic music, he has produced and released remixes for various Irish and international artists. He also continues to use Ableton to run music-making workshops in multiple outreach contexts such as refugee camps, prisons and disadvantaged communities.

      George Nicholas

      • Sydney New South Wales Australien

      George Nicholas is a mix engineer, producer and an experienced Ableton Live trainer from Sydney.

      Giancarlo Lanza

      • Neapel Italien

      Giancarlo Lanza has been an Ableton Certified Trainer since 2009, and teaches at important institutions such as the NuT Academy in Naples and Fonderie Sonore in Rome. He has also offered his masterclasses at the SAE Institute in Milano, Radio DJ, Joy Ancona, Waveahead, the Licinio Refice conservatory in Frosinone and more. Courses in new music technologies for the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR), as well as Ableton courses for the Master in Sound Engineering (MIS) at the University of Rome, were part of his experience in academic environments.

      Giona Vinti

      • Mailand Italien

      Giona Vinti began playing various kind of flutes and whistles in the mid-90s, then in 2000 he discovered a passion for electronic music, synthesis and sampling.

      Giulio Perinello

      • Shanghai China

      Giulio is a musician, DJ and producer based in Shanghai. His love for music is a philosophy of life, pushing him to constantly experiment and innovate. Giulio teaches music production and Ableton Live in a friendly, passionate and inspiring manner, and encourages his students to express their musical ideas.

      Glenn Keteleer

      • Brüssel Belgien

      Glenn Keteleer, born in Belgium, has been around in the music scene and beyond for a long time. Under various monikers and in various roles - label boss, soundarchitect, dj, producer, teacher, Glenn has been using Ableton Live since the early days in 2001.

      Global Music Institute

      • Greater Noida Uttar Pradesh Indien

      GMI is India’s leading contemporary music institute offering innovative programs that enable young musicians to shape their future in the global music industry. The institute was founded in 2011 with the mission of bringing a distinctive and modern approach to music education in India.

      Graham Spice

      • Lexington VA Vereinigte Staaten

      Graham Spice joined the faculty at Shenandoah University in August 2018. He brings years of experience as both a music technologist and a musician. Spice teaches classes across a range of topics including the music industry, music production, live sound, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), sound design, remote recording, studio design and also has years of experience directing contemporary music ensembles.

      Gregory J. Gordon

      • San Francisco CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Greg Gordon is the founder and CEO of Pyramind Music & Audio Production Institute and the host of the Mentor My Mix Podcast ( Pyramind is both a music production school and an audio production company based in San Francisco, California, that offers extensive Ableton Live training both online and at its San Francisco campus.

      Grid Culture

      • Singapur Singapur

      Grid Culture was founded with the intention of empowering aspiring electronic music-makers, through small private lessons, one student at a time. Syafiq Halid, Singapore’s first ever Ableton Certified Trainer, started his school with the belief that the non-classically trained were equally capable of musical prowess. Having utilised Ableton Live as a producer and performer himself, Syafiq has seen how this tool challenges conventional music creation methods and was convinced that it was able to introduce a paradigm shift in what most people understand of music-making.

      Harry Bum Tschak

      • Berlin Deutschland

      Harry Bum Tschak ist Drummer, Beatmaker und Produzent mit einer Leidenschaft für alles, was grooved. Er hat am Düsseldorfer Drummers Institute und am New Yorker Drummers Collective studiert und ist Absolvent des Kontaktstudiengang Popularmusik („Popkurs“) an der Hochschule für Musik & Theater in Hamburg, wo er nun bereits seit einigen Jahren neben Curt Cress und Jost Nickel selbst zum Dozententeam 'Drums' gehört. Ausserdem hält er auch dort regelmässig Workshops zu Ableton Live. Seit Herbst 2013 lebt Harry Bum Tschak in der Hauptstadt Berlin, wo er unter anderem als Coach und Dozent an der Noisy Academy zu finden ist.

      Harvey Cubillos

      • Madrid Spanien

      Harvey Cubillos is the founder and one of the trainers at DJP Music School, a music production school based in Madrid, Spain. Originally from Colombia, Harvey mixes the native instruments of the Caribbean coast of Colombia with dance music and eclectic sounds into a style he calls Cubilleo.

      Heechan Lee

      • Seoul Südkorea

      Heechan Lee (aka Tama Rhodes) is a electronic musician, producer and live performer born in Korea. He began playing drums and keyboard and also programming music in 1995 and has been a user of Ableton Live since version 2.

      Heewon Oh

      • Seoul Südkorea

      서울을 중심으로 사운드 디자이너, 음악 프로듀서로 다양하게 활동 중인 오희원은 Kim Kate라는 이름으로 더 잘 알려져 있습니다. 런던 골드스미스 대학교에서 음악 컴퓨팅을 전공한 그는 다양한 분야에서 음악 전문가로써 활동 중입니다. 웨어하우스 테크노, 그라임을 비롯한 다양한 스펙트럼의 음악을 발표해온 그는 BBC Radio 1, Rinse FM, Worldwide FM 등을 통해 소개되었으며, 한국으로 돌아온 이후 사운드 디자이너로써 루이 비통, thisisneverthat 과 같은 패션 브랜드의 오디오 브랜딩을 담당하기도 했습니다.

      Heinrich Zwahlen

      • New York City NY Vereinigte Staaten

      Heinrich Zwahlen comes from a long and diverse tradition of music making, having witnessed the whole history of popular electronic music production first hand as a major label artist, performer, engineer and producer.

      Hitansu Patnaik

      • Bengaluru Indien
      • Bhubaneswar Odisha Indien
      • Mumbai Indien
      • Pune Indien

      Hitansu Patnaik is an established music producer, arranger and composer, multi-instrumentalists, mixing engineer and vocalist based in Pune, India. He has nine years of experience in the music industry, with six years of teaching experience as an educator. His style of music fuses Indian classical music with electronic music, and he mostly works for the Indian film industry as a music arranger, programmer and mixing engineer.

      Hojin Lee

      • Seoul Südkorea

      As a producer and an engineer, Hojin’s projects begin and end with Live and Push. As a seasoned teacher, his classes are always student-friendly.

      Hozaifa Sayed

      • Pune Indien

      Hozaifa Sayed has been teaching music production, audio engineering and topics entailing music technology since 2014. He is sincere in his practice of listening / learning constantly, in keeping up to date with technology and he loves to share this knowledge with budding producers and professionals alike. He has mentored scores of diploma & degree program students and currently runs his independent music mastering service as well a customised online one to one mentorship program for music production and mixing. As an Ableton CT, he is proud to have successfully mentored many budding artists / engineers / producers both in person and online.

      권현우 / Hyunwoo Kwon

      • Anyang Südkorea

      권현우(aka ZRO)는 기타리스트, 전자 음악가, 퍼포먼서이자 교육자이다. 그는 앰비언트 기반의 전자음악으로 다수의 앨범을 발표 했으며, 현재 성결대학교 조교수로 재직하고 있다.

      Ian Gallagher

      • New Haven CT Vereinigte Staaten

      A guitarist, drummer and pianist since age 10, Ian Gallagher began producing in the mid-90s with an 8-track cassette recorder, drum machine and outboard gear. He went on to study classical guitar at New York City’s Manhattan School of Music before deciding that production was his passion.

      ICON Collective

      • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten

      ICON Collective’s nationally-accredited and fully-immersive music programs are available in Los Angeles and Online. Our programs teach you core technical skills while unlocking your unique creative process. Programs offered include Music Production, Advanced Music Production, Online Music Production, Music Business, and Vocal Artistry. Our curriculum is based on education in Ableton Live, and includes weekly one-on-one mentor sessions with an industry professional.

      Ilan Kriger

      • Curitiba Brasilien

      Ilan is a professional DJ since 2000 and has been performing in major clubs in Brazil (Warung, D-Edge, Lique, Red Vibe Concept to name a few). He started producing electronic music in 2002 (since 2005 in Ableton Live) after doing a course at Point-Blank in London.

      InEarBeat Electronic Music & DJ School

      • Bangkok Thailand

      InEarBeat, is an electronic music production and DJ school based in Bangkok, Thailand. We offer a variety of courses in Computer Music, Live Performance and DJing, with modern equipment and instruments.

      Ingesund School of Music

      • Arvika Schweden

      The Ingesund School of Music is a Scandinavian institution with room for music – literally and figuratively. Ingesund School of Music at Karlstad University is located in Arvika and enjoys a long-standing reputation in the Scandinavian music scene, and with newly built premises and state-of-the-art technology we can raise the bar even further.

      Isaac Cotec

      • Portland OR Vereinigte Staaten

      Isaac Cotec has his hands in many aspects of the music industry. Over the past decade he’s been a record label owner, mixing/mastering engineer, a researcher in altering consciousness through sound, a touring musician and an Ableton Live Certified Trainer.

      Ivan Romanovskii

      • Sankt Petersburg Russland

      Иван Романовский, также известный, как Ewan Rill. Профессиональный DJ, тренер и саунд-продюсер, выпустивший больше тысячи треков. Один из ведущих артистов в жанрах progressive house и progressive techno. Выступал на одной сцене с десятками музыкантов мирового уровня. За плечами Ивана более 20 лет опыта в области создания и исполнения электронной музыки.

      Izzy Ocampo

      • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Izzy Ocampo is a producer, synthesist and educator from Queens, New York. Co-founder of Signal Flux and a member of Discwoman, they have taught classes and workshops on creative production, Ableton Live, and modular synthesis at Moogfest, Ableton Loop, Pioneer Works, The New School, and Synth Library Prague.

      Jake Perrine

      • Eastsound WA Vereinigte Staaten

      Jake Perrine is the co-founder and Lead Trainer at, an Ableton Live online training academy. His affordable and popular online course, Ableton Live 9 Jumpstart, teaches students how to use 90 percent of Ableton Live in just one month.

      James Patrick

      • Minneapolis MN Vereinigte Staaten

      James Patrick is a professional music producer, DJ, and educator. He has been creating original electronic music works and events since the 1990s. He is the co-founder and owner of Slam Academy, an Ableton Certified Training Center based in Minneapolis. James has written and published multiple books in the art of sound design for Electronic music, curated underground events for over 25 years, and is a world leading Ableton user and educator.

      James Tuck

      • Essex Vereinigtes Königreich

      As an experienced educator and musician, James is passionate about how Ableton’s workflows can enable musicians to develop their confidence and outcomes as composers and performers.

      Jamie Blake

      • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Jamie Blake incorporates jazz, soul, hip hop, and electronic elements into a style he calls Life Music. He has been creating and performing music for over 20 years, and has been an Ableton Live user since 2008.

      Jamie Griffiths

      • Swansea Vereinigtes Königreich

      Jamie (aka J-Me Griffiths) is a professional club DJ, producer, scratcher and teacher with over 30 years of experience, including three years as scratch DJ and percussionist for Hybrid. J-Me Griffiths has been a dedicated Ableton Live user for over 15 years, and is the only Ableton Live certified trainer in South Wales.

      Jan Barbosa

      • Rio de Janeiro Brasilien

      Jan Barbosa é DJ, produtor musical e professor baseado no Rio de Janeiro. Iniciou sua carreira como DJ de Psychedelic Trance no início dos anos 2000 e começou a produzir suas próprias músicas em 2007. Com vasta experiência de palco como DJ e performer já se apresentou em alguns dos mais importantes eventos de música eletrônica no Brasil, e desde 2010 utiliza o Ableton Live em suas performances. Com uma extensa discografia, já lançou por conceituadas gravadoras como Y.S.E Records, Pharmacy Music, 1db Records, Geomagnetic Records, e muitas outras.

      Janne Hatula aka Fanu aka FatGyver

      • Helsinki Finnland

      Janne is an avid Live user and an electronic music production veteran from Helsinki. With over 25 years of production under his belt, he samples everything that moves and gets meticulous with drums and breakbeats. Janne offers both beginner and advanced Ableton Live tuition as well as mixing and mastering related lessons.

      J. Anthony Allen

      • Minneapolis MN Vereinigte Staaten

      In his young career, J. Anthony Allen has worn the hats of composer, producer, songwriter, engineer, sound designer, DJ, remix artist, multi-media artist, performer, inventor, and entrepreneur. Allen is a versatile creator whose diverse project experience ranges from works written for the Minnesota Orchestra to pieces developed for film, TV, and radio.

      Jason 'DJ Shine' Spanu

      • Toronto Ontario Kanada

      From the early 90's heyday of Toronto's techno scene through to his current constant touring as a band member and Ableton programmer for Nelly Furtado and more recently hip-hop superstar Drake, Jason "DJ Shine" Spanu has delivered a brilliant history as a key player in the Canadian electronic music scene.

      Jason Goodyear

      • Santa Fe NM Vereinigte Staaten

      Jason Goodyear is a passionate and experienced teacher, composer, performer and all-around music technology obsessive.

      Javad Butah

      • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Javad Butah is a Los Angeles-based musician, composer, producer and educator. His unique and innovative perspective on music can be traced to his family roots, his studies under various tabla masters, as well as his formal conservatory education. Javad holds a Masters degree in Music from the California Institute of the Arts.

      Javier Ferrer

      • Ibiza Spanien

      Javier Ferrer has been producing music since 1998. Born in Ibiza, he was around electronic music from a young age, and decided to produce it for himself.

