Vasco Ispirián (Madrid)


Vasco Ispirián

Vasco Ispirián is an electronic engineer and a professional DJ, producer, and music technology tutor. He studied classical guitar when he was young and first became interested in electronic music in the early 1990s.

He has been involved in various bands, a resident of The Room in Madrid for more than eight years, and has played gigs in many clubs and festivals worldwide, such as SONAR. Those experiences, combined with his study of electronics at the university, helped him develop his love of music and technology. Since then, he has been involved in music production and live performance using computers and other hardware.

Vasco has released his own music regularly since 2005 on various labels such as Dubhe, Lessismore, Pong and, a netlabel under Creative Commons Licences that runs together with Pelacha.

Vasco discovered Ableton Live in 2005 and it immediately became the centerpiece of his production studio and live performances, and he gained extensive practical knowledge of the software. Vasco has taught Ableton Live at Playground Studios in Madrid in different languages since 2008, for groups and in one-on-one sessions. Vasco offers general or customized courses for all skills levels, from beginner to expert, including techniques for DJing, sound design, recording, production, and live performance.


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