Emanuel Frey (Zürich)


Emanuel Frey began playing classical piano in the early eighties and soon after began improvising. Entertaining from the stage with spontaneous ideas became one of his musical passions. Emanuel has also played in rock bands and toured as a keyboardist.

In 2008 he finished studies at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHDK), with a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Composing-Arranging/Music Production and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Computer Music. Subsequently, he traded melody-oriented composition for a more beat-focused approach and began using Ableton Live, moving from a linear to a live production workflow. Emanuel has also invented and shared various Max for Live plug-ins to enhance Live's functionality, and which are used by hundreds of musicians around the globe.

In 2011 Emanuel founded the Ableton Live User Group Zürich, a Swiss-wide user group centered around Ableton Live as a production tool. Training sessions and studio/stage "raids" are organized as part of this initiative.


Emanuel is also part of audiodoktor.ch which aims at one-on-one music production lessons. Advanced dance-oriented music production, controller-oriented setups, Max for Live and musical DJing are the topics offered for beginners and professionals.




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