Maarten Smit (Tilburg-Zutphen)


Maarten Smit

Maarten Smit started out as a hip-hop DJ in 2004. After producing beats with his MPC, he discovered the possibilities of Ableton Live in 2006. Live's intuitive way of creating beats, loops and ideas on the fly was a perfect match for his way of producing and DJing. Maarten is currently working on a few EPs with his dubstep/electro crew Electrophants, where he uses Ableton Live on stage with two producers, a drummer, a guitar player and an MC.

Maarten has been teaching Ableton Live for three years at Waxflowers Sound Education and the Fontys Rockacademie, where he's currently finishing his bachelor's degree in Music Production. Maarten offers a variety of courses, from absolute beginners to advanced users. Courses include Getting Started with Live, DJing/Performing with Ableton Live, and more advanced techniques for producing with Ableton Live. Class size for group lessons is limited to eight students. One-on-one courses, customized courses, professional workshops and clinics are also available.

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