Cenk Unis (Amsterdam)


Cenk Unis

Cenk Unis' many years of experience in entertainment have given him a broad understanding of the business. He has worked as a DJ, sound and lighting engineer, and in numerous management roles in the holiday clubs of the Mediterranean coast. In 2003, his passion for music led Cenk to the Netherlands in search of a higher musical education. Following a successful stint as an audio engineer, Cenk expanded his skills by working as a sound designer for Holland's respected 3d Production Company.

Cenk's involvement in the dance music industry has kept him at the forefront of production techniques. His DJ, production and label management experience have ensured that his technical ability is consistently tested by all things new. Cenk works closely with Elevator Passion and he is currently the technical backbone of any event production. He provides sound design and acoustic consultancy services and runs Ableton workshops through Unis Entertainment, in association with 365mag. Cenk's natural affinity for people, his passion for teaching and his love of all things electronic have made him the expert Ableton Certified Trainer he is today. If you have any Ableton concerns or questions, or simply a desire to learn, then look no further than the Unis Academy, located in the heart of Amsterdam.

+31 646 06 40 62

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