Slam Academy (Minneapolis, MN)


With three Ableton Certified Trainers on its faculty and over 35 years of collective teaching experience, Slam Academy has quickly become the premiere destination for learning Ableton Live in the Midwest. At the core of Slam Academy’s mission is a commitment to take each student - be they a brand new artist or an advanced learner - to the next level.

Slam Academy classes are offered in themed ‘modules’: three classes per module, one two-hour class per week, dedicated to instruction in one subject. Our goal is to connect experts from all corners of the Twin Cities arts community to students of all ages and skill levels.

Our core educators are experts in the field of music, with credentials including extensive Ableton Certification and advanced degrees in music composition and theory. They are also creative professionals and seasoned educators with years of experience in the studio, the club and the classroom.

As a midwest hub for creative education in varied forms of digital media, Slam Academy also brings frequent guest presentations to the roster, including Richie Hawtin, Kevin Saunderson, Ean Golden, Dustin Zahn, John Keston, Beatrix JAR, and many more. Our goal is to connect experts from all corners of the digital art world to the next generation of creative minds. These include artists working in live video processing, interactive digital art and photography, as well as renowned DJs and recording artists.

No grades, No tests, No student loans or degrees – just instructors and students with a passion for the digital arts.

Current Ableton Course offerings:

  • Ableton Live 1: Introduction to DJ and Production Techniques (Available in English, Spanish, and Online)
  • Ableton Live 2: Intermedia Techniques (Available in English, Spanish, and Online)
  • Ableton Live 3: Advanced Techniques and Concepts (Available in English, Spanish, and Online)
  • DJ and Performance with Ableton Live (Available in English, Spanish, and Online)
  • Max For Live: User
  • Max for Live: Maker
  • Music Theory for Electronic Musicians (Online)
  • Introduction to Electronic Music (Available in person and online)
  • Sound Design for Film
  • Film Scoring

Additionally, Slam Academy offers private lessons from any of our instructors.

(612) 293-SLAM

Slam Academy of Electronic Arts
1006 Marquette S.
Minneapolis, MN. 55403 

Certified Trainers: James Patrick and J. Anthony Allen


Please note: Ableton Certified Training Centers are separate private enterprises and are solely responsible for their course content. These centers are not administrated by Ableton AG nor Ableton Inc.