Ableton is at the leading edge of a long tradition of instrument makers. For over 10 years we have pursued a singular vision of what making music with computers can be.

If you are excited by the challenge of enabling musical expression through technology then you should join us.

Our team is made up of over 150 individuals, from 22 countries, divided between our offices in Berlin and Los Angeles. Many of us are active musicians, producers, DJs, artists and performers. Most of us use Live. While some of us have PhDs, others are completely self-taught, and most of us are somewhere in between. What matters is: if you can do great work, then you'll fit in here.

We like it here. We think you will too. Here’s why...

  • Making music

    Inspiring music-makers is our goal. We love knowing that what we do makes amazing things possible. Our users appreciate this and the positive feedback we get makes it all worthwhile.
  • Doing great work

    Our colleagues are highly skilled individuals who inspire each other. Our work is often challenging, but the office atmosphere is relaxed. We maintain flat hierarchies, open communication and flexible hours.
  • We don’t just work together

    There are several company and team outings throughout the year but we also get together for subsidized yoga courses, boat races, patch and solder sessions, developer salons, movie nights, and more.
  • Berlin

    Berlin is both affordable and culturally rich. A wealth of bars, clubs, cafes, museums, galleries, parks and lakes – plus a vibrant and diverse music scene – make Berlin a great place to live and work.
  • Getting here

    We know that the right candidate might not be from around here. We’ll help you relocate to Berlin - from covering costs to assisting with the official paperwork to providing free German and English lessons.
  • The offices

    Our Berlin offices are centrally located, spacious and tastefully appointed. Free gourmet coffee and fresh fruit are available all day and our cafeteria serves a tasty, inexpensive organic lunch.
A tour of our offices in Berlin.

Open positions:

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    Can’t find the right job for you?

    If you want to work at Ableton but none of the positions above seem right for you, send us your resume anyway. Maybe we just don't know yet how much we need you.