      Jay Pei

      • Neu-Delhi Indien

      Jay Pei is a New Delhi-based producer, composer, DJ and educator who has pioneered his own unique sound, enthralling audiences across the length of the country.

      Jean-Paul Grobben

      • Amsterdam Niederlande

      Jean-Paul Grobben has been producing electronic music for over 15 years, performing live in both solo and band settings, and has used Live since 2009. Together with Serge Dusault, he wrote three trip hop albums under the name Sed Project.

      Jef Aerts

      • Geel Belgien

      Jef Aerts has been a professional sound engineer, music producer and musician since 1996. After starting out by playing around with old samplers, synths and guitar pedals, Jef studied Image and Sound at the RITS in Brussels. In 1999, he took a job at Galaxy Studios, where he gained invaluable production experience working as a sound engineer.

      Jeff Caylor

      • Hongkong Hongkong SVZ, China

      Jeff Caylor is a music producer and Ableton Live specialist currently living and working in Hong Kong. With writing and production credits on more than 10 albums and several more singles, his most recent commercial work has focused on artists local to Hong Kong.

      Jerry DiPhillippo

      • Miami FL Vereinigte Staaten

      Jerry “BigJerr” DiPhillippo is a musician, engineer, performer and professional instructor currently residing in Los Angeles. Jerry started his musical journey at the age of seven with classical training on the piano. After several years, his interest diversified and he became proficient on the guitar, bass, drums and turntables.

      Jesse Abayomi

      • Berlin Deutschland

      Jesse Abayomi is a music producer, DJ, music production trainer and audio consultant all together in one lively Londoner. A man of many talents, his musical endeavors have revolved around Ableton Live for over a decade.

      Jesús Alejandro Rubio aka Titán

      • Guayaquil Provinz Guayas Ecuador
      • Caracas Maracaibo - Zulia Venezuela

      Jesús Alejandro Rubio decidió mi madre que me llamaría, y así fue, sin contar que no necesitaría un nombre tan largo para triunfar. La vida y un camino corto pero complejo en el medio musical me asignó un seudónimo de tan solo cinco letras “TITÁN”, parecía en un principio bastante alocado, luego comprendí que la fuerza y el compromiso que tanto me define solo podría venir de ahí, de un titán.

      Jesús del Cerro

      • Barcelona Spanien

      For over twenty years, Jesús del Cerro has been both dedicated to his own music production projects and the music education sector, mainly focused on electronic music.

      JK Swopes

      • Topeka KS Vereinigte Staaten

      JK Swopes aka saintjoe is a music producer, sound designer, audio consultant and educator.

      Joaquín Jiménez-Sauma

      • Göteborg Schweden

      Joaquin is a producer, lecturer and artist who combines sound, image and computer science. Merges live interaction, generative music, sound design, video and sound art techniques when composing, creating live performances, or building immersive installations.

      Jo Borges

      • São Paulo Brasilien

      Jo Borges firmly believes that a true teacher should be the bridge between knowledge and art, while respecting artistic identity.

      Joey Paranoia a.k.a The Soon

      • Orlando FL Vereinigte Staaten
      • Tampa FL Vereinigte Staaten

      Joseph Petersen, aka Joey Paranoia, is a producer, DJ, and Ableton specialist with over ten years of experience playing in clubs and on the radio. He first started using Ableton Live in 2005, and has been an Ableton Certified Trainer since 2009.

      Jonas Barsten

      • Oslo Norwegen

      Jonas is a musical director available as a fly-in consultant for professional acts wishing to rework their live setups. He is also happy to chat with beginners regarding the vast forrest of possibilities and the paths one might take early in the journey from idea to stage.

      Jose Gerardo Rendon Santana

      • Mexiko-Stadt Mexiko

      Composer José Rendón (a.k.a g3l1d0) creates and produces music & sound design for film, TV, and Radio productions. With an interest in audio engineering, electronic instruments, and music technology from a very young age, he began his career as an electronic music performer in 1990.

      Joseph "Pailo" Haley

      • Pittsburgh PA Vereinigte Staaten

      Joseph “ Pailo” has been teaching Ableton Live for the last 10 years both publicly and privately across the United States. He is now on the east coast in Pittsburgh PA looking to help students with Ableton Live, modular synthesis, and music mentoring.

      Josh Bess

      • New York City NY Vereinigte Staaten

      Josh Bess is a music producer and author from New York. He is the author of Amazon Top Seller music book, Electronic Dance Music Grooves, and creator of multiple TEC Award nominated instructional video courses with Hal Leonard Corp. He is also a producer with releases through Armada Music, resident music producer with Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo, and a studio drummer with multiple television and commercial music placements on MTV, Disney and Nickelodeon. Thanks to years of hands-on work with students as an educator of electronic music creation, Josh has the expertise to understand the goals and strengthen the skills of aspiring artists and producers within the creative industry.

      Josh Garrett

      • New Westminster British Columbia Kanada

      Josh Garrett has been producing and performing electronic music since catching the techno bug in 1995. In 2004, Ableton Live version 3 became the core of his live p.a. setup. Mainly producing acid and dub techno styles means Josh requires a high degree of flexibility for modulating sounds and effects.

      Josh Panakera Molony

      • Sydney New South Wales Australien

      Josh Panakera-Molony is a Multi Instrumentalist, Composer, Producer and DJ currently Teaching at the Ableton Certified Training Center, Liveschool in Sydney, Australia.

      Josh Spoon

      • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Josh Weatherspoon aka Josh Spoon is a multi-instrumentalist, producer with a music background that spans almost 20 years. Josh releases music and performs around Los Angeles as well as performs with and operates backing tracks for his church’s worship program. Josh is known for his Ableton Live Dubspot articles and being the creator of “30 Days of Ableton Push”.

      Juan Fernando Cifuentes Moreta (a.k.a. Diablo Kiteño)

      • Quito Ecuador

      Producer, composer and sound designer Juan Fernando Cifuentes (a.k.a Diablo Kiteño) is the first Ableton Certified Trainer in Ecuador. Inspired by technology and music from a very young age, he is a musician that incorporates electronic music composition to traditional genres.

      Julien Bayle

      • Marseille Frankreich

      Julien Bayle is artist, musician, Max Certified Trainer & teacher working at the juncture of sound, art & science. His work goes from sound recordings to installations and live performances to generative art. Besides universities & art schools’ commissioned lectures and workshops, he is a consultant for his Structure Void studio where he provides teaching & consultancy about Live, Max for Live, Max + RNBO, as all possible state-of-art technologies related to sound, visuals, interaction & code.

      Jun Hyung Byun a.k.a WYM

      • Yongin Südkorea
      • Seoul Südkorea

      변준형은 WYM(윔)으로 활동 중인 전자음악 아티스트이자 뮤직 프로듀서입니다. 솔로 아티스트로서 정규 음반과 싱글들을 발매하며 SXSW 등 여러 국제 음악 페스티벌에서 공연하였습니다. 프로듀서이자 사운드 디자이너로서 여러 타 아티스트들의 음반에 참여해온 그는 현재 사운드 아트 그룹 COR3A의 멤버로서 앰비언트 음악을 발표하고 있습니다.

      Junior Antonini

      • Florianópolis Brasilien

      Junior Antonini started his career in 1991 as a DJ and is today also a music producer, sound designer, audio consultant, sound engineer and teacher. He is interested in the interaction of software and hardware, and driven by the transformational power of music.

      Juno Lee

      • Seoul Südkorea

      Being a leader of electronic duo Casker (Juno, Yoongjin Lee), Juno first began making music with a guitar, in 1994. In 2000, he created Casker, which has released six albums and features a fusion of electronic, pop, and world music.

      Justin James

      • Detroit MI Vereinigte Staaten
      • Windsor Ontario Kanada

      Justin James is an audio specialist, electronic musician and Ableton Certified Trainer with over a decade of experience in music production, live performance and education.

      Kaite Watson

      • Denver CO Vereinigte Staaten

      Kaite Watson, professionally known as Aimerie, is a music producer, DJ, software engineer and Ableton Certified Trainer based in Denver, Colorado. A lifelong musician, she began working with Ableton Live in 2011 to produce and perform bass music heavily influenced by her background as a flautist and love for the underground.

      Keith Mills

      • London Vereinigtes Königreich

      As an accomplished sound engineer, Keith Mills has worked closely with over 3,000 music producers who are passionate about taking their music to the next level.

      Ken Chan

      • Vancouver British Columbia Kanada

      Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Ken has been a full-time composer in Hong Kong since 2000, and specialises in producing music of a variety of styles for TV commercials and film. Ken has played keyboard in concert for some of Hong Kong’s biggest pop stars, such as Aaron Kwok, Joey Yung,...

      Ken Porter

      • Phoenix AZ Vereinigte Staaten

      Producer, remixer, mastering engineer and musician Ken Porter has drawn on his international career and his mastery of the latest software and hardware tools to stay on the cutting edge of electronic and pop music for over 20 years.

      Kevin Mah

      • Vancouver British Columbia Kanada

      Kevin Mah is an Ableton Certified Trainer, born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Kevin has been involved with Live as a teacher, producer and performer for many years. He is also one half of the duo Love & Electrik, a Vancouver-based live electronic 80's Synth pop act. With L&E, Kevin has performed over hundreds shows using Live, locally and across Canada, having opened for acts such as Chromeo, Little Dragon, La Roux, as well as performances during the Vancouver Olympics and Pop Montreal. He is now available for teaching classes at SAE Vancouver and Beatdrop Online, and as a product specialist for Keith McMillen Instruments, as well as a frequent guest and co-founder of Vancouver Ableton User Group.

      Kinneret Technology College

      • Kinneret Israel

      Kinneret Technology college is located on the southern foot of the Sea of Galilee, Israel and is the largest institute to offer a degree in Sound engineering in the country. The Sound Technology department was established in 2,000, and over the past 18 years has built a reputation as a leading institute in sound tech studies in Israel.


      • Seoul Südkorea

      키라라는 2014년부터 한국의 언더그라운드 씬에서 공연 및 레슨 등의 활발한 음악 활동을 시작하여, 2022년까지 한국대중음악상 시상식에 총 5회 노미네이트, 1회 수상의 경력을 가진 한국의 전자음악가이다. 키라라는 이탈리아의 La Biennale di Venezia, 미국의 SXSW, 프랑스의 Trans Musicales 를 포함하여 이미 10개국 이상의 국가에서 공연을 진행한 바 있으며, 활발한 공연 활동을 바탕으로 한 생생한 경험과 노하우를 학생들에게 전달한다.

      KMG Academy

      • Boulder CO Vereinigte Staaten

      KMG Academy was established in 2015 and provides a unique form of instruction in the fields of recording arts, music production and business in the music industry. Our hands-on training approach allows students to truly grasp concepts in a fully functioning recording studio, which includes eight recording studios, two production suites, lecture hall, and Ableton lab. Our sole mission is to Keep Music Going and change lives in our creative community.

      Krishnamurthy Ramesh

      • Chennai Indien

      Krishnamurthy Ramesh is an audio engineer and music producer based in Chennai, India. Having a sharp ear for music and a passion for music technology, he has gathered invaluable experience by performing live and working in studios over the last decade.

      Kukje University of Arts

      • Seoul Südkorea

      The Department of Studio Composition and Production in Kukje University of Arts. Located in Seoul, South Korea, Kukje University of Arts has been one of the most cutting edge schools focusing on applied music and music tech in the country.


      • Seoul Südkorea

      KUSSSOUND는 2014년 서울에 설립된 전자음악 교육기관 입니다. KUSSSOUND에서는 Ableton Live와 Push를 사용하여 음악 제작, 작곡 이론, 믹싱 및 마스터링에 대한 모든 것을 배울 수 있습니다. KUSSSOUND is an electronic music educational institution established in Seoul in 2014. At KUSSSOUND, you can learn all about music production, composition theory, mixing and mastering using Ableton Live and Push.

      Laura Escudé

      • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten

      "She has worked on every Kanye West tour since 2009 including this year's Saint Pablo tour, as well as tours for The Weeknd, Bon Iver, Iggy Azalea, Childish Gambino, Charli XCX and Drake among others. Not only is she widely regarded as one of the best in the world at this job but she's one of the only women in this male-dominated field." - HYPEBAE

      Laurent Bonnet

      • Paris Frankreich

      Laurent Bonnet has been a saxophonist with several jazz and world music artists, both in France and internationally for over fifteen years. His interest in production and mixing led him to discover Live in 2004, and he soon started using it on stage and in the studio for various projects, ranging from jazz to electro.

      Lawrence Grey

      • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Lawrence Grey has been using Ableton Live since 2006 to produce records, DJ, and teach kids across the country how to make electronic music. His personal productions and DJ sets lean towards House and Techno, but in his educational work Lawrence has made everything from Trap to Trance. This versatility...

      Lawrence Philip

      • Jakarta Indonesien

      Lawrence Philip adalah seorang produser, DJ, sound designer dan pengajar yang berbasis di Jakarta, Indonesia. Dia saat ini menjadi instruktur utama untuk kursus Produksi Musik Elektronik di SAE Indonesia. Lawrence adalah Ableton Certified Trainer pertama di Indonesia.

      Lee Sullivan

      • Somerset Vereinigtes Königreich

      Lee Sullivan is a senior lecturer and curriculum coordinator in electronic music production, performance technology and sound design at University Centre Weston. He is also the programme leader for the undergraduate program of study BA (Hons) Professional Music Performance and Production

      Leicester College

      • Leicester Vereinigtes Königreich

      Leicester College is one of the largest Further Education providers in the UK. The Music and Sound department is a Roland Academy and Apple Authorized Center for Training (Education).

