Chris Pratt

  • Plymouth United Kingdom

Chris Pratt has been performing and producing with Ableton Live for almost 20 years. He has a wealth of experience helping learners of ranging ability to develop effective workflows for composition, production and performance using systems centred around Ableton Live.

Teaching since

Chris started DJing in his early teens, and this quickly led to experimenting with rudimentary samplers and incorporating technology into a hybrid performance style alongside his turntables. He started using Ableton Live 3 in 2003 while studying towards his degree in music production. Much of his teaching involves enabling students to create interactive performance systems based around Ableton Live alongside hardware synthesis, sampling, sequencing and controller technology.

Chris performs live improvised techno, electro and experimental electronic music under various monikers, using systems incorporating modular synthesis, Ableton Live, MIDI controllers and custom Max for Live devices. He creates performance oriented tools in Max for Live as one half of Kinesotronic. He also incorporates Ableton Live and Max for Live into his work on audio-visual installations and performing live visuals at events and festivals.

Having taught at dBs Sound & Music Institute for over a decade, Chris is experienced in supporting learners on further education and degree courses in performance, composition, sound design and Max for Live development. His work in this environment means he has a wealth of experience helping complete beginners and new users of Ableton Live with diverse musical backgrounds to transition from other DAWs. He has limited availability around the modules he runs for dBs Sound & Music Institute but does offer bespoke one-to-one courses for anyone wanting to start out composing, remixing or performing with Ableton Live. Bespoke courses are available remotely via Zoom or Google Hangouts.

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