Adam Fangsrud (Austin, TX)


Adam Fangsrud

Adam Fangsrud has been an electronic music nerd since the age of 8, when his parents bought him his first Casio keyboard.  He loves all forms of synthesis, both digital and analog, and is equally comfortable in the software and hardware domains.  Adam currently produces under the name Henbane, and among other projects served as chief bit-smasher for the Savannah, GA based noise band Forgotten Realms.  He has an MFA in Sound Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design and currently teaches Audio Production at the Art Institute of Austin.  In addition to that he is a freelance sound designer specializing in composition and mix to picture.  Adam started using Ableton Live for live performance in 2003, and after putting it on the side burner for several years to explore modular patch-based composition has come full circle with the release of Max for Live.  He is always super happy to help out any burgeoning Ableton user with basic composition and editing, but his real passion is using the software for live looping, vocal processing, and generative Max-based parameter mangling.



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