      Lenny Kiser

      • San Francisco CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Lenny Kiser is a producer, DJ, audio engineer, and Ableton instructor. He currently teaches his own Ableton Live courses and organizes the SF Bay Area Ableton User Group in San Francisco, CA. Before starting his own training program, he taught at several of SF’s music production schools, including the Academy of Art University and SAE-SF.

      Leo Casagrande Studio

      • São Paulo Brasilien

      Located in the city of São Paulo, the Studio Leo Casagrande is intended to provide the student all the infrastructure needed to become a qualified professional.

      Leonardo Casagrande

      • São Paulo Brasilien

      Leo Casagrande began his career in 1994 and over the years has specialized in audio and technology courses. He spent 2007 and 2008 in London (UK), where he attended the Electronic Music Production course at the School of Audio Engineering (SAE), a renowned, worldwide media school.

      Leonardo Rojas a.k.a. PHO

      • Bogotá Kolumbien
      • Dubai Vereinigte Arabische Emirate

      Leonardo Rojas, aka PHO, has worked in the music industry for over 17 years. He’s an Ableton Certified Trainer, DJ and music producer based in Bogotá, Colombia and has used Ableton Live since 2008. His eclectic style of blending musical styles has led to him producing in genres like soul, funk, hip hop and house.

      Leon J

      • Minneapolis MN Vereinigte Staaten

      Minneapolis-based producer, performer and educator Leon J is a creative pioneer and a force in the electronic music community. With over 15 years of professional experience, Leon J has produced both remixed and original music that has been featured on Beatport, Crooklyn Clan and Crack 4 DJs.

      LFO Music Academy

      • Rom Italien

      LFO Music Academy è la prima scuola di musica elettronica completamente Online in Italia. LFO Music Academy nasce nel 2016 da un idea di Salvo Zappala' - Trainer certificato Ableton dal 2010, diplomato in pianoforte jazz presso il St.Louis College of Music e produttore di musica elettronica.

      Liam O'Mullane

      • Bristol Vereinigtes Königreich
      • Bath Somerset Vereinigtes Königreich

      Producing techno with nothing but Live devices and performing abstract synth music with Push, Liam O’Mullane likes to see how much he can get out of Live. His teaching experience reaches almost as far back as his music-making, which began in 1996.

      Liam Shy

      • San Francisco CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Liam Shy is an artist, music professor, creative entrepreneur and law student. He specializes in music production & sound design with Ableton Live, as well as creative business strategies for taking your music career to the next level.

      Liina Turtonen

      • York Vereinigtes Königreich

      Liina Turtonen (aka LNA) is a music producer, mixing engineer, musician and content creator best known for her YouTube channel, LNA Does Audio Stuff. She is a passionate Ableton Live user and educator who aims to inspire everyone to reach their full potential as musicians and live performers.


      • Sydney New South Wales Australien

      The world's first Ableton-dedicated training company, Liveschool opened in 2006 and has since expanded to teaching in-studio or online from Sydney, Berlin and Los Angeles. Their flagship course is Produce Music and it's developed by a team of Ableton Certified Trainers, Grammy Award-winning artists and producers.

      Longevity Music School

      • Straßburg Frankreich

      Ecole dynamique et innovante dédiée à la musique électronique, Longevity Music School s’adresse aux créatifs et aux curieux, professionnels ou novices de toutes les générations, qui souhaitent explorer, comprendre et apprendre à produire de la musique aujourd’hui.


      • Seoul Südkorea

      Loptimist is a critical part of the South Korean music scene, having produced hip hop musicians like Drunken Tiger and Yoon Mi Rae since 1998. More recently, he's been collaborating with developers from across the planet to develop the Leestrument brand of Max for Live devices, performing with Italian accordionist Carmine Ioanna, and composing music for his solo albums.

      Lorna Dune

      • Milwaukee WI Vereinigte Staaten

      “An experimental keyboardist who is happy to go wherever her heart and ears tell her, redefining genres along the way, Lorna Dune inhabits a world of her own, and it’s a glorious thing to behold.” – Red Bull Music Academy

      Lorne Bregitzer

      • Denver CO Vereinigte Staaten

      Lorne is an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Denver, teaching audio production, sound design, sequencing and mastering. He has worked with many major label and independent artists in the studio, including Eminem, D’Angelo, Blue Traveler and TV on the Radio. He enjoys composing and performing original compositions in Live, as well as remixing various songs for live performance.

      Loudon Stearns

      • Boston MA Vereinigte Staaten

      Loudon Stearns is a professor at Berklee College of Music in the Contemporary Writing and Production Department, where he specializes in composition with technology. Specific class topics include scoring to visuals, technology applications for songwriters, and composing electronic music.

      Louis-Philippe Quesnel

      • Montreal Québec Kanada

      Creativity, flexibility, versatility, knowledge. And fun.

      Luca Mucci

      • Mailand Italien

      Music, sound, art and technology are at the core of Luca’s research. Currently based in Milan, Luca has always been involved in various aspects of the electronic music world, from production, sound design and DJing, to manufacturing synthesizers and DSP research.

      Lucas Ramos

      • Rio de Janeiro Brasilien

      Lucas Ramos is an audio engineer who has worked with recording and post-production since 2003. He began working with Live in 2006 while studying at SAE (School of Audio Engineering) and has been using it since for film scoring as well as his own music. He also taught at SAE as an Audio Diploma Lecturer, teaching almost all aspects of audio engineering.

      Luis Gutierrez

      • Panama-Stadt Panama

      Luis Gutiérrez, better known as Gutik, is a DJ, producer, audio engineer, sound designer, and teacher of music production and live performance. His lessons stand out for their focus on the latest in music and technology.

      Luke Warren

      • Sydney New South Wales Australien

      Luke Warren is a producer, DJ, sound designer and passionate educator who has been using Live for well over 10 years. He has experience teaching across a variety of settings and skill levels, from private lessons to higher education.

      Maarten Smit

      • Tilburg-Zutphen Niederlande

      Maarten Smit started out as a hip-hop DJ in 2004. After producing beats with his MPC, he discovered the possibilities of Ableton Live in 2006. Live's intuitive way of creating beats, loops and ideas on the fly was a perfect match for his way of producing and DJing.

      Madeleine Bloom

      • Jena Thüringen Deutschland

      Madeleine Bloom ist eine klassisch ausgebildete Musikerin, Produzentin, Multi-Instrumentalistin und Sängerin aus Berlin. Seit 2012 betreibt sie Sonic Bloom, die größte unabhängige Online-Ressource zu allen Themen rund um Ableton.

      Marcello Ruggiu

      • London Vereinigtes Königreich

      Marcello Ruggiu began his career as a musician in 1994, playing drums and making electronic music. By 2005 he had earned a degree in audio engineering. His specialty is recording – both live and in the studio – with a particular focus on electronic music production. In 2009 Marcello became an Ableton Certified Trainer and started teaching workshops alongside certified courses.

      Marcelo Vig

      • Rio de Janeiro Brasilien

      Instrutor de Ableton Live Marcelo Vig é professor de música formado pela UNIRIO e utiliza o Live desde 2008, quando iniciou na escola de audio Alchemea em Londres. Conduz aulas, consultorias e mentorias online. Sua especialidade é ensinar os primeiros passos de forma leve e criativa bem como a utilização do Live em shows.

      Marcin Staniszewski

      • Warschau Polen

      Marcin Staniszewski is a musician, producer and sound designer based in Warsaw, Poland. He has been making music since he was eight, venturing into many styles and sonic territories. As a multi-instrumentalist (piano, french horn, guitar, tenor saxophone), he has played in numerous bands and ensembles while studying at New York State University...

      Mariano Trocca

      • Buenos Aires Argentinien

      Mariano Trocca is a DJ, producer and the director of Arjaus. He’s one of the Argentinian electronic music scene’s most important figures, constantly inspiring younger generations with his live performances, sharing his view on the scene, giving masterclasses all around the world and playing at major venues.

      Mari Sullivan

      • Seattle WA Vereinigte Staaten

      Mari Sullivan, AKA MariGo, is a producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Seattle, WA. In addition to writing and performing as an indie pop/electronic artist, Mari teaches Ableton Live for individuals and leads group classes for women/trans/nonbinary students in her pursuit to overcome gender inequality and misrepresentation of women and LGBTQ people in the technical aspects of music making.

      Mark Burnett

      • Powys Wales Vereinigtes Königreich
      • Leipzig Deutschland

      Mark Burnett lebt und atmet Elektronische Musik. Als Künstler hat er mit zahlreichen Labels zusammengearbeitet und als DJ bzw. Live-Act bei Veranstaltungen auf der ganzen Welt gespielt. Als Lehrer stand er an der Spitze von dutzenden Musikpädagogikprojekten und brachte umfassende Erfahrungen aus der Zusammenarbeit mit einer Vielzahl von professionellen und aufstrebenden Künstler:innen ein.

      Mark Towers

      • Leicester Vereinigtes Königreich

      Mark Towers is a UK-based electronic musician, developer and educator. As well as designing courses and lecturing in Music Technology, Mark also specializes in programming and works as a developer for Isotonik Studios, where he creates unique Max for Live devices for composition, production and performance.

      Martin Clancy

      • Dublin Irland

      Martin is a Dublin/New York based Producer/Musician/Programmer & Lecturer. He has over 30 years of international studio experience and recently collaborators include artists such as Stonebridge, Richard Morel, Chris Cox . Martin has also lectured extensively on the Irish and International circuit on Music Business & Music Production. Since 2003...

      Martin Delaney

      • London Vereinigtes Königreich

      An experienced teacher, performer and communicator, Martin Delaney can help you take your first steps with Live, or help you build your ideal setup and start performing.

      Mateusz Telega

      • Warschau Polen

      Mateusz Telega started working with music and sound in 2003 and specializes in mixing, mastering, recording and digital music production. In the field of sound creation, modular...

      Matthew Arledge

      • Memphis TN Vereinigte Staaten

      Matthew Arledge, based in his hometown of Memphis, TN, has been educating musicians on production, engineering and DJing since 2015. Serving the needs of clients by recording vocals, writing music or providing private lessons, Matthew also creates live sets for performers utilizing lights and videos.

      Matt McCoy

      • Chicago IL Vereinigte Staaten

      Matt McCoy is a worship leader, songwriter and recording artist from Chicago, Illinois. He received his bachelors degree in Electronic Media from the University of Cincinnati where he studied audio production, web and multimedia design. Matt has been using Ableton since 2004 (version 4) both on stage and studio.

      Matt Ridgway

      • Melbourne Victoria Australien

      With a history of playing in DIY Indie bands and live electronica acts, Matt Ridgway is a multi-faceted musician and educator from Melbourne, Australia. Working with Ableton Live since version 3 in early 2004, Matt has extensive knowledge and teaching experience with both Live and Push.

      Matt Tinkler

      • Melbourne Victoria Australien

      Matt Tinkler is an electronic musician, audio engineer and educator from Australia. With a passion for sharing knowledge and love for community, Matt provides an exciting and engaging educational experience and creates genre-fluid sonic journeys under the solo moniker “Martiln”.

      Maurits Boegman

      • Doetinchem Niederlande

      Maurits Boegman discovered his love for music at a young age, starting with organ lessons at 9 and later switching to keyboard and piano. After studying at the Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts), he explored music recording and computer-based music production.

      Maxime Dangles

      • Valence Frankreich

      An experienced user of Ableton Live and Max for Live for many years, Maxime Dangles is crazy about performing on stage, producing, experimenting and sharing.

      Max Wild

      • Berlin Deutschland
      • New York City NY Vereinigte Staaten

      Nach einer Kindheit in Deutschland und Zimbabwe erhielt Max eine Ausbildung an einer Vielzahl von Instrumenten. Heute arbeitet er als Produzent und Ausbilder. Seine vielfältigen musikalischen Einflüsse reichen von elektronischen Klängen bis zum Jazz, zum Brasilianischen und Afro-Pop. Er ist der Gründer von 343 Labs, einem BIldungsinstitut für Studioproduktion und Live-Performance in New York und Berlin.

      Maya Consuelo Sternel

      • Berlin Deutschland

      Maya Consuelo Sternel ist Musikerin, Sound Artist, DJ und Produzentin aus Berlin und die allererste Ableton Certified Trainerin. Sie spielt Theremin und produziert Musik, die sich zwischen Experimental Electronics und Underground Techno bewegt. Unter ihrem Künstlernamen Donna Maya veröffentlicht sie Schallplatten und CDs, schreibt Filmmusik u.a. für Fatih Akins „Kurz und Schmerzlos“ und komponiert Turntable-Konzerte für Kammerphilharmonie und DJ. Maya ist Gründerin von UPSTART Electronic Music Education, Mitbegründerin der Ableton User Group Berlin und leitet das Beats By Girlz Chapter Berlin.

      Mayur Jumani

      • Mumbai Indien

      Mayur Jumani is a music producer, composer & content creator based in India. Graduated from Berklee College of Music, he creates unique & entertaining audio-based content for social media. He has worked with the top music production houses in India & has released a range of commercial & Bollywood songs.

