Certified Training in Poland

Live 9 Certified Trainers

Bartosz Sztandar (Katowice, Poland / Ibiza, Spain)
Bartosz is an electronic music producer and a music technology software expert with a background in sound engineering. Years of studio engineering and music technology expertise have made Barosz an all-round audio professional.

Marcin Staniszewski (Warzaw)
Marcin Staniszewski is a musician, producer and sound designer based in Warsaw, Poland. He has been making music since he was eight, venturing into many styles and sonic territories.

Mateusz Telega (Warzaw)
Mateusz Telega started working with music and sound in 2003 and specializes in mixing, mastering, recording and digital music production. In the field of sound creation, modular systems are his true passion.

Training Centers

Akademia Dzwieku (Warsaw)
Akademia Dzwieku is the biggest computer music production school in Poland. Founded in 2007, it’s a pioneer in the field of pro-audio education in the country.


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