Rikki McKee (Ayr)


Rikki McKee

Rikki has been producing computer-based music since he got his hands on his first 8-bit sampler for the Amiga. Starting out as a DJ in 1989 in Majorca, his music taste has grown far and wide. Heavily active in the Scottish rave scene under various pseudonyms during the nineties, Rikki's growing tastes have seen him drop techno, funk, disco, jazz, ambient, hip-hop, rock and blues sets over the years. Now he tends to drop them all in one go where he can. His love of sampling and second-hand record stores has pulled him toward a genre that cannot be readily defined.

He is currently based at Ayr College in Scotland where he teaches, among many subjects, sound production, DAW, remixing, DJ skills and copyright. He is an advocate of generating/finding talent in all people he comes across. Working extensively in the community (which is his first love), he has managed to find latent talent and creativity in both young and old.

"Ableton allows me to do this; it's the perfect platform for both the beginner and expert alike. To my mind, there is no equal."


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