      Mélanie Frisoli

      • Montreal Québec Kanada

      Mélanie is a composer, sound designer, field recordist, trained audio engineer and educator based in Montreal. She is the first female Ableton Certified Trainer in Canada and has over fifteen years of experience in the music industry. Mélanie has released six albums under the name Mell and has toured around the globe performing over 600 shows. She has also composed music for documentaries and theater plays.

      Melissa Uye-Parker

      • London Vereinigtes Königreich

      Melissa Uye-Parker is a British-Nigerian producer, performer and educator based in London, making music since 2006. As a vocalist and songwriter, she has collaborated with the likes of Rae & Christian and Yesking and, more recently, produces under the moniker, Mjiri.

      Menno Keij

      • Den Haag Niederlande

      Menno Keij discovered dance music in 1999 and has been producing electronic music using trackers, sequencers and hardware synthesizers ever since. In 2005, he began using Ableton Live for producing in the studio and performing live on stage.

      Merlyn Silva

      • Aarhus Dänemark

      Merlyn Silva is a musician, producer and educator based in Aarhus, Denmark. He releases spacey electronica on Iboga Records, creates online content with Warp Academy, and is Assistant Professor in Electronic Music at the Royal Academy of Music.

      Michael Cupino

      • Miami FL Vereinigte Staaten

      Michael Cupino is an artist/composer/producer/engineer based in Miami, Florida, where he specializes in music technology and a variety of creative digital fields, from...

      Michael Goodwin

      • Toronto Ontario Kanada

      Michael has been teaching Ableton Live for more than five years. His specialty is teaching Live in a way that lets students reach their creative goals, whether they are professional musicians, DJs or producers, or simply considering a new way of working. With more than ten years playing in live...

      Michael Greig

      • London Vereinigtes Königreich

      Since setting up and running his own recording studio in 1996, Michael has produced and engineered a vast range of music - from guitar bands to sound art - and released his own electronic dance music on a range of labels covering Hardcore Rave to Minimal House.

      Michael Hatsis

      • New York City NY Vereinigte Staaten

      Michael Hatsis aka Banginclude is a Brooklyn, New York based producer and teacher who specializes in all things Ableton. Michael cut his teeth in music with the first version of Live and continues to use it in innovative ways today.

      Michel Sanchez-Infante

      • Amsterdam Niederlande

      Combining a working knowledge of producing and performing electronic music and extensive experience in teaching both groups and individuals, Michel Sanchez-Infante is able to help students make the next step, no matter their level.


      • Barcelona Spanien

      Microfusa is Spain's number one training provider in the fields of audio technology, electronic music production and DJing. Since they started, in 1987, thousands of students have been trained at their premium-quality facilities in Madrid and Barcelona, which include up to fourteen fully equipped recording studios and post-production suites.

      Mike Callander

      • Melbourne Victoria Australien

      Mike is one of Australia’s most prolific techno DJs and a researcher, music producer and live show designer. His work has appeared on TV shows and DJ mix compilations, as well as in art galleries and dark, sweaty nightclubs.

      Mikhail Arce-Ignacio

      • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Mikhail Arce-Ignacio is a musician, producer and DJ. His passion for music first took on shape in his fascination with playing percussive and stringed instruments in bands.

      Mile High Sounds

      • Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

      Mile High Sounds, the first Ableton Certified Training Center in the Asian Region, provides courses centered around the Ableton Live platform.

      Milton Mermikides

      • London Vereinigtes Königreich

      Milton Mermikides is a multi-disciplinary musician from London, UK, whose teaching and practice blends jazz, classical, popular, electronic, experimental, data-driven and global music forms in composition, improvisation, programming and performance. For over 20 years, he has enjoyed a teaching, academic, performing and composing career, and promotes music knowledge, appreciation, cultural exchange and education for all.

      Minh Tran

      • Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt Vietnam

      Manny Trần - Còn được biết đến với nghệ danh It's Manny. Là Người sáng lập & Giám đốc điều hành của MCM Academy Vietnam, đồng sáng lập của Inspiral Records. Anh cũng là một nhà sản xuất âm nhạc đứng phía sau sự thành công của nhiều nghệ sỹ lớn.

      Minju Kim aka KxxHz

      • Seoul Südkorea

      KxxHz is a music producer, electronic musician, songwriter, electronic live performer, DJ and educator. She has worked as a versatile and prolific composer who has wide-ranging experience, including works written for theatre, musicals, TV/commercial and K-pop.

      Missionário José

      • Recife Pernambuco Brasilien

      Missionário José usa e ensina Ableton Live há mais de uma década, enfatizando seu potencial único como ferramenta criativa, e a transição fluida entre estúdio e palco que é característica deste software.

      Misty Jones

      • Nashville TN Vereinigte Staaten

      Misty Jones is a Nashville-based music producer and assistant professor at Middle Tennessee State University and has been an Ableton Live user since 2007. With a passion for controllerism and synthesis, Misty uses Live as a remixer, performer, sound designer and educator.

      Mitch Lee

      • Calgary Alberta Kanada

      Mitch Lee is an award winning film, tv and video game composer and sound designer. Since being introduced to Ableton Live in 2003, Mitch has gone on to produce music for companies like Warner Brothers, Activision, Atari, ESPN, Adidas, Nissan and many more.

      Modular Music Academy

      • Provinz Santiago Chile

      Modular Music Academy specializes in contemporary music creation, with unique training programs involving music composition, production and performance, from workshops to courses to our new 1-year career plan on electronic music.

      Mortimer Barten

      • Köln Deutschland

      Mortimer has released several successful tracks and is continually working on new projects. His music is inspired by the early techno scene and incorporates modern influences to create his own, unmistakable sound he calls Fusion Techno. With his passion for electronic music and his talent as a performer, Mortimer Barten…


      • Sydney New South Wales Australien

      Do you ever wonder how we are expected to make music in a culture so full of noise? The quick tips, sample packs, tutorials and black Friday deals are all steering us toward rationalisations that feel like progress… right? Making music isn’t easy but the process is quite simple and with enough hard work you can get pretty damn good at it. This solution is the reason it’s a problem in the first place.

      Musicians Institute (MI)

      • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Musicians Institute (MI) is a college of contemporary music that offers a variety of educational programs in Hollywood, California. MI students can earn Certificates, Associate of Arts Degrees, as well as Bachelor of Music Degrees in either Performance or Composition.


      • Turin Italien

      MusicLab began as a recording studio in Turin in June 2003. In 2004 it organized courses for sound engineers in collaboration with learning centers accredited by the Italian Ministry of Labour and the Region of Piedmont.

      Music Production Academy

      • Rotterdam Niederlande

      Music Production Academy is an Ableton Certified Training Centre at which students from all over the world gather to develop skills in the field of electronic music production. MPA organizes monthly Ableton workshops aside from the regular daily courses and private lessons. All of which can be followed with the latest versions of Ableton Live and Ableton gear.

      Music Store Academy

      • Florenz Italien

      Music Store Academy è una scuola di alta formazione per Tecnici dello spettacolo, DJ & Producer a Firenze. La scuola fornisce agli allievi le conoscenze tecniche e gli strumenti più efficaci per avviare i propri progetti musicali. L’obiettivo è costruire solide basi per il futuro professionale.

      Nattapoom Ua-Umnuay

      • Bangkok Thailand

      ณัฏฐภูมิหรืออาจารย์โน้ตเป็นนักดนตรีซาวด์เอ็นจิเนียร์และนักออกแบบเสียงที่มีอาวุธลับคือMax for Live ด้วยความที่หลงรักเกี่ยวกับเรื่องคณิตศาสตร์ของสัญญาณเรื่องการสังเคราะห์และประมวลผลเสียงแบะที่สำคัญที่สุดเรื่องดนตรีเมื่อนำไปรวมกับสไตล์การสอนของเขาแล้วทำให้อาจารย์โน้ตสามารถถ่ายทอดเรื่องราวทั้งหมดไม่ว่าจะเป็นเรื่องทางดนตรีศิลปะหรือทางเทคนิควิศกรรมอันซับซ้อนออกมาได้อย่างเรียบง่ายและเป็นหนึ่งเดียว

      Nikhil Bejai

      • Mangaluru Indien
      • Bengaluru Indien

      Nikhil Bejai (aka kneekillbee) is a singer, music producer and educator with a strong passion for sharing knowledge in areas of music making and technology. His music has been featured by the likes of Rolling Stone India and TheVibe. He has worked as a resident producer and trainer at DJP Media, Bangalore and also offers direct one-on-one mentorship classes.

      Nil Hartman

      • Lyon Frankreich

      A computer musician, teacher, mastering engineer and consultant, Nil is equally passionate about tech and technique, be it in the studio or on stage.

      Nils Hoffmann

      • Hamburg Deutschland

      Nils Hoffmann (*1976 in Bremen) studierte klassische Gitarre und Klavier und ist staatlich geprüfter Musikpädagoge mit über 20 Jahren Unterrichtserfahrung. Als einer der ersten Ableton Certified Trainer in Deutschland unterrichtet er seit über 10 Jahren auch die unterschiedlichsten Facetten von Live: Musikproduktion, kreatives Songwriting, modernes DJing und Live-Show-Design gehören dabei zu den häufigsten Themen.

      Noah Pred

      • Berlin Deutschland

      Noah Pred has been making music in various forms for the past two decades. Working with hardware samplers, sequencers and synthesizers, he began performing live sets of techno, house and electro in the mid-’90s, and began DJing with vinyl soon after.

      Nut Academy

      • Neapel Italien

      Nut Academy is a production studio, record label, and, since 2001, a music school.

      Olympia Henshaw

      • Melbourne Victoria Australien

      Melbourne-based Olympia Henshaw draws from a wealth of touring, composition, visual design and songwriting experience. Growing up in both Hong Kong and India, Olympia’s sonic palette and distinct rhythmic textures have forged her path as one of Australia’s most in-demand rising female producers.

      Omar Riad

      • Toronto Ontario Kanada

      Omar "Ridiculous" Riad has been working in music production over the past eleven years. Originally an urban hip-hop producer, Ridiculous has branched out to various genres, including dubstep, glitch, house, and world music.


      • Seoul Südkorea

      Opentrack will accelerate your music education and career with world class online courses. Opentrack features global music industry leaders, world class musicians, companies, and universities. With our deep connections in the music industry, we have discovered the essential skills needed to become a successful musician. Let’s start your music with Opentrack now.

      Orville Kline

      • Chicago IL Vereinigte Staaten

      DJ. Producer. Guitarist. Engineer. Educator. Many words can be used to describe Orville Kline. When he's not performing in front of crowds of thousands around the world, Orville finds time to share what he learned in the studio and on stage with others. Years of studio experience in engineering and producing music naturally led Orville to become one of Chicago’s most in-demand Ableton Certified Trainers.

      Oscar Muñeton a.k.a DUBCODE

      • Medellín Kolumbien

      Oscar Muñeton a.k.a DUBCODE es un DJ y Productor de Musica electronica, es Ableton Certified trainer y Moog Pro Specialist. Tambien se desempeña en el area academica, como un instructor experto en el area de la sintesis de audio, live performance, produccion musical y sistemas hibridos para DJ´S para la Escuela de audio y Sonido de Colombia. Es fundador y director de ADVANCE un centro academico de formacion avanzada en tecnicas y tecnologias para la produccion musical, dj y live performance.

      Paddy Free

      • Auckland Neuseeland

      Paddy Free is one of New Zealand’s best-known electronic musicians. A multi-platinum selling producer and New Zealand Music Award-winning audio engineer, he is passionate about live performance and loves helping musicians bring their music from the studio to the stage.

      박소유 / Park Soyu

      • Seoul Südkorea

      박소유는 서울예술대학에서 전자음악을 전공하고 상명대학교 대학원에서 오디오테크놀로지를 전공했으며 현재 서울을 베이스로 싱어송라이터, 전자음악가, 프로듀서, 영화/드라마/CF/연극/무용 등의 음악감독으로 활발히 활동하고 있는 뮤지션이자 교육자입니다.

      Pascal Oorts

      • Antwerpen Belgien

      Pascal Oorts is a musician, producer and sound engineer with a passion for distortion, tape delays and eighties drum computers. He uses Live and Push both in the studio and on stage.

      Patrick Marks aka Pataphysics

      • Melbourne Victoria Australien

      Patrick Marks aka Pataphysics is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, engineer, writer and facilitator. He applies innovative improvisation techniques within performance and production, and alternative approaches within experimental arts practice.

      Patty Preece

      • Cairns Queensland Australien

      Patty is passionate about pushing the sonic envelope of music creation and experimentation, and creating opportunities for women and non-binary folk to learn all aspects of music production using Ableton Live.

      Paul Laski

      • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Paul Laski (aka P-LASK, Man From Another Place) is a producer, remixer, sound designer, DJ and music educator with over a decade of experience in the industry. Blending sounds from deep and tech house to garage, techno, jungle, and beyond, Paul's original productions take on a style of their own, and have been released on such labels as Moody Recordings, Krafted Underground, DTLA, Groovebirds Records, Crowd Records, Interscope Records, Abe Duque Records, 303AD Records, as well as his own imprint, Electric Dangerous Records.

      Pedro Itan Andrade

      • Rio de Janeiro Brasilien

      Produtor Multi-instrumentista, Engenheiro Eletrônico e Educador. Explora técnicas de integração do Live no workflow de produção e performance musicais, e também no teatro e instalações artísticas usando Arduino e Max for Live. Ensina músicos e criadores a expressar sua criatividade com as facilidades do Live através de uma imersão intuitiva no estado fluido de criação, abordando em aula temas como Introdução a Produção Musical, Trilhas Sonoras, Push e Live Looping, do nível iniciante ao avançado. Do iniciante ao avançado aborda em aula temas como Introdução a Produção Musical, Trilhas Sonoras, Push e Live Looping.

      Pedro Rovetto

      • Cali Kolumbien

      As an experienced musician and record producer, Pedro Rovetto uses Ableton Live as his main creative instrument and tool. He knows Live and Push like the back of his hand, and is very experienced in teaching music production and the creative musical process.

      Percorsi Audio

      • Acquapendente Italien

      Percorsi Audio is a leading training center in Italy for audio pro education. It is a Digidesign- and Ableton-certified center and IMSTA member.

      Peter Trimbacher

      • Berlin Deutschland

      Peter Trimbacher ist seit über 15 Jahren in der elektronischen Musikindustrie als Künstler, Event-Promoter und -Organisator, unabhängiger Labelbesitzer und professioneller Ausbilder tätig.

      Phelan Kane

      • London Vereinigtes Königreich
      • Berlin Deutschland

      Phelan Kane is a Berlin- and London-based music producer, engineer, artist, developer and educator. For over 27 years he has been active in both the music industry and the contemporary music education sector, with a focus on electronic music and alternative bands. His specialism is sound design and production techniques such as synthesis and sampling, alongside audio engineering, mixing, mastering, audio processing and plug-in development.

      Pierce Treude

      • Köln Deutschland

      Der in Köln ansässige DJ und Produzent Pierce Treude ist seit 1993 im Musikgeschäft tätig. Pierce ist seit 1997 Audioingenieur und arbeitet seit der Markteinführung von Version 1 mit Ableton Live.

      Pierre-Antoine Grison aka Krazy Baldhead

      • Paris Frankreich

      Pierre-Antoine Grison is a French musician and producer, based near Paris. He’s been a Live user since 2003 and has released music on Ed Banger Records as Krazy Baldhead among other projects. He provides a complete range of services around Live : training, consulting, custom devices design. He also created State Of The Loop, a controller dedicated to Live’s Looper.

      Point Blank

      • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Point Blank offers world-class Ableton Live training from anywhere in the world, with campuses in five countries and an extensive Online School built on our award-winning Virtual Learning Environment. Courses in Ableton Live include production, composition, sound design, mixing, live performance, and more.

      Point Blank

      • London Vereinigtes Königreich

      Point Blank offers world-class Ableton Live training from anywhere in the world, with campuses in five countries and an extensive Online School built on our award-winning Virtual Learning Environment. Courses in Ableton Live include production, composition, sound design, mixing, live performance, and more.

      Poppy Roberts

      • Manchester Vereinigtes Königreich

      An Ableton Live user for over eight years, Poppy Roberts has produced and written for international artists and major labels such as Apollo R&S and Wolf Music. Poppy currently fronts and produces her project "lovescene", and specializes in teaching workflow and bespoke creative techniques, working closely with vocalists on production.

      ProAudio Escuela de Musica Electronica

      • Sevilla Spanien

      ProAudio School is a music training facility that specializes in electronic music. It was founded in 2012 by the Ableton Certified Trainer David Suárez. Up until now, we’ve trained more than 500 students. Our school is an inspiring space, created to train future musicians. We offer a series of courses that help students achieve all their musical goals, regardless of their level of knowledge.


      • Eastbourne Vereinigtes Königreich

      Producertech's website is an online school created by certified trainer Rob Jones that offers two core courses (complete beginners/advanced) and many additional tutorials on Live, taking students with little or no experience right up to advanced-level production and music making.

      Puneesh Suri

      • Neu-Delhi Indien

      Puneesh Suri started his career as a musician in 2005. In 2010, he moved to New York and spent three years enhancing his skills as a music producer and live performer. Currently, he produces experimental electronic music and performs live using guitars, an array of analog synthesizers and Ableton Live.


      • Amsterdam Niederlande

      Pyntago is an Ableton Certified Training Center that focuses on electronic music production courses. The Ableton Live courses on offer range from a short four-week intro course to a full thirty-six-week course.


      • San Francisco CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Pyramind Music & Audio Production Institute

      Quantize Courses

      • South London Vereinigtes Königreich

      Quantize Courses specialise in teaching underground music production using Ableton Live. Our online and studio-based courses teach students how to create release-ready tracks in the genre of their choice. Whether you are a beginner aiming to fast track your development, or an experienced producer looking to add a professional finish to your music, we have the course for you.

      Rachel K Collier

      • Swansea Vereinigtes Königreich

      Electronic producer and performer Rachel K Collier is a long-standing Ableton and Live enthusiast, with a strong focus on creative output and using Live as a tool to achieve musical objectives. She is known best for her multi-instrument online electronic live performances and easily digestible music production and performance tutorials.

      Ramir Martinez

      • Barcelona Spanien

      Ramir Martinez has played guitar and sung in several bands since 1995. In 2000, he founded a music label called Tsunami Music, where he focused on abstract/instrumental hip-hop, drum'n'bass and breaks mixed with pop. Ramir discovered Ableton Live in 2005 and became active producing local bands. For ten years, he...

      Raphaël Jeanne

      • Nantes Frankreich
      • Paris Frankreich

      Since 2012, as a member of the band Alb or as a drummer with other artists, Raphael Jeanne has sought to create tools to build bridges between the studio and live performance.

      Raphael Lott

      • Heidelberg Deutschland

      Raphael Lott ist Universitätsdozent, Musikproduzent, Jazzpianist und DJ. Er hat auf international renommierten Labels veröffentlicht und ist bekannt für seinen Groove-basierten Zugang zu moderner Tanzmusik.

      Rasmus Kjærbo

      • Kopenhagen Dänemark

      Ras Kjærbo hails from the northern reaches of Europe. A place known for its murky solitude, white snow, common welfare, and happy citizens. Emerging from a colorful background in academics, entertainment, and teaching, Ras ended up on the road to music production and technology in the aftermath of his studies - and has been treading the path ever since.

      Raúl Garza

      • Monterrey Mexiko

      Raúl Garza is a producer, composer, electronic artist, percussionist and educator from Monterrey, México. His interest in learning and discovering new tools, sounds and music has led him to work in different areas, such as audio post-production, sound design, audiovisual art installations and education. He began his musical education at the age of six and in 2004 started using Live for composition, production and as a performance tool.

      Raz Mesinai

      • New York City NY Vereinigte Staaten

      Prolific composer and producer Raz Mesinai aka Badawi aka "The Ghost Producer" has been working professionally in NYC's electronic, dub, hip hop, free jazz and experimental music scenes since the 1980's

      Record Factory

      • Seoul Südkorea

      Record Factory is one of the best music production and sound engineering academies in east Asia, offering a week to six month courses in music production, audio engineering, and post production with high caliber facilities and top-quality instructors.

      Reid Strange

      • Guadalajara Jalisco Mexiko

      Reid Strange is based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. He gives workshops on Ableton and music production, and helps organize the Jalisco Ableton User Group. He is passionate about a wide range of musical styles and specializes in electronic music and sound design. Reid began using Ableton Live in 2005 and has been enthusiastically sharing his knowledge ever since.

      Rémi CAZAL

      • Réunion Saint-Denis Frankreich

      Multi-instrumentalist Rémi Cazal studied Jazz and Modern Music in Paris. He works with several musical genres and uses Ableton Live in different ways, producing, DJing and playing on stage.

      Reuben Samuel

      • Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

      Reuben has played the violin, keyboards, and piano since 1986. Holding a BSc (Hons) in Sonic Arts (Middlesex University, UK), and achieving a high distinction at SAE International, he has produced several charted house and breakbeat numbers, has sonically branded products, and has performed in clubs around Malaysia and Australia.

      Ricardo Balderas

      • Mexiko-Stadt Mexiko

      Unit27 is a DJ, turntablist and producer based in Mexico City. His previous work largely consists of sample based hip hop, trip hop, downtempo and various forms of electronic music.

      Ricardo Luna

      • Provinz Santiago Chile

      Ricardo Luna, aka Richi Tunacola, is a composer and music producer from Valparaíso, Chile. His productions span chamber music to hip hop, with one foot heavily in experimental sound design and random processes.

      Riccardo Giovinetto

      • Turin Italien
      • Mailand Italien

      Riccardo Giovinetto is a multidisciplinary artist based in Turin. He is an acoustic physicist, musician (curved soprano sax), composer, visual artist and teacher. He works at the juncture of sound and visual, using Ableton Live and Max 8|Jitter to create sound-reactive performance.

      Richard Balgobin [DiiSiiMO]

      • Marabella Trinidad und Tobago

      Richard, a.k.a. DiiSiiMO (pronounced dee-see-mo), is a sample-based performer, remixer, producer, teacher, and DJ. Richard started off as a DJ back in 1995, when he used to play at neighbourhood house parties. He took his multi-genre musical passion to the media in 1999 and anchored several radio and television shows...

      Ricky Graham

      • Washington, D.C. WA Vereinigte Staaten

      Richard (Ricky) Graham, Ph.D. is a musician, technologist, educator and business owner based in the Washington, D.C. area. Ricky has presented his music and visual art projects at festivals and conferences including Moogfest, Celtronic, NIME, and the International Symposium on Electronic Art.

      Ringo Lab

      • Seoul Südkorea

      Ringo Lab is an academy for studying music production based in Seoul, South Korea. From analog synthesizers to digital music production, our courses cover all aspects of making music.

      Rishabh Rajan

      • New York City NY Vereinigte Staaten

      Rishabh Rajan is a professor at Berklee College of Music, as well as Berklee Online. He has also created over 80 video courses for and Ask.Video on topics ranging from music production techniques, synthesis and software plug-in tutorials.

      Robert Koster

      • Adelaide South Australia Australien

      With over a decade of music industry experience specializing in dancefloor-oriented music, Robert Koster can provide custom solutions to help you level up your sound design, mixing, arrangement, live performance and Max For Live skills, ensuring your music stands out amongst the crowd.

      Roberto Villamar

      • São Paulo Brasilien

      Roberto Villamar, ou Kachas, é músico e produtor de música eletrônica há mais de 10 anos. Equatoriano radicado no Brasil, começou sua carreira como produtor no México onde estudou na SAE (School of Audio Engineering). Sua vivência em países da América Latina permite que ele ministre aulas em português e em espanhol. Kachas é um músico versátil e isso se reflete em suas aulas: ensina produção musical para vários gêneros musicais desde House, Techno, Minimal até Psy Trance e Hip Hop. Atualmente é professor no Estúdio Bossa (D-Edge), na maior cidade da América do Sul, São Paulo.

      Rob Jones

      • Berlin Deutschland
      • London Vereinigtes Königreich

      Rob Jones has been obsessed with music since the tender age of 7, when vocal training and local amateur productions soon led to a string of work in musical theater and opera, including Oliver in London's West End and The Magic Flute at Glyndebourne Opera House.

      Romain Constant

      • Lyon Frankreich

      Romain Constant trouve dans la musique numérique et dans les sonorités électroniques une vraie identité musicale, un potentiel de composition riche, singulier et illimité. Il donne une grande importance au geste instrumental, à l'interprétation et au timbre sonore, et aime se dire sculpteur de matières sonores.

      Ron Rüegg

      • Zürich Schweiz

      Ron Rüegg has been deep into producing and performing electronic music since the late ‘90s. Currently he hits the floors with the international live act Fem Ensemble as well as his alter ego Rjega. By running his studio Schaltraum for over two decades, Ron has gained a lot of skills and experience in producing, mixing and recording. He has worked with artists from many genres and is a strong communicator.

      Rotem Ayalon

      • Kfar Hanassi Israel

      As a producer, Rotem Ayalon creates many remixes and original tracks, mainly in the dance genre. Ableton Live is his main instrument in the studio. “Ableton Live is great because it allows me to create music from a DJ's point of view, which helps me produce the right material to rock the dance floor,” he explains.

      Roy Perez

      • Augsburg Deutschland
      • München Deutschland

      Roy Perez ist Musiker, Musikproduzent, DJ und Trainer ansässig in Bayern, wo er für drumnote Productions, das Institut für Produktion und Sounddesign, unterrichtet. Mit fünf Jahren begann Roy Schlagzeug zu spielen, später kamen weitere Instrumente dazu. Seit 1996 unterrichtet er Musik.


      • Kopenhagen Dänemark

      Rumkraft is a physical space in Copenhagen, created by artists for anyone interested in learning more about music or technology. All genres, ages, genders and nationalities are welcome. No one is too new or too experienced to join us at Rumkraft – together we grow stronger. We believe in learning by doing, at a pace where everyone can follow along, to ensure the best experience through your course. Our teaching staff and visiting industry professionals are all active musicians, passionate about their art and work. We look forward to meet you.

      Ryan Ash

      • Hongkong Hongkong SVZ, China

      Ryan Ash has been DJing for more than 17 years and currently has five residencies at the top venues in Hong Kong where he has resided since 2008. He has also been creating computer-based and electronic music for around the same amount of time and has taken numerous courses through Point Blank, Berklee and other institutions and is selftaught in playing guitar and keyboards.

      Ryan 'Origin' Kull

      • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Ryan is a Sound Designer, Electronic Musician, and Audio Technologist born & raised in Los Angeles.

      SAE Barcelona

      • Barcelona Spanien

      SAE Institute was founded in 1976 and since then it has grown to become the largest educational institution on creative media in the world, with more than 50 campuses on all 5 continents. Since it was established in 2004, SAE Institute Barcelona has grown both in campus size and educational offering becoming a referent in Creative Media education due to its 1st level Professional equipment & facilities, destined to the student's individual practices.

      SAE Indonesia

      • Jakarta Indonesien

      SAE Indonesia, established in 2011, is part of SAE Institute, the world’s leading educator in the creative media industry. SAE, with 53 campuses in 27 countries has been setting the global benchmark for creative media education since 1976.

      SAE Institute Bogotá D.C.

      • Bogotá Kolumbien

      SAE Institute Bogotá is the first SAE Campus in South America. At its opening we’ll offer courses in Audio Production, Electronic Music Production, and Music Business. As we grow our goal is to supplement our program with the following: Ableton Live Course, Live Sound Course, Film Sound, Videogames Design & Production, Digital Film, and Animation.

      SAE Institute Mexico City

      • Mexiko-Stadt Mexiko

      SAE Institute Mexico is the first SAE College in Latin America to open its doors and offer courses and degrees in Audio, Videogame Design & Production, Digital Film, Web and 3d Animation. The curricula reflect both the educational philosophy of SAE worldwide and the realities of the multimedia industry in Mexico and Latin America.

      SAE Institute Miami, FL

      • Miami FL Vereinigte Staaten

      The EMP program at SAE Miami is centered around the practical techniques needed to produce a variety of music styles, including hip-hop, house, dubstep, electro, and more.

      SAE Institute Milan

      • Mailand Italien

      SAE Institute Milan is one of Italy's most important educational institutions for training in Creative Media, particularly in Audio Production, Electronic and Urban Music Production, Music Business, Video Production, Game Art and Game Design.

      SAE Institute New York, NY

      • New York City NY Vereinigte Staaten

      The New York campus of SAE is located in midtown Manhattan at Herald Square. The curriculum is audio-centric and reflects both the educational philosophy of SAE worldwide and the realities of the audio/music industry in New York.

      SAE Institute Zurich

      • Zürich Schweiz

      SAE Institute Zurich was established in 1995 and has since then provided over 15.000 students with first class education in audio engineering, music production and content creation. Our facilities offer five large scale recording studios and a few smaller production suites. We are located in Zurich, Switzerland and looking forward to giving you a tour if you happen to be near.

      SAE Madrid

      • Madrid Spanien

      SAE Institute was founded in 1976 and since then it has grown to become the largest educational institution on creative media in the world, with more than 50 campuses on all 5 continents. After 15 years in the Capital of Spain, SAE Institute Madrid has become a reference creative media training, its 1st level Professional equipment & facilities, destined to the student's individual practices.

      SAE Vancouver

      • Vancouver British Columbia Kanada

      Creativity and Performance is at the core of our Ableton certification program. Designed around Push and Ableton’s book, Making Music, this one-of-a-kind program is instantly engaging and introduces students to the song creation process from day one.

      Salvatore Córdova

      • Chicago IL Vereinigte Staaten

      Salvatore Córdova is a sound artist and multi-instrumentalist. From composing for film, TV and games to performing on modular synthesizers at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, he has a wide range of experience in the audio world.

      Salvo Zeta

      • Rom Italien

      Salvatore Zappala' has been playing piano and synthesizers since the early 90s and has played in many bands (rock, metal, pop, electronica, jazz) and gained solid experience in sound synthesis, synth programming, and computer sequencing. In 2008, he earned a Jazz Piano degree at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome.

      Sam Mentink

      • Melbourne Victoria Australien

      Sam Mentink has been making music and DJing since the early 2000s. Known for high-energy techno, Sam has performed across both Australasia and Europe.

      Sam Ryan

      • Vancouver British Columbia Kanada

      President of SOS Music Group LTD. and chief instructor of Electronic Music Production at SAE Vancouver, Sam Ryan works with the newest technologies in digital audio, MIDI and sample-based sequencing, combining his technical and artistic talents to fuse audio engineering with music production.

      Sanaya Ardeshir

      • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten
      • Mumbai Indien

      Sanaya Ardeshir (she/her) is an Indian music producer, composer, and performer. Her world of sound is in constant evolution - ranging from experimental piano music, acoustic-electronic dance music, to experiments in pop, field recordings and synthesis. She releases music under the artist name Sandunes, and her performances integrate the worlds of studio and stage.

      Santiago Domingo Devia

      • Buenos Aires Argentinien

      Santiago Domingo Devia is a producer, DJ, drummer and Ableton Certified Trainer from Argentina. He has released electronic music under the name Santo Domingo and urban music as S4NTO. Santiago developed his skills as a controllerist in the band Quilombo Eletropical, mixing electronic music with native Latin American sounds.

      Satyam Sangwan

      • Greater Noida Uttar Pradesh Indien

      Ripple Drift is the creative alias of IDM producer, sound engineer and educator, Satyam Sangwan. Knowing the ins and outs of Live, Satyam actively produces and engineers artists, jams on analog synths, and mentors students. He runs his own music space, Silk Road Studios, in New Delhi.


      • Toulouse Frankreich

      Speed up your musical projects: learn Live and Push with SawUp. Wherever you’re located and whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned user, you can now improve your skills with respected trainers, musicians and artists from the French world. The video training sessions are available 24/7 and you can watch lessons in whatever order you need.

      School of Sound

      • Zürich Schweiz

      Willkommen an der besten Adresse für elektronische Musikproduktion und DJing der Schweiz. Unsere Standorte findest du jeweils 5 Minuten vom Bahnhof entfernt in Bern, Basel und Zürich. Wir beraten und trainieren schon seit 2015 aufstrebende Musiker. In vier Fachrichtungen unterstützen und fördern wir dich in Musik Produktion, Komposition, Engineering und Live Perfomance. Du lernst bei uns in Diplom-, Gruppen– und Einzelkursen, wie du deine Tracks von A bis Z produzierst, performst und vermarktest. Wir bieten Kurse für Einsteiger, Fortgeschrittene und professionelle Musiker an.

      School of Synthesis

      • Melbourne Victoria Australien

      School of Synthesis was established in Melbourne, Australia in 2010 to bridge a significant gap in the Australian music market for unique, high-end, and highly personalised short courses in music production using popular modern technology.

      Scottie Dugan

      • Atlanta GA Vereinigte Staaten

      Scottie Dugan is a synthesist, performer, composer and educator based in Atlanta. His introduction to the piano at a very young age resulted in fifteen years of formal classical piano and composition training. After performing and recording with various artists and bands, Scottie found Ableton Live in 2008. Now he...

      Seamedu, School of Pro-Expressionism

      • Pune Indien

      Seamedu is a unique and leading Media School founded in 2008, established to produce world-class talent in the fast-evolving Media and Entertainment (M&E) Industry by offering diverse unconventional career courses, opening up many new horizons in the existing career scape.

      Sean Ou Tim aka Mr Sakitumi

      • Kapstadt Südafrika

      Sean is a classically trained pianist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, beat-maker, contortionist (probably a lie), improviser, and live electronic music performer…. (now breathe) His music has taken him around the globe to many prominent clubs and festivals in South Africa, the UK, and Europe.

      SEM - School of Electronic Music

      • Manchester Vereinigtes Königreich

      SEM has been delivering courses in music production, DJing, recording, and sound engineering for 21 years. The school provides certified courses ranging from one day to 2 years long.

      Serafin Sanchez

      • Denver CO Vereinigte Staaten

      Serafin Sanchez is a saxophonist, electronic musician, and Ableton Certified Trainer based in Colorado.

      Sergio Urcelay

      • Provinz Santiago Chile

      Sergio started playing with all kinds of instruments and circuits at a young age and today, as a sound engineer, computer scientist, musician and producer, he remains deeply focused on the creative processes of sound. In addition to his developments in acoustics, sound design is his passion - not only...

      Simone Tanda

      • Valencia Spanien

      Simone Tanda is a musician, producer, multimedia artist, tech consultant and educator. He has been involved in music since the age of eight. Holding a degree in Communication Science focusing on audio-visuals interaction, he obtained a BA and MA in Music Performance and a PGCert centred on e-learning strategies.

      Simon Lyon

      • Manchester Vereinigtes Königreich

      Simon has been a Live user since 2004 with a focus on the integration of technology into live performances with bands and instruments. Working with a variety of Manchester based acts, he has remixed, produced and co–written with members of Inspiral Carpets, Julie Gordon (Happy Mondays) and MC Tonn Piper...

      Simon Stokes

      • Glasgow Schottland Vereinigtes Königreich

      Simon Stokes is the owner and head tutor of subSine | Academy of Electronic Music, Scotland’s leading electronic music school. As an electronic music obsessive, touring artist and trained audio engineer, he found his passion for synthesizers and drum machines in the late ‘90s.


      • Köln Deutschland

      Our institute bundles the diversity of the electronic art and music world by offering a 6 month online course as well as first-class tutorials, masterclasses, workshops and Ableton Templates. We focus on electronic music and its strong connection to modern music production. Whether beginner or advanced, we ensure your best electronic development. Discover your SINEE universe now.

      Sjoerd van der Sanden

      • Berlin Deutschland

      Sjoerd hat einen BA in Musik, einen MA in Kunst sowie einen PGCert mit Schwerpunkt Motivation und unterrichtet seit 2012 als Ableton Live Certified Trainer. Er reist seit über 10 Jahren um die Welt und spielt immersiven Multimedia-Techno und Ambient Live -Sets als Solokünstler. Er tourte als Schlagzeuger in einer amerikanischen Indie-Rock-Band und komponierte Songs als Keys & Synth-Spieler in einer irischen Dub-Band. Derzeit ist er Avantgarde-Solist und mit seiner Live-Elektronik Teil von Sinfonieorchestern.

      Ski Oakenfull

      • London Vereinigtes Königreich

      As an artist, keyboard player, producer and composer living in London, Ski Oakenfull works in a wide range of genres, from electronic and house to jazz, soul and ambient. He is also Head of Education and Curriculum at Point Blank Music School, where he develops courses up to degree level and makes tutorial videos covering music production and compositional techniques.

      Slam Academy

      • Minneapolis MN Vereinigte Staaten

      With three Ableton Certified Trainers on its faculty and over 35 years of collective teaching experience, Slam Academy has quickly become the premiere destination for learning Ableton Live in the Midwest.

      Sonic Academy

      • Vereinigtes Königreich

      Sonic Academy is massive online resource of music technology tutorials, news, features, samples and software plugins to help you produce epic sounding tracks, then share them with the world. We don’t just show you how to use software, we show you how to make music.

      Sound MANA

      • Woodstock NY Vereinigte Staaten

      Sound MANA is a musical oasis located in a historically creative area of the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York. Serving both as an Ableton Live training center and a performance space, Sound MANA offers novice producers and professional artists much needed refuge from the distractions of busy modern life, as well as the opportunity to develop a deeper purpose in their musical pursuits. The Sound MANA campus sits on over 2 acres of woodland surrounded by flowing streams and a ground fed pond.

      Sound Training College

      • Dublin Irland

      Sound Training College has been setting standards in audio education for over 30 years. Full and part time accredited courses include Creative Music Production, Audio Production & Music Project Management, Sound Engineering, Music Production, Festival Management & Live Sound.

      Sowall Lee

      • Seoul Südkorea

      Sowall, already an accomplished jazz drummer who has released three albums in South Korea, took a step in a different direction by a making her debut as an electronic and hiphop beatmaker in 2017.

      Station Clip

      • Montreal Québec Kanada

      En octobre 2019, lorsque Louis-Philippe Quesnel a obtenu la certification d'enseignant par Ableton, il a tout de suite voulu créer un endroit où le partage, la découverte, l'enseignement et le plaisir seraient mis de l'avant, afin de favoriser l'apprentissage de la production musicale, à l'aide du Logiciel Ableton Live.

      Stefan Feuerhake

      • Hamburg Deutschland

      Zu Stefan Feuerhakes Lehrtätigkeit gehören wöchentliche Kurse zur computergestützten Musikproduktion (Ableton Live, Apple Logic) an der Deutschen Pop in Hamburg sowie regelmäßige Workshops als Ableton Certified Trainer (Trainer seit 2009) an verschiedenen Bildungseinrichtungen und in Geschäften in ganz Deutschland. Dazu gehören die Fachhochschule Kiel, Bimm Institut-Hamburg, SAE Hamburg, HAW Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie, JustMusic, die Apple Stores Hamburg und Berlin sowie schulische und Jugendeinrichtungen wie das Wilhelm-Gymnasium, Brecht Schule, Stadtteilschule Winterhude und Gangway e.V.

      Stefanie Andersen

      • San Francisco CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Stefanie Andersen is a producer, Push ninja, DJ and turntablist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. A longtime educator and technologist, Stefanie owns a music production school called Sequence One, where she teaches aspiring producers. She also co-organizes the SF Ableton User Group.

      Stefan Knauthe

      • Berlin Deutschland

      Stefan Knauthe ist Komponist, Produzent und begeisterter Synthesizer-User mit einer jahrzehntelangen Leidenschaft für Elektronische Musik. Er lebt seit 1988 in Berlin und hat zur Entwicklung der Stadt als Metropole des elektronischen Sounds beigetragen.

      Stefano Bechini

      • Rom Italien

      Stefano is a musician, producer, teacher, and sound/multimedia designer who has been producing and performing with Ableton Live since 2005. He is certified as a Sound Engineer and Multimedia Designer for the EU countries, and he attended the International Sonology Course at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (Holland).

      Stefano Ferrari

      • Berlin Deutschland

      Stefano Ferrari is a producer, sound designer and guitarist. He’s been studying music since 1987, obtaining degrees in Classical Guitar and Contemporary Composition & New Technologies at the conservatory in Italy.

      Stelios Vlachakis

      • Barcelona Spanien

      Stelios initially fell in love with electronic music back in the late 90s. He decided to get involved in music production and audio engineering after attending numerous festivals and parties.

      Steven Smith

      • Orlando FL Vereinigte Staaten

      Steven L. Smith is both a professional performer and an established educator. He plays saxophone and keyboards and has been performing professionally since age sixteen. Steven has used Ableton Live seriously since version 6.

      SubBass Academy

      • London Vereinigtes Königreich

      SubBass Academy was first established in 2001 and is now an online course specialist with a mix of tutorial-based courses and live one-to-ones delivered to students directly in their own studios.

      Suwuk Chung 정수욱

      • Seoul Südkorea

      Suwuk Chung is a guitarist, composer, producer, and educator based in Seoul. He has worked with many of Korea’s top jazz and pop artists and was one of Korea’s first musicians to use Ableton Live in live performances. He has been teaching music since 1998 and is a founding member of the contemporary jazz project “Near East Quartet” (ECM).

      Syafiq Halid

      • Singapur Singapur

      Syafiq Halid is a manipulator of sound, electronic artist and experimental percussionist based in Singapore. He has worked in several traditional and contemporary performing arts projects regionally with various collaborators and companies at platforms like the Esplanade, National Gallery Singapore, ArtScience Museum, Nusasonic and Goethe Institute. He is the first Ableton Certified Trainer in Singapore.

      Sylvain Garcia

      • Perpignan Frankreich
      • Paris Frankreich

      Electronic music producer, DJ and consultant for many artists, Ableton Live has been an integral part of his activities for more than 15 years.

      TAFE NSW Sydney Region, Ultimo Music

      • Sydney New South Wales Australien

      TAFE Music Ultimo delivers an accredited Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Electronic music, primarily using Ableton Live. We have two Ableton Certified Trainers on our staff, as well as current music industry professionals and qualified teachers. Our courses are focusing on all aspects of electronic music creation.

      Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music

      • Hobart Tasmanien Australien

      Our courses encourage students to develop their practice through specialisation as well as experimentation. They foster opportunities to collaborate across disciplines, explore new technologies and provide opportunities to engage with artists, institutions and festivals of national and international significance.

      Terence "TEE" Lam

      • Toronto Ontario Kanada

      TEE has been producing, writing, and teaching music for over 10 years. He has worked on several global successes, including two of Billboard Hot 100’s biggest hits of the decade – triple-platinum-selling singles “Here” by Alessia Cara and “Too Good” by Drake, ft Rihanna.

      Thavius Beck

      • Brooklyn NY Vereinigte Staaten

      As a multi-instrumentalist, producer, emcee, and electronic music educator, Thavius Beck is a man whose life revolves around music and technology. With a focus on bass heavy rhythms, dark, emotional melodies, and twisted sample manipulation, he has not only released numerous albums of his own (both as Thavius Beck and under his previous moniker, Adlib), he has also collaborated with or remixed artists such as Saul Williams, Nine Inch Nails, The Mars Volta, Skylar Grey, and Nas, just to name a few.

      The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP)

      • London Vereinigtes Königreich

      Over the last 30 years, ICMP has grown to become London’s premier school of music. Originally focused on musicianship and performance, ICMP acquired Alchemea College in 2016 to launch full time, part time and professional production courses in Kilburn, London.

      The Loft - DJ School & Music Academy

      • Provinz Santiago Chile

      Founded in 1999, the Loft academy is a pioneer in education for music technology in the fields of DJing and music production. With training programs and unique methods, incorporating innovative and new forms of expression, we strive to help our students develop their artistic vision to the highest level.

      The Mediapro Limited

      • Hongkong Hongkong SVZ, China

      The team of lecturers at Mediapro is formed by a group of passionate professionals from the local music scene in Hong Kong. Courses are taught with great interactivity and focus. Students receive practical feedback that ensures an effective and progressive learning. The studio complex with four professional rooms and a common room is the ideal place for students to feel inspired and motivated.

      Thomas Faulds

      • Chicago IL Vereinigte Staaten

      Thomas Faulds is a sound designer and percussionist based in Chicago, Illinois. Inspired by new technologies and production, Thomas is an active participant in the dynamic music scene in Chicago. Aside from recording and releasing albums, he works as an independent music tech consultant, teaching the inner workings of music...

      Thomas Glendinning

      • London Vereinigtes Königreich

      Tom began his musical career as a drummer but now spends most of his time dabbling with computer music and its various tools. He runs the music production website ELPHNT where he creates tools for making music with Ableton Live; Live Packs, MaxForLive devices, video tutorials and more.

      Thomas Marland

      • Sydney New South Wales Australien

      Thomas Marland is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, music director and teacher whom has been using Ableton Live since 2007 to deliver significant results for some of Australia’s biggest names in music.

      Thomas McAlister

      • Berlin Deutschland

      Thomas McAlister is an experienced producer, composer, engineer and Ableton Live trainer based in Melbourne, Australia.

      Timo Preece

      • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Timo Preece is an accomplished audio technology specialist, sound designer, music programmer, playback engineer, multi-media consultant, electronic musician and performer.

      Timothy Linetsky

      • Portland OR Vereinigte Staaten

      Timothy Linetsky is a producer, DJ, pianist and YouTuber based out of San Francisco, CA. He is known for his YouTube channel You Suck at Producing, in which he does music production tutorials centered around Ableton Live. He currently teaches private lessons online and releases music as Underbelly.

      Tom Carlile

      • Austin TX Vereinigte Staaten

      Tom Carlile teaches Ableton Live classes and workshops in Austin, Texas, co-organizes the Austin Ableton Live User Group meet-ups, and creates music soundtracks and sound effects for video games, short films and sample packs.

      Tom Cosm

      • Christchurch Neuseeland

      Performer Tom Cosm offers Ableton Live training through his personal website, and he gives personal workshops and training sessions around the globe, depending on where his musical performances take him. Tom has given workshops at various large international music festivals, including the Boom Festival (Portugal) and Rainbow Serpent Festival (Australia).

      Torsten Sven Rich-Wimmer

      • Portland OR Vereinigte Staaten

      Torsten Sven Rich-Wimmer utilizes his expertise as an active musician, engineer, and Ableton Certified Trainer to equip aspiring artists, producers and recording/mix engineers with all the necessary tools through interactive lectures and various online resources.

      Tossawat Chotivong aka. Nup

      • Bangkok Thailand

      Tossawat is an Ableton Certified Trainer, music producer and consultant, as well as the founder of IN EAR BEAT in Bangkok, Thailand, where he is an expert teacher of both Live and Push.

      Tristan Malloch

      • Melbourne Victoria Australien

      Tristan Malloch is a Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist, music producer, product demonstrator and teacher with a vast history throughout the music industry, and dedicated Ableton Live user since 2005. He is a passionate and eclectic music producer/performer covering a diverse range of styles.

      Tyler Solleder

      • Byron Bay New South Wales Australien

      In his professional work as a sound designer and electronic music producer, Tyler has used Ableton Live almost exclusively, since its first release in 2001. Fascinated by sound from an early age, Tyler has spent a lifetime searching for and exploring new sonic textures, often inspired by and sourced from...

      Universidad de la Musica G Martell

      • Mexiko-Stadt Mexiko

      Based in Mexico City, G Martell College of Music & Audio has been offering excellence in qualified training in all areas related to the music and audio industry for more than twenty-eight years. The institution has become the leader of its kind in Latin America.

      University of Queensland

      • Brisbane Queensland Australien

      Housed at a world top 50 university, the UQ School of Music offers Australia’s first university music technology programs built around Ableton Live, Push and Link. With a focus on creative music making, our programs teach students to produce and arrange music, to perform live using Push, Live, and Link, and to record in a professional studio environment.

      UPSTART Electronic Music Education

      • Berlin Deutschland

      Berlin-based Ableton Certified Training Center, UPSTART Electronic Music Education, offers the first national-approved distance learning course for Ableton Live. In our online and classroom courses, participants learn how to turn their ideas into music. Our courses are taught exclusively by Ableton Certified Trainers, all active musicians and/or DJs and producers, who focus on the personal musical goals of the participants and provide qualified feedback and important tips.

      Vasco Ispirián

      • Berlin Deutschland

      A former instructor at New York’s prestigious, now-defunct Dubspot, Vasco Ispirian is an electronic engineer, performer, instructor and veteran DJ and producer with over a decade of experience in the studio and onstage. His DJ and production career stretches back to the early 2000s, following a precocious introduction into Madrid’s influential electronic music scene in the early 1990s. His studio work, both as an artist and professionally, has charted a course to his current mastery of both hardware- and software-based music creation techniques.

      Vikrant Rathore

      • Neu-Delhi Indien

      Vikrant Rathore is a New Delhi-based music producer, DJ and educator, writing music and performing under his three hugely popular and diverse live projects, AUDIOGRAMME, VIAL AND SYNCSYSTM, since 1998. With music releases on some top record labels around the world, he not only tours the globe but also teaches at his prestigious music production school in Delhi called ADAPT (Advance DJ & Audio Production Training), which also happens to be one of the top four schools in the country, along with being an education partner with Ableton in India. The courses offered are both online and onsite.

      Vincent Le Bartz

      • Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt Vietnam
      • Paris Frankreich

      Vincent Le Bartz studied in a high school specialized in sound techniques, and has worked through different styles of electronic music since 2000. He has recorded and mixed various artists, in France and abroad.

      Vitor Jesus

      • Goiânia Brasilien

      Vitor is a music producer, electronic musician, sound designer, consultant and educator. He started to produce electronic music in 1999 in genres such as drum and bass, house, techno and breakbeat. Vitor has produced tracks for radio, television and several hip hop artists. Vitor has worked with Ableton Live since 2004, became a specialist and has been teaching electronic music production since 2006, training more than 800 students in his on-site courses.

      Vivek Panchmatia

      • Daressalam Tansania

      Vivek Panchmatia, aka ASTROCHORD, is a DJ, producer, audio engineer and pianist who teaches, produces and performs a wide range of genres. He is a full-time musician and educator teaching DJing, music production, Max for Live and more, in four languages. Teaching since 2016 in cities such as Chennai, Pune and Dar Es Salaam, he conducts online and in-person classes ranging from one-on-one mentorship to a fully-fledged classroom setting.

      Walter “wattabass” Sguazzin

      • Udine Italien

      Walter Sguazzin is a bassist who has always been in love with new forms of musical communication. He is a teacher, musician and father, as well as a strong believer in collaboration as the only model of personal growth.

      Warp Academy

      • Victoria British Columbia Kanada

      Cutting-edge, on-demand, online training for producers, DJs and performers using Live. We’re created and run by Ableton Certified Trainers and industry experts with decades of experience. Level-up your skills with action-packed courses on Live, DJing, synthesis, sound design, remixing, workflow pro-tips, mixing, and mastering.

      Watch Audio

      • Madrid Spanien

      Watch Audio es una escuela basada en Ableton Live creada por César Berti con el propósito de mostrar todos sus conocimientos mediante contenido gratuito, cursos, webinars y clases particulares con un trato cercano hacia la persona.

      Wave Production Academy

      • Mailand Italien

      Wave Production Academy nasce nel 2021 con l'obiettivo di offrire una gamma completa di opzioni dedicate all'insegnamento della tecnologia musicale e del music business. // Wave Production Academy was established in 2021 with the aim of offering a full range of options dedicated to teaching of music technology and music business.

      Waves Krāft Online Academy

      • Pune Indien

      The Waves Kraft Online Academy aims to bring you the best in music production and mixing education using Ableton Live to fulfil all your creative and technologically dependent production needs. With over 9 years of experience and the course being crafted to suit an individuals learning needs, it’s a viable option to any aspiring producer or individuals looking to master the art of mixing music.

      Wigbert Caro

      • Boston MA Vereinigte Staaten

      A Boston-based electronic music chameleon, producer, performer and educator, Dominican-born Wigbert Caro seeks to understand and inspire the creative process in those he teaches. He specializes in multi-genre electronic music, creative workflow, producing/performing with Ableton Push 2 & various controllers, mixing, sound design and custom curated topics.

      Will Doggett

      • Austin TX Vereinigte Staaten

      Will Doggett is a musician, sound designer, and educator based out of Austin, Texas. He is focused on helping people get from the studio to the stage and has spent years using Ableton Live with bands on stage. His focus has been on how to integrate Live with a band for backing tracks, keys sounds, and controlling lights and video.

      Will Kuhn

      • Cincinnati OH Vereinigte Staaten

      Will Kuhn is a Cincinnati-based music technology teacher, producer and author focused on revitalizing the field of music education using the latest creative tools.

      Wyatt Meagher

      • Atlanta GA Vereinigte Staaten

      Wyatt Meagher, aka PRPL NRG, aka Y Diz, is an eclectic music producer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He spent over 10 years in Miami and is known for his unique sound of booty bass, head nod and alternative hip hop. Wyatt is currently working on his new project, Unfollow Me.

      Xavier Collet

      • Toulouse Frankreich

      Xavier est compositeur et designer sonore. Il a fondé SawUp, le seul site de formation vidéo francophone certifié par Ableton. SawUp se donne pour mission d’offrir aux musiciens une expérience d’enseignement en ligne de haute qualité dans les domaines de la composition, du design sonore et de tout ce qui touche au home studio.

      Xavier Jacques

      • Berlin Deutschland

      Xavier Jacques is a electronic music producer and International DJ from New York City now based in Berlin .

      Xavier Leloux

      • Paris Frankreich

      Xavier Leloux is a musician, producer and educator based in Paris. He has played in numerous bands, sometimes on electric mandolin, sometimes on bass or on Push, but almost always with his laptop – giving wings to everyone on stage. He has been a seasoned Ableton Live user for over a decade, and is constantly seeking creative and practical ways to interact with the computer in a group setting.

      Yehezkel Raz

      • Tel Aviv Israel

      Yehezkel Raz is a multi-genre music producer, composer and pianist. He has used Ableton Live since version 5. Trained as a classical musician, Yehezkel discovered his passion for electronic music in 1999 and has been an active artist ever since. He has vast experience in music production and live setups...

      Yeuda Ben-Atar

      • Los Angeles CA Vereinigte Staaten

      Yeuda Ben-Atar is a producer, performer and music educator based in Los Angeles, California. He hosts weekly online meetings for music producers of all levels.

      Yeung Tung

      • Hongkong Hongkong SVZ, China

      As a singer-songwriter and producer, Yeung Tung has produced and performed extensively with Live and Push and knows how to use them - specifically how to make something sound great with minimal effort. She finds the why’s as important as the how’s in improving one’s production and performance workflows.

      이승규 / Yi Seunggyu

      • Fukuoka Japan
      • Busan Südkorea

      이승규는 한국의 서울예술대학교와 일본의 큐슈대학에서 예술공학, 미디어아트를 공부하고 영국의 London Garnish Music Production School에서 Sound Design, Synthesis Course를 수료했습니다. 「Ableton」사의 공인 트레이너, 「Ableton Certified Trainer」로서 컴퓨터를 이용한 알고리즘 작곡,미디어아트 프로그래밍,전자음향을 가르치고 있습니다.

      Zaak Kerstetter

      • Boulder CO Vereinigte Staaten

      Zaak Kerstetter is an audio production teacher, DJ, and artist who produces downtempo cinematic bass music under the moniker Zenotope.

      Zainab Wani

      • Neu-Delhi Indien

      Born in Kashmir, raised in Chiangmai, Thailand, and currently based in New Delhi, Zainab is an electronic music producer, educator, DJ and all round lover of music. Producing and DJ’ing as Zequenx since 2018, she relies on her many cultural influences to accentuate her tastes and guide her through the expression of self as an artist and educator, sculpting a space for those who want to explore the sonic realm.

      中村 辰矢 / Tatsuya Nakamura

      • Saga Japan

      舞台音響家/サウンドエンジニア 音による空間演出を得意とする。 観る人に対して違和感のないナチュラルな音響効果を日々追求し、インスタレーションやミュージカル/演劇/舞踊公演などの舞台芸術作品の裏方として作品に寄り添う形でリアルタイム性が求められる音響演出や音による表現のサポートを手掛けている。舞台演出照明や映像が音と共に変化するようなインタラクティブなシステムを Ableton Liveを軸に制作することもある。


      • Sendai Japan


      冯榆喻 / Yuyu Feng

      • Peking China

      Yuyu Feng, aka. Fishdoll, is a electronic music producer, singer-song writer, musician and also a resident jazz singer on Beijing’s Jazz club stages. Since 2014, she has performed with several different bands and artists from all over the world.

      卢赛翼 / Stan Lu / Moddyriffs

      • Hangzhou Zhejiang China
      • Shanghai China

      Stan comes from the background of an instrumental performance. He has worked in the music industry for more than a decade as a producer, mixer, and DJ. He is passionate about creating his own vision of present and future through music, utilizing Ableton Live, Ableton Push, synthesizers and recorded samples.

      吉澤 俊樹 / Toshiki Yoshizawa

      • Präfektur Aichi Japan


      堤 秀樹 / Hideki Tsutsumi

      • Fukuoka Japan

      堤 秀樹は日本の音楽プロデューサーである。現在はA-HEAD RECORDSの音楽教育者として、また邦楽奏者やアートとのコラボレーション作品や映像音楽作品を手掛ける作曲家、アーティストとして福岡市を中心に活動している。またここ数年、主宰するLOVE LAB MUSICにて日本の子供たちが世界レベルの音楽を創れるよう指導している。

      大黒 淳一 / Junichi Oguro

      • Sapporo Japan

      大黒淳一は音楽領域を拡張するサウンドアーティスト、作曲家。 Live Ver1.0から使用してSONYやユニクロのTVCMなど様々な商業音楽とリリースを行なっている。 近年ではサウンドアーキテクトとして日本初の43.4ch立体音響システムの商業施設などを手掛けており、 札幌で先端的な音響レーベル”43d”を主宰している。

      子安喜隆 / Yoshitaka Koyasu / Koyas

      • Tokio Japan

      Koyas is a Tokyo-based artist/producer/DJ/event organiser running his own label called Psymatics focusing on electronic live performances and collaborations.

      宮川 智希 / Tomoki Miyakawa

      • Tokio Japan

      コンポーザー 、アレンジャー、キーボーディストなど幅広い活動で得た経験をもとに幅広いジャンルに対応した指導を行う。 現在はオンラインDTMスクール“Sleepfreaks”で講師を務め、マンツーマンで一人一人のスキルや音楽性に寄り添ったレッスンを提供。

      岡本剛 / Tsuyoshi Okamoto

      • Tokio Japan

      岡本剛は コンポーザー アレンジャー ギタリストとして、多数のアーティスト Aimer/Kis My Ft2/OLDCODEX/VOYS BOY/ 元気ロケッツ etc 、NHK をはじめとするメディアへの楽曲提供、BGM 制作を行って おり、 独自の洗練されたサウンドメイク、ドライブ感のあるギター サウンドに定評があり業界内の信頼も 厚い 。 日本最大級の DTM メディアサイト DTM レッスン・スクール Sleepfreaks にて講師も務める。

      岡本 隆司 / Takashi Okamoto

      • Präfektur Aichi Japan


      岡村 綾子 / Ayako Okamura

      • Tokio Japan

      メディアアート / VJ / インタラクティブなパフォーマンス など、音と映像制作を一挙に担う。クラブミュージック、エレクトロニカ、ロックの楽曲制作。また、教育企業にて子供向けのオンライン講座、指導を担当。

      廖海廷 / Hai-Ting Liao

      • Taipeh Taiwan

      Hai-Ting is an eclectic percussionist, sound designer and modular synth lover. Ze uses Ableton Live for making music, teaching, live performances, live theatre for dance and drama.

      日栄一真 / Kazumasa Hiei

      • Nagoya Japan

      テクノロジーとサウンドをテーマにさまざまなアプローチで作品を制作。macrophage lab.名義でDEEP HOUSEを中心に作品をリリースする他、Ableton Liveによるライブパフォーマンス、サウンド・メディアーアート作品の制作、Max for Liveによる音楽表現の可能性を広げるレクチャーも行う

      有田 明武 / Akim Arita

      • Shonan Kanagawa Japan

      【『変態︕』は最上の賛辞。】が座右の銘。北海道札幌市出⾝、湘南在住の5弦 Bassist兼ミュージックメイカー。Live+PushにBassを組み合わせて楽曲制作を ⾏い、現役バンドマンの⽬線からAbleton Liveを操る。

      杨瀚 / Hank Yang / ydd

      • Shanghai China

      ydd is a Shanghai-based DJ, electronic music producer and one of the founders of GateMusic. In line with the concept of inspiring students to create inspiration, ydd provides a teaching service and career platform for students of the music, and strives to create a high-efficiency and high-reward learning platform for students.


      • Tokio Japan

      東京スクールオブミュージック&ダンス専門学校は、1987年開校以来、職業人教育を目的とし、「音楽&エンターテイメント業界」に必要な人材を業界とともに育成している学校です。 近年は、「テクノロジー」と「グローバル」をキーワードに、2年制学科に加え、3年制・4年制学科を設置。最新のデジタルデバイスを駆使した次世代クリエーター教育と、Berklee College of Musicとの教育提携による、ワールドスタンダードカリキュラムの構築により、グローバルに活躍できるアーティストクリエーターを育成します。


      • Tokio Japan



      • Tokio Japan

      パソコンによる音楽制作「DTM」という言葉。 音楽活動を行っている方でしたら、一度は耳にされた事があるのではないでしょうか? 現在ではプロからアマチュアまで多くの方が音楽制作に活用しています。 SLEEP FREAKSはその問題を解消する為のDTMレッスンを皆様に提供させていただいています。 皆様が抱えている問題はそれぞれ異なりますが、多くのDTMスクールでは、画一的なカリキュラムを用いてレッスンを行なっています。 これでは1人1人に対し十分なケアを行う事ができず、せっかく始めたDTMを途中で投げ出してしまう。というようなお話もよく耳にします。 だからこそ SLEEP FREAKS は「完全マンツーマン」にこだわります。 DTMソフトの基本操作は勿論、機材選び購入から、セットアップ、ミックスやマスタリングまで生徒様1人1人の目標&ペースに合わせたレッスンを提供させていただきます。 一人でも多くの方に満足のいく音楽制作をしていただきたい。 そのような想いで日々レッスンを提供しています。 これからDTMを始めようという初心者の方から更なるスキルアップを目指す中・上級者の方まで。 弊社講師が責任を持って楽曲完成までのプロセスをご案内させていただきます。 あなたの“作りたい“を”出来る“に! DTMスクール SLEEP FREAKS にお任せください。

      森谷 諭 / Satoshi Moriya

      • Tokio Japan


      池本 達 / Toru Ikemoto

      • Osaka Japan


      王庹 / Alex Wang

      • Berlin Deutschland

      Alex Wang is an electronic musician, DJ, and sound designer. His work explores the experimental and the underground, and his productions run the gamut from ambient to club music, soundtracks for motion pictures and performance art. Born and raised in China, he is currently based in Berlin and Shanghai.

      町田 航平 / Kohei Machida

      • Tokio Japan

      Svan CodeとしてDJ/アーティストとして国内外で活動を行なっており、Tech House/Technoを中心としたダンスミュージックの制作を得意とする。ダンスミュージックの聖地であるスペインのイビサ島でのDJの経験を活かし、ヨーロッパを中心とする海外レーベルから複数タイトルをリリース。Beatportなどにもチャートインを果たす現役のアーティストである。またSleepfreaksやMusic Base Academy にて音楽講師として「音楽制作の楽しさ」を多くの受講生に伝えている。

      草間 敬 / Kei Kusama

      • Tokio Japan

      草間 敬は25年以上に渡って作編曲、プログラミングで数多くのアルバム制作 (THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS、くるり、エレファントカシマシ、GLAY、RIZE、DefTech、[Alexandros]、BIGMAMA etc…) に参加している。レコーディングエンジニアも兼任し、豊富な知識と経験による独自の手法は、ミュージシャン達からの信頼も厚い。

      蔡策 / 重轻 / Zhongqing

      • Peking China

      Zhongqing is a guitarist, electronic music producer, teacher and hardware synth enthusiast. He has been embracing sophisticated music tech and found his own voice in Live with a hardware-hybrid fashion. By writing, podcasting and making videos, he inspires people to rethink music in perspective of history, cultural evolution and technology.

      覃宇 / Juny

      • Chengdu Sichuan China

      Juny is a Chengdu-based electronic music producer, DJ, sound mixing engineer and music instructor. He has contributed to the music scene as a ghost producer for many years and is also the founder of the CMP (Chinese Music Producer) community website.

      赤川 純一 / Junichi Akagawa

      • Kyoto Japan


      赵万 / Wan

      • Nanning China
      • Shenzhen China

      Wan, Music Producer / DJ / Sound Designer / Max Developer / Recording and Mixing Engineer, and now growing up to be an excellent tutor.

      陈沛宇 / Peiyu Chen

      • Peking China

      Chen Peiyu, Peiyu Chen, now lives in Beijing. He is engaged in the creation of film and television drama music, and has many first-line TV drama composing experiences, in which he constantly promotes the integration of traditional music and electronic music. He also contributed a lot of teaching videos about Ableton and music production on the B station.

      鶴田 さくら / Sakura Tsuruta

      • Tokio Japan

      Sakura Tsuruta transcends the role of a conventional artist, embodying the multifaceted roles of producer, performer, educator, and activist within the dynamic electronic music scene.

      黄竑立 / Hotwill Huang

      • Peking China

      Hotwill, a.k.a. Negative808 is a Beijing bass producer who hails from the southern Chinese province of Fujian. He has had several singles released on the Beijing based electronic label Ran Music. Since living in the capital he has integrated various upbeat electronic dance styles into his work; such as Drum & Bass, Grime, Footwork and Juke. On many occasions he has taken part in events thrown by one of China’s most respected Drum & Bass DJ collectives, Syndicate.