Federico Bersano Begey (London)


Frederico Bersano Begey

Federico Bersano Begey has been creating music with any known computer and software since the early '90s. He was a club DJ for about ten years, worked in radio and joined a band to record two albums and tour extensively for a couple of years. He eventually left his native Italy to move to London, where, in 2001, while doing some mercenary work on a few dance remixes, he discovered a new piece of software called Ableton Live (version 1.0). At the same time he started teaching music production, and after a few years as a freelancer, he has found a permanent home at the London School of Sound, where he lectures on a variety of subjects, making no mystery about his preference for Ableton Live. His music is released under different pseudonyms and due to inexcusable laziness the best chance to see him perform is actually to attend one of his lectures.



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