Certified Training in the Netherlands

Live 9 Certified Trainers

Ché van Workum (Rotterdam)
Ché van Workum has been a DJ and producer since 2000. After discovering Ableton Live in 2006 (version 5), he decided to become a professional in the music industry.

Cristiano Nicolini (Amsterdam)
Cristiano Nicolini is a graduated sound engineer and producer. Since childhood, when he began playing with cassettes and an old Bontempi keyboard, he has been in love with music.

Maarten Smit (Tilburg-Zutphen)
Maarten Smit started out as a hip-hop DJ in 2004. After producing beats with his MPC, he discovered the possibilities of Ableton Live in 2006.

Menno Keij (Den Haag)
Ten years ago, Menno Keij discovered dance music. Since then, he has produced electronic music using trackers, sequencers and hardware synthesizers.

Michel Sanchez-Infante (Amsterdam)
Even though Michel Sanchez-Infante has been producing and releasing electronic music since 2001, things started to get serious after he finished his studies in Composition for Electronic Music at the HKU in Hilversum in 2007. Currently, his main focus is producing and performing deep techhouse as Minz.

Norbert de Bot (Amersfoort)
Norbert began his musical career as a DJ in 2003, playing gigs in many clubs and at events such as DanceValley. In addition to his musical career as a performing DJ, in 2006, he started making his own productions with Ableton Live (version 6).

Live 8 Certified Trainers

Cenk Unis (Amsterdam)
Cenk Unis' many years of experience in entertainment have given him a broad understanding of the business. He has worked as a DJ, sound and lighting engineer, and in numerous management roles in the holiday clubs of the Mediterranean coast. 

Renier Vreugde (Rotterdam)
After playing drums in several bands, from jazz music to electronic crossover, Renier got interested and deeply involved in producing all kinds of music.


Training Centers

Pyntago (Amersfoort/Amsterdam)
Pyntago is an Ableton Certified Training Center that focuses on electronic music production courses.

Teach Music (Rotterdam)
Rotterdam-based Teach Music was founded in 2005 and is known for its hands-on training sessions for popular programs such as Ableton Live.

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