SAE Institute New York, NY

  • New York City NY United States

The New York campus of SAE is located in midtown Manhattan at Herald Square. The curriculum is audio-centric and reflects both the educational philosophy of SAE worldwide and the realities of the audio/music industry in New York.


Two programs are offered: The Audio Technology Program or ATP program is a nine-month full-time (or eighteen-month part-time) program designed to prepare graduates for a career in any one of the many disciplines of the audio industry.

The second program is the Electronic Music Production or EMP program. This is a part-time, personal enrichment program for individuals seeking to make or produce music primarily using computers, sequencers, DAWs and synthesizers. Ableton LIVE is one of the featured programs in this curriculum, as it is extremely popular amongst electronic musicians.

The SAE facility features over twenty studios and workstations. Consoles and controllers include Neve 88R, Digidesign ICON D-Control ES, Yamaha O2R96 and SSL4000G+. Students receive classroom instruction, hands-on training and lab/studio time. ATP students also receive a computer package which includes a version of Ableton Live, a workshop subject.

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