• Milan Italy

4CMP ("For Creative Music Producer") is a computer music school and production/recording studio located in the Milan city center.

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4CMP offers in-depth courses on Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, Mixing/Post-Production and DJ Techniques. These courses are aimed at both beginner and advanced producers, musicians and DJs. The school also holds many one-day workshops, dedicated to specific audio topics (Mastering, Harmony and Composition) and hardware/software products (Novation Launchpad, Max For Live, etc.).

The main classroom is equipped with six complete workstations (PC, DAW, MIDI controllers, audio card and headphones). In addition to the classroom, there is an acoustically treated 5.1 studio mainly involved in music production, recording, mixing and mastering, also available for the students.

The teachers are certified trainers and product specialists as well as external sound engineers. The 4CMP's Ableton Certified Trainer is Luca Mucci.

Ableton Live course details: The complete course is splitted into two modules (beginner and advanced). Each module consists of twenty hours of lesson time, with eight weekly classes of two and a half hours. The beginner module covers the basics of MIDI programming and music production, while the advanced module is more focused on sound design and live performance. Class size is limited to six students but new courses start every month, so registration is always open.

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