Mark Towers (Leicester)


Mark Towers

Mark has been making electronic music since 1998 using an array of samplers, synthesizers, and sequencers, both hardware and software. After discovering Ableton Live 4 in 2004, he began using Live as a production center and performance tool for his projects, including drum & bass, IDM, and ambient sound installations. Mark has lectured for five years at Leicester College (one of the UK's largest further education colleges) and teaches a range of courses and subjects, including music production, synthesis, programming, and multimedia. Mark also runs a specialized Ableton Live course that covers Getting Started with Live, Basic and Advanced Production Techniques, and Arranging and Performing with Live. Class size ranges from 5-20 students, and Mark also offers one-on-one sessions. Specialized instruction for use of Live in theatres, live bands, and DJing are also available.


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