Brandon Murphy (Chicago, IL)


Brandon Murphy

Brandon Murphy is a multi-disciplinary audio artist, educator and Ableton Live trainer currently based in Chicago, Illinois. He divides his time between performance (double bass, electronics, DJing, improvising), teaching and production/sound design.

In addition to his regular session and sideman work as a bassist, Brandon is half of the production duo "Illiac," a sample-based, instrumental hip-hop project that restricts itself to using "out" or free jazz vinyl records as its primary source material. An objective of the project is to explore alternative sampling repertoires, which, throughout the history of hip-hop, has largely consisted of the same basic sound set (funk, soul and r&b). He is also a core member of the DJ crew "Heavy Rotation," which performs regularly throughout the Chicago area.

With Ableton Live, Brandon enjoys teaching beginning and advanced techniques in composition/production and audio engineering/post-production. His areas of specialty include computer music performance/improvisation, re-purposing outdated hardware through software integration and extended techniques.

Much of Brandon's recent focus has been on creating Live-specific curricula with universities across the US and providing training for music department faculty. He is currently working with Columbia College in Chicago on developing and teaching Ableton Live courses. Brandon is available for private lessons, lectures, workshops, academic training and consultations.


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