Orville Kline (Chicago, IL)


Orville Kline

Orville Kline has been playing traditional instruments such as guitar, saxophone and drums in traditional bands for more than twelve years. He was first exposed to Ableton Live (version 4) in 2004 while studying advanced recording and MIDI production techniques. While doing freelance engineering work at some of Chicago's largest recording studios, Orville also managed to break into Chicago's cutthroat DJ scene. Orville now uses Ableton Live to produce and perform his unique style of heavy electro house and minimal techno. He has spun in cities across the country, ranging from Miami to Detroit to Seattle. Having experience as both an audio engineer and a DJ enables him to teach Ableton Live from a variety of perspectives. His teaching specialties include customized controller setup and mix engineering with Live. Orville teaches one-on-one and group classes at Music Industry Workshop in Chicago. Orville is also an active participant and presenter of the Chicago Ableton User Group.


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