Brian Jackson (Brooklyn, New York)


Brian Jackson

Brian Jackson is an internationally released electronic musician and audio engineer who specializes in one-on-one training. His students range from true beginners to Grammy winners. He is the author of the Ableton Live Course Clips Master tutorial DVDs for Live versions 5, 6, and 8, and he served as technical editor for the books Ableton Live 7 Power!, Ableton Live 8 Power!, and Your Ableton Live Studio. While based out of Form Labs--his Williamsburg, Brooklyn studio--he has also taught audio engineering and music production at numerous schools in Manhattan since 2002.

Brian is also a partner and Director of Education at Devotion Gallery, Brooklyn's first Ableton Certified Training Center. There he has attracted an amazing group of experienced and talented artist/teachers that allow him to offer a variety of small group classes and workshops. Combined, Devotion Gallery and Form Labs offer instruction and consultation for nearly all aspects of computer-based music, audio production, and creative visual media--including MIDI, synthesis, mixing, recording, mastering, music theory, creative process, sound design, digital DJ, most Mac-based DAWs, creative software development, graphic design, and even circuit bending.



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