New in Live 9.2: 64 pad drum layout, modulation with the touch strip, and improved aftertouch response.

Ableton Push

Push is a new instrument that solves an old problem: how to make a song from scratch. With hands-on control of melody and harmony, beats, sounds, and song structure, Push puts the fundamental elements of music making at your fingertips - and it fits in a backpack alongside your laptop.

Play and sequence beats. 64 pads give you multiple ways to make beats. Play, step sequence, and adjust your loop - all at the same time.

New in Live 9.2: 64 pad drum layout

See Push’s range of beatmaking capabilities
  • Play beats live with velocity sensitive pads made by Akai Professional, and adjust sounds and kits while you play with eight touch-sensitive endless encoders. Hold a pad to repeat notes in time with your track and adjust the repeat divisions or swing in real time.
  • Step sequence beats directly using the pads for precise control. Select any step and tweak timing, velocity, and parameter values individually for each cell. See velocity and accents for each step shown on the Push’s pads.
  • Select which bar of your loop you want to sequence or adjust the length of the loop.
  • Optionally, use the whole grid of 64 pads for real-time playing. Then quickly switch between layouts to step sequence or change your loop length again.
  • Play
  • Step Sequence
  • Adjust
  • Play Bigger

A new way to play notes and chords. Play in every key using the same finger patterns. Move between keys at the touch of a button. Step sequence and edit both notes and parameters.

New in Live 9.2: Modulation with the touch strip

See how Push’s note entry layout can bring inspiration
  • When playing instruments, Push “folds” a keyboard’s worth of notes to its 64 pads. Pad colors show key center, other notes in the key, and any notes you’ve recorded. Push’s condensed layout means large intervals can be reached easily, and patterns can be played with the same fingerings in all keys. Use Push’s touch slider for pitch bend or modulation.
  • Select a key and scale with the touch of a button and the pads light to show you the notes in that scale. Other notes are unlit - or can be hidden altogether for purely diatonic playing.
  • Step sequence melodies and harmonies. Edit or delete notes to fix mistakes or create variations. Nudge single notes or chords for precise timing changes or adjust note length and velocity.
  • Hold a step while adjusting an encoder to record a parameter's value for only that step. Create rhythmic, quantized parameter changes that are locked to specific notes in your loop.

Packed with sounds. Make music with a studio full of instruments and effects. Control them all with Push.

Push uses the power of Ableton Live running on your computer. Live provides Push with a comprehensive collection of instruments and effects, many of which are optimized for use with Push.

All of your sounds are ready to be played, tweaked, and personalized. Fine-tune parameters in your instruments and effects using Push’s touch-sensitive encoders and see everything from Push’s display.

Watch how Push lets you work with sounds
  • Start with Push and Live 9 Intro which includes 3 instruments and 700+ sounds.
  • Intro Core Library
  • Electronic Drums
  • Or get more with Live 9 Suite: 9 instruments, 41 effects, 3000+ sounds and Max for Live.
  • Drums
  • Max for Live
  • Synthesizers
  • Adjust the selected instrument or effect
  • Browse the library to find sounds, presets or devices
  • Adjust volumes for all tracks, or detailed mix parameters for a single track
  • Adjust the selected clip or loop

Improvise and play with song structure. Capture all of your musical ideas. Duplicate and create variations. Trigger, re-arrange, and create new combinations.

Capture everything you play with Push’s unique recording workflow. Overdub new notes or create variations of phrases, moving quickly between your song materials with just a few buttons. After you’ve created ideas, switch to another mode to try them out in various combinations.

When you’re ready to get into detailed arranging, editing, and exporting your finished song, switch from Push to your computer to find your music already laid out in Ableton Live - the software that was powering your work the whole time. Push gives you the best of both worlds for making music: inspiring hardware for hands-on control at the beginning, and full-featured music creation software for fine-tuning the details at the end.

See how Push and Live let you record ideas, experiment with variations and work with song structure

Designed by Ableton. Engineered by Akai Professional.

Push takes full advantage of Akai Professional's decades of experience building pad controllers for performers and producers. Push’s pads are engineered to offer both extreme sensitivity for nuanced playing of instruments and a deep, solid feel for beatmaking.

  • Push combines Ableton’s vision for music making with Akai Professional’s years of experience making instruments.

  • Push has 64 velocity and pressure sensitive RGB (multicolored) pads. The pad layout adapts depending on the track you have selected.

  • A touch strip with 24 LEDs for pitch bend, modulation, or navigating through a Drum Rack.

  • 11 touch sensitive endless encoders. A four line LCD display that adapts to show the important parameters you’re working on.

  • USB, foot-switches and additional power.

  • Push
  • Pads
  • Touch strip
  • Encoders and Display
  • Connections

If you’re familiar with Live, Push complements what you already know. Live runs in the background, filling your Set with clips and scenes as you create with Push.

You can switch between Push and Live when you’re ready to finalize your song, and you’ll find all of your song materials ready for you in Live’s Session View.

Push is also the ultimate performance controller, with pads that can be instantly repurposed into a clip launching grid. And Live’s tight integration with Max for Live lets you customize Push for your own working style, or reprogram it to add new features and workflows.

Start playing. Learn how easy it is to set up and use Push.

You can find more tips and tricks on our blog and help section.

Check out where you can try Push in-store

  • Getting Started
  • Creating Beats
  • Playing Chords and Melodies
  • Tweaking and Mixing
  • Session Mode
  • Pad Sensitivity
  • Workflow – from ideas to song parts
  • Step Sequencing

Push works with Ableton Live 9.
Live runs on your Mac or PC and provides multitrack recording, instruments, effects, and everything else you need to make music.

Push needs Live 9 – if you own Live 1-8 log in to see your best upgrade offer.


Live 9 Suite

  • All features
  • 3000+ Sounds (54GB)
    Including Session Drums, Latin Percussion, the Orchestral Instruments collection and more.
  • 9 Instruments
    + Analog, Collision, Electric, Operator, Sampler, Tension

    Drum Rack, Impulse, Simpler

    Also includes External Instrument device

  • 41 Effects
    + Amp, Cabinet, Corpus

    Arpeggiator, Auto Filter, Auto Pan, Beat Repeat, Chord, Chorus, Compressor, Corpus, Dynamic Tube, EQ Eight, EQ Three, Erosion, External Audio Effect, Filter Delay, Flanger, Frequency Shifter, Gate, Glue, Grain Delay, Limiter, Looper, Multi-band Dynamics, Note Length, Overdrive, Phaser, Ping Pong Delay, Pitch, Random, Redux, Resonators, Reverb, Saturator, Scale, Simple Delay, Spectrum, Tuner, Utility, Velocity, Vinyl Distortion, Vocoder

    Also includes External Audio Effect device

  • Max for Live
    Limitless possibilities for creating devices and customizing Live

    Comes with Convolution Reverb, Convolution Reverb Pro, Mono Sequencer, Buffer Shuffler 2, Drum Synth (13 devices), LFO, Envelope Follower, XY Pad, Multimap, Device Randomizer, Control Device MIDI, Envelope MIDI, LFO MIDI

USD 1348USD 1198


  • 64 velocity and pressure sensitive pads
  • 8 touch sensitive encoders
  • LCD display
  • Bus-powered
  • Includes Live 9 Intro
    3 instruments, 27 Effects, 700+ Sounds (4GB)

USD 698USD 599


Live 9 Standard

  • All features
  • 1100+ Sounds (11GB)
  • 3 Instruments
    Drum Rack, Impulse, Simpler

    Also includes External Instrument device

  • 38 Effects
    + Dynamic Tube, EQ Eight, Filter Delay, Frequency Shifter, Glue, Multi-band Dynamics, Overdrive, Resonators, Spectrum, Vinyl Distortion, Vocoder

    Arpeggiator, Auto Filter, Auto Pan, Beat Repeat, Chord, Chorus, Compressor, EQ Three, Erosion, Flanger, Gate, Grain Delay, Limiter, Looper, Note Length, Phaser, Ping Pong Delay, Pitch, Random, Redux, Reverb, Saturator, Scale, Simple Delay, Tuner, Utility, Velocity

    Also includes External Audio Effect device

USD 1048USD 948

Detailed comparison of Suite, Standard & Intro

Above pricing is for direct download versions of Live 9 and all included Packs. Box sold separately.