Gregory J. Gordon (San Francisco, CA)


Gregory J. Gordon

Gregory J. Gordon is the founder and CEO of Pyramind Studios & Training in San Francisco, California. He is a mix engineer, a producer, an educator and an award winning sound designer. In his twenty-plus years in the industry, he has worked with a wide variety of recording artists, film and AAA video game clients including Microsoft Game Studios (Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, Kinect Disneyland Adventures) Sony Computer Entertainment America (God Of War I & II), Sega Studios (Iron Man 2), and LucasArts (Lego Indiana Jones). Greg has mixed numerous albums and recordings including Six Degrees recording artist Jef Stott's album Arcana, Dhamal, Rocker T featuring Joan Baez, Merl Saunders featuring Jerry Garcia, Native, and Goddess Gaia to name just a few.

Greg was asked to develop and implement a digital audio program at San Francisco State University's multimedia studies program which led him to teach digital audio production classes and ProTools to film students at the Academy of Arts College and The California Recording Institute. He then went on to integrate manufacturer certifications from companies like Apple Computers, Avid, Ableton and other industry leaders with over thirty classes in digital audio production to create his unique vision of a music production and training center. Greg uses Ableton Live to create re-mixes, sound design and original tracks and oversees the sixteen-week Ableton Live training program at Pyramind in San Francisco. 

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