Luz Beatrix Torres a.k.a. Demian Licht Démon (Montreal/México City)


Demian Licht Démon is an electronic music producer and professor of electronic music production currently living in Montreal. Her passion for music, technology, and movement led her to the world of music production in 2005. While studying audio engineering and music production, she began to explore sound design, recording techniques, signal processing, mixing, Ableton Live and other software for musical production.

After her studies, she converted her Sound Lab Fluxus studio into a teaching center focused on electronic music experimentation. Since then, she has taught specialized courses on advanced musical production techniques, signal processing, analog/digital synthesis, sound design, live performance and DJing using Ableton Live as the main platform.

Currently she is exploring sound design for video games, movies and interactive media by using Ableton Live as the main platform.

She offers Ableton Live workshops, training courses to groups and customized instruction, from beginner to professional level. She is also available for training sessions and seminars.

She offers instruction in French, English and Spanish.



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