Pyramind (San Francisco)



Pyramind is a cutting-edge digital music, recording and game audio training facility in the heart of San Francisco. In addition to their diverse lineup of courses and certifications, Pyramind provides sound and music production services for the biggest names in interactive entertainment, enabling them to offer audio education in a real, working studio environment.

Through Pyramind's unique tiered certificate programs, students learn the most up-to-date skills and techniques for their choice of focus, whether they are DJs, producers, studio musicians, sound designers or engineers. Classes include instruction in music theory, remixing, recording, 5.1 mixing, game audio and much more.

Pyramind is home to two Ableton certified trainers, Timo Preece (AKA Gravity Terminal) and Gregory J. Gordon, and offers a sixteen-week intensive Ableton Live program that focuses on both the studio and performance applications of Live. Students receive comprehensive training on Live's modes, components, parameters and capabilities, as well as learning how these can be used alongside other pro audio applications and modern third-party tools.

Finally, in March 2009, Pyramind also hosted an "Elite Session" master class with famed Ableton Live controllerist Moldover, who, for six hours on a Saturday, delved into some of the deepest features Live has to offer. Pyramind is scheduling more advanced events of this caliber every day, including a special evening with Australian electronic dance duo, Pitch Black.

To learn more about Pyramind and its certificate programs, including the new Ableton Live "Weekend Bootcamp," please visit:


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