Ron Rüegg (Grüt)


Ron Rüegg

Ron has produced and performed electronic music since 1996. Currently he is hitting the floors with the international live act and DJ team Evolent. Ron ran two studios, Schaltraum and Tankraum, for several years, gaining knowledge and experience in producing, mixing and recording. He has worked with artists from all genres and is a strong communicator. His collaboration with the Swiss-based promoter/label City Lights and frequent work at Zürich's top DJ/producer shop, DJ Discount, has given him a broad knowledge of the business. When he discovered Ableton Live, Ron's process of musical creation reached new levels of innovation and spontaneity, and after fielding many questions about Live from producers, DJs and newbies, Ron decided to pass on his passion and knowledge in a professional way. He specializes in teaching Ableton Live in one-on-one lessons.



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