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Gate Music 門音乐是一家以电子音乐教学为主的教育科技有限公司,位于上海市长宁区定西路。 門音乐还提供各种派对音乐节和活动策划承办。公司的大多数成员都是活跃在全中国的制作人和DJ。在这里教授的讲师来自世界各地,富有多元音乐文化背景。

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我们主要为初学者提供教学和咨询,并开设线上和线下实体工作室教学。公司的主攻课程是 DJ 技巧和音乐制作。我们为所有课程配备最新的专业设备,专设独特的硬件和软件,并提供双语教科书。 


         DJ 和音乐制作是一个漫长的学习经历,它意味着大量时间和精力的投入。但当你终有一天成为一个具有专业素养的音乐人时,会明白一切付出都是值得的。         

         Gate Music 的原力来自于我们对音乐的热爱。我们的旅程才刚刚起步,我们期待去体验更多,创造更多。如果你有兴趣加入,请与我们联系。


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Gate Music is an educational technology company based on the teaching of electronic music and provides the cooperation of various party music festivals and other activities as an extension. The company is located in Changning District, Shanghai, and most of the team are producers and DJs active in the whole of China. 

The instructors of our company are from all over the world and have very rich cultural backgrounds. We mainly offer teaching and consulting for beginners, and run online and studio courses. Our main basic courses are in DJ skills and Music Production, we provide up to date professional equipment, access to unique hardware and software, and bilingual textbook books for all courses. 

We do our best to make all courses professional and refined and hope to provide a comprehensive learning platform and place for those excited to learn about electronic music. I believe our students will create incredible things with our resources and expertise and encouragement. DJ and Music Production requires a lot of patience and study, but performing a DJ set or producing your own tracks will give you endless rewards. 

The driving force of Gate Music is our passion for music. Electronic music is a common belief that connects us all here. We are just at the beginning now, but there will be many more experiences to create and be part of. If you're interested in joining, please contact us.

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