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Live 9 Certified Trainers

Aaron Zilch (Los Angeles, CA)
Aaron Zilch has been making electronic music for over 18 years. As a teen, his bedroom was a jungle of wires connecting a modular menagerie of hardware drum machines, samplers, and early digital audio workstations.

Abid Hussain (New Orleans, LA, and Dallas, TX)
Abid Hussain is an electronic and alternative rock producer with more than twenty years of experience. Working as Nebulae, Pellicle, Chlorophyll, and Kundalini Shock Attack, he has produced fourteen of his own albums, in addition to more than twenty-five remixes for artists all over the world.

Adam Fangsrud (Austin, TX)
Adam Fangsrud has been an electronic music nerd since the age of 8, when his parents bought him his first Casio keyboard.  He loves all forms of synthesis, both digital and analog, and is equally comfortable in the software and hardware domains.

Adriano Clemente (New York City)
Adriano Clemente has been playing piano since 1990. His first approach to electronic music production was in 1996, when he bought his first analog synthesizer. After several years making computer music and using hardware such as samplers, synths and drum machines, he discovered Ableton Live in 2005, and this completely changed his approach to music production and live performance.

Alec Ness (San Francisco, CA)
Alec Ness is a music producer and instructor from San Francisco, CA.
As an artist, Alec is a predominantly an electronic musician, he began producing with Ableton Live in 2005.

Antonio Sage (San Francisco and Bay Area, CA)
Producer, Artist and Multi Instrumentalist Antonio Sage has been an Ableton user since version one. His collection of musical works ranges from Flamenco Guitar to Electronic Dance Music and everything in between.

Brandon Murphy (Chicago, IL)
Brandon Murphy is a multi-disciplinary audio artist, educator and Ableton Live trainer currently based in Chicago, Illinois.

Brett Davis (Las Vegas)
Brett Davis has been producing, and recording music since 2000. His live performance experience began in Hollywood in 2002 where he played guitar, keyboards, programming, sampling, and provided backing vocals with several bands at venues throughout the Los Angeles area.

Brian Funk (Long Island, NY)
Brian Funk, aka AfroDJMac, is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter from New York.  He began his musical career on the guitar, playing in numerous rock bands, recording albums, and embarking on tours of the East Coast of the United States.

Brian Jackson (Brooklyn, New York)
Brian Jackson is an internationally released electronic musician and audio engineer who specializes in one-on-one training. His students range from true beginners to Grammy winners.

Brian Markman (Los Angeles, CA)
Brian Markman is an engineer, producer and club DJ. Starting over 12 years ago playing records at acid jazz clubs and then at raves playing drum and bass, technology pushed his musical interests forward. 

Charles Noel (New York, NY)
Charles is resident specialist of electronic music production, DJing and performance at the School of Audio Engineering. 

Chris Dilday (Nashville, TN)
Chris Dilday is a musician, producer, DJ and engineer based in Nashville, Tennessee. A drummer since age 10 and a DJ since 16, he has immersed himself in music from an early age.

Chris Schlyer (Seattle, WA)
Chris Schlyer is a musician, performer and sound designer based out of Seattle, WA. He is heavily involved in the video game industry and has worked for companies such as Sony Computer Entertainment of America and Activision Blizzard, using Live as a tool for interactive audio development.

Corey Baker (Los Angeles, CA)
Corey Baker has been creating music since he was 16. Starting with guitar, recording on a computer was always in his musical equation.

Dan Freeman (New York City, NY)
Dan Freeman (C0m1x) is a bassist/keyboardist/producer based in Brooklyn. He's lived in NYC for the past 12 years and has been fortunate to work with world-class artists and producers.

David Lopez (Decatur, GA)
David Lopez, Audio Technology Instructor at SAE Atlanta, has been working with music for over twenty-eight years in numerous capacities.

Devin Lamp (Nashville, TN)
Devin Lamp has been working as a freelance producer and engineer for more then a decade, helping bands, solo artists, and songwriters transform their musical dreams and ambitions into great recordings.

Frank “El Medico” Rodríguez (Davie, FL)
Franklin Rodríguez, aka El Medico, graduated from the Miami Campus of SAE Institute in 2002. After graduation, he became a supervisor at the school; a year later he was promoted to instructor and currently works at SAE full-time.

Gregory J. Gordon (San Francisco, CA)
Gregory J. Gordon is the founder and CEO of Pyramind in San Francisco, California. His passion for music and sound led him to become a mix/re-mix engineer, a producer, an educator and an award winning soun designer.

Heinrich Zwahlen (New York, NY)
Heinrich is a synthesist, sound engineer and composer. He teaches at DubSpot, will travel and is fluent in German.

Ian Gallagher (New York, NY)
A guitarist, drummer and pianist since age 10, Ian Gallagher began producing in the mid-90s with an 8-track cassette recorder, drum machine and outboard gear. He went on to study classical guitar at New York City’s 

Isaac Cotec (Seattle, WA)
Isaac Cotec started producing electronic based music in 2005, while working with a project called Psyche Sonics. Psyche Sonics was an experimental group working with the science and research of binaural beats, and altering consciousness through sounds.

J. Anthony Allen (Minneapolis, MN)
In his young career, J. Anthony Allen has worn the hats of composer, producer, songwriter, engineer, sound designer, DJ, remix artist, multi-media artist, performer, inventor, and entrepreneur.

Jake Perrine (Seattle, WA)
Jake began making computer-based music with the Apple II+ in 1982. He composed his first operatic work in 1990 using an IBM 286xt with two floppy drives and no hard drive.

James Patrick (Minneapolis, MN)
James Patrick is a DJ/ music producer, owner of Slam Academy and Timefog Recordings, curator of the international Spark Festival of Electronic Arts, and an Ableton Certified Trainer.

Jeremy Highhouse (Portland, OR)
Jeremy Highhouse is an engineer, producer, performer, synthesist, studio owner, and Ableton studio integration specialist.

Jimmy Allison (Austin, TX)
Jimmy Allison is a bassist, producer, and Ableton instructor based in Austin, Texas. Jimmy has lived in Austin since 1996 and has performed many styles of music, from hardcore punk to jazzy trip-hop.

Joey Paranoia (Orlando, FL)
Joseph Petersen, aka Joey Paranoia, is a producer, DJ, and Ableton specialist with over ten years of experience playing in clubs and on the radio. He first started using Ableton Live in 2005, and has been an Ableton Certified Trainer since 2009.

Joseph Cerimeli (Portland, OR)
Joseph Pailo Cerimeli has been teaching Ableton for the last eight years both privately and publicly across the US.

Josh Bess (Jericho, NY)
Josh Bess is a percussionist and electronic artist, currently based out of New York. Growing up just outside of New York City, he has been involved with music from an early age.

Ken Porter (Phoenix, AZ)
Producer, remixer, mastering engineer and musician Ken Porter has drawn on his international performing experience and his mastery of the latest software and hardware tools to stay on the cutting edge of electronic and pop music for over fifteen years.

Laura Escudé (Los Angeles, CA)
Laura Escudé is a critically-acclaimed violinist, composer and sound designer. Laura is a leading figure in the contemporary electronic music and music technology realms, a visionary for the future of music.

Lenny Kiser (San Francisco, CA)
Lenny Kiser is a producer, DJ, audio engineer, and Ableton instructor. He currently teaches his own Ableton Live courses and organizes the SF Bay Area Ableton User Group in San Francisco, CA.

Leon J (Minneapolis, MN)
In over a decade of live performances, Minneapolis-based producer, remix artist, and DJ Leon Jaworski has worked with The Crystal Method, BT and Adam Freeland.

Loudon Stearns (Boston, MA)
Loudon Stearns is a professor at Berklee College of Music in the Contemporary Writing and Production Department, where he specializes in composition with technology.

Matt McCoy (Chicago, IL)
Matt McCoy is a worship leader, songwriter and recording artist from Chicago, Illinois.

Michael Cupino (Miami, FL)
Michael Cupino is an artist/composer/producer/engineer based in Miami, Florida, where he specializes in music technology and a variety of creative digital fields, from web design to video editing/composition and print work. 

Paul Laski (Los Angeles, CA)
Paul Laski (P-LASK) is a producer, remixer, sound designer, DJ, and label owner of ELECTRIC DANGEROUS MUSIC, with over a decade of experience in the dance music scene.

Orville Kline (Chicago, IL)
Orville Kline has been playing traditional instruments such as guitar, saxophone and drums in traditional bands for more than twelve years.

Ricky Graham (Hoboken, NJ)
Ricky Graham is a guitarist, composer, researcher, and producer from Northern Ireland, currently based in New Jersey.

Ryan Kull (Los Angeles, CA)
Ryan Kull is an electronic musician, engineer, and professional instructor from Los Angeles.

Scottie Dugan (Atlanta, GA)
Scottie Dugan is a synthesist, performer, composer and educator based in Atlanta. His introduction to the piano at a very young age resulted in fifteen years of formal classical piano and composition training.

Steven Smith (Jacksonville, FL)
Steven L. Smith is both a professional performer and an established educator. He plays saxophone and keyboards and has been performing professionally since age sixteen.

Taylor Martyr (Los Angeles, CA)
Taylor has worked in the music business for a decade as a touring songwriter, producer, engineer and music technology enthusiast.

Thavius Beck (Los Angeles, CA)
Thavius Beck is an electronic musician/producer/programmer who has worked with various artists ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Saul Williams.

Thomas Faulds (Chicago, IL)
Thomas Faulds is a sound designer and percussionist based in Chicago, Illinois. Inspired by new technologies and production, Thomas is an active participant in the dynamic music scene in Chicago.

Timo Preece (San Francisco, CA / Edinburgh, UK)
Timo Preece is an accomplished audio technologist, multi-media consultant, and electronic musician. He graduated with a degree in Ethnomusicology from UCLA and is currently doing post-graduate work in Sound Design at the University of Edinburgh, UK.

Tom Carlile (Austin, TX)
Tom Carlile teaches Ableton Live classes and workshops at Dub Academy, Austin, Texas. He uses Ableton Live to create music and sound effects for video games, short films, and sample packs.

Will Doggett (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
Will Doggett is a worship leader, musician and educator based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Wyatt Agard (Madison, WI)
Wyatt Agard is a DJ, producer, and music educator based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Wyatt Meagher (Miami, FL)
Wyatt Meagher is a producer, performer, and teacher based out of Miami, Florida. Also known as Y Diz, he produces the band Telekinetic Walrus.

Yeuda Ben-Atar (Los Angeles, CA)
Yeuda Ben-Atar, aka Side Brain, is a producer, performer, and music educator based in Los Angeles, California.

Live 8 Certified Trainers

DJ Kiva (Brooklyn, NY)
DJ Kiva is a Brooklyn-based artist, DJ and producer with twenty years of experience. A multi-instrumentalist, he plays guitar, keyboards, trumpet, and drums, and he has toured internationally.

Raz Mesinai (New York, NY)
Raz Mesinai has produced over a dozen albums on such diverse labels as the old school dub and hardcore punk label ROIR, Instinct, Asphodel and John Zorn's Tzadik label.

Joshua Grau (Atlanta, GA)
Joshua is the Director of Education for SAE Atlanta. He has been a primary instructor of Electronic Music Production, Music Theory, Live Sound, Acoustics and many other courses for both the SAE Miami and Atlanta locations.

Training Centers

Devotion Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)
Devotion is owned and operated by artists, musicians, thinkers, and teachers. We know from experience that tools and skills are integral to expression.

Dub Academy (Austin, TX)
Dub Academy is a DJ and music production school located in downtown Austin, Texas. We are a collective of Ableton experts, Certified Trainers, DJ's, production artists and cinematographers offering a variety of courses and educational packages for both beginners and advanced students.

DubSpot (New York, NY)
Dubspot is a forward-thinking electronic music production and DJ school in New York City and now ONLINE.

Icon Collective (Los Angeles, CA)
Recognized by the Grammy museum as "Leaders in Music Production Education," Icon Collective's forward-thinking curriculum is resonating with the next generation of electronic artists and producers.

Electronic Creatives (San Francisco/Los Angeles, CA)
Electronic Creatives is a music and technology consulting firm based out of California (Los Angeles/San Francisco) that specializes in the creation of cutting-edge workflow for audio/visual performance and production.

Ex'pression Pro (San Francisco Bay Area, CA)
Ex'pression Pro is San Francisco Bay Area's world-class training center offering premier instruction and certification on professional software in a state-of-the-art facility.

Institute of Production and Recording (Minneapolis, MN)
The first Ableton Live class at IPR was launched in 2004 by the instructor, DJ and musician James Patrick. Since then, the development of his courses has become a focal point of music education at IPR.

Music Industry Workshop (Chicago, IL)
Celebrating fifteen years, Music Industry Workshop is a premier training and resource center for Ableton Live, DJ technology, and electronic music production.

Pyramind (San Francisco)
Pyramind is a cutting-edge digital music, recording and game audio training facility in the heart of San Francisco.

SAE Institute (New York, NY)
The New York campus of SAE is located in midtown Manhattan at Herald Square. The curriculum is audio-centric and reflects both the educational philosophy of SAE worldwide and the realities of the audio/music industry in New York.

SAE Institute (Miami, FL)
The EMP program at SAE Miami is centered around the practical techniques needed to produce a variety of music styles, including hip-hop, house, dubstep, electro, and more.

Slam Academy (Minneapolis, MN)
Slam Academy provides fast-paced and affordable music production and DJ technique classes in downtown Minneapolis.

Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, NJ)
The Music & Technology program at Stevens is designed to provide undergraduate students with a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the interrelationship between Music and Technology